World Predictions 1-29-21

I had a visual of a map of Spain. Areas from the north to south turned black, from the east it swept west to Portugal.

“A horrible plague of ones own making sweeps Europe.”

Then I had a visual of historical medicines, Laudanum of the 1800s, Phen-Fen of the 90s, and finally the epidemic of pain killers today. They seem to be pointing to a drug that is widely acceptable at first, then turns on us. becoming dangerous and deadly on one massive scale.

I sat on this prediction for a few days to check if it is related to Covid19. Everything points to no. This is something very different and Spain seems to be an epicenter or perhaps where it begins. It could be a street drug.

I had a visual of an old worn newspaper, when I opened it, there was a picture of John F. Kennedy.

The old newspaper is most likely a reference to an old prediction coming, I can only think of one: Prediction: Assassination Coming

According to that old prediction their are two dualing timeframes the second half of February (2:45) and April.

27 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-29-21

  1. I read an article today about Spain reviewing a trial to Treat COVID-19 Pneumonia With Myeloma Therapy Aplidin . i wonder if that is what they are talking about.

    1. I hope the prediction is not about an assassination; but the reference to JFK puts that in my mind right away.

  2. A lot of people believe that President Kennedy got murdered because he was trying to bring down the deep state and return our banking system to a gold standard. The Kennedy picture could also symbolize a revelation of ridding the earth of the deep state and evil on the planet.

  3. Is it possible that the picture of JFK relates to a medical event that occurred in 1963 or during the JFK years?

    1. It’s the newspaper that references something they already said. Something already here on this site. It is possible I am wrong and they are referring to another prediction.

      1. The only thing I can remember referencing a newspaper was the Chinese writing one I think? Did it talk about ribbons of Chinese text on a newspaper?

          1. Interesting. I guess I feel drawn to this because right before I read this post yesterday I saw a meme with JFK holding a newspaper with his picture on it.

  4. There is no epidemic of pain killers. I know 4 female addicts and none of them, or anyone they know, have ever been hooked on prescription pain killers.

    They are hooked on cheap Mexican meth and heroin. Until our politicians stop the flow of illegals and their drugs into this country the problem will never be solved.

    1. Unfortunately Flicker there IS an epidemic of pain killers. I personally know 3 people that have overdosed and died from Opiod use. Two of my friends son’s and one an elderly woman. There are “pill mills” aka Pain Management Clinics popping up all over the country. People stand in line for hours to get their prescriptions without even being seen by a doctor. Profits are huge! Usage has increased due to the pandemic.

      If you haven’t seen The Pharmacist on Netflix yet, you should! It’s the true story of a man that put his own life in danger to find the “killer’s” of his son and stumbled across something even bigger.

  5. Joseph Tittle had a prediction of a new form of fentanyl that was coming and would be very deadly. He said just the tip of a pins worth would kill. I wonder if its this.

  6. Eric- Could this be because there’s something wrong with the vaccine? It’s my understanding that if you are vaccinated & still get the virus, which is very possible, that the virus is much worse. Have the Spirits hinted at anything like that?

    1. If you take the vaccine it’s like Anitbiotics is to an infection. it doesn’t work that minute your poked, it works over a short time. Just like an infection it’s a slow shift, as the body adjust.

  7. Pres. Biden says 100 million doses that were promised by the end of June will now be delivered by the end of May.

    Says they are now on track to have 300 million Americans vaccinated by the end of July.

    Pres. Biden says the U.S. will beat the 100 million shots in the first 100 days goal:
    “All told we’re on track to surpass the goal I set on day one.”

    “I believe we’ll not only reach that but we’ll break that.”

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