World Prediction: Coronavirus

Just one message that is very odd.
In reading this we begin with the old prediction. If your familiar with the message skip to the bottom of the post that is in bold letters, if your not familiar with it please read the entire post to understand this prediction.

Older Message: World Prediction: Coronavirus The Tide Shifts Posted 4/2020 (Already happened with the arrival of the vaccine)

Back in November I had this strange symbolic message. In the visual multiple destroyers (from Star Wars) had arrived on the outskirts of planet earth. Their weapons were being loaded and I heard Spirit say “December” 

I never posted the message because part of me questioned whether it was a message for me?Was I becoming sick again? The message was clear “The destroyer arrives in December” it made no sense? A destroyer for the whole planet? Yet here we are. This oddly symbolic message did not happen in December but it is happening now. 

Yesterday’s visual: I had this vision that the destroyers were hovering in earths atmosphere. Then suddenly they were attacked by a massive offensive all at once. Spaceships including X wing fighters quickly flew up from the ground. The ships begin shooting at the destroyers on all fronts. There was this beautiful part where the sun gleamed on the X wing fighters going to battle. The unified front was an awesome visual of unity. At first they missed their specific target but they continued to try. Even though the ships attacking were very small when compared to the destroyer it was the huge swarm and this united front begin to turn the tide. The vision ended in the middle of battle. 

My interpretation: It sounds like science pushes back, makes head way, comes up with a specific strategy against Coronavirus that shifts the tide of this nightmare. A medical insurgence is coming and going to battle. This might explain their sudden shift towards the positive in June. The sunny days are starting to return. 

Spirit also created predictions about the global aftermath of Covid19: 

I had a visual of multiple people leaving cities to live in rural or more distant locations. The days of everyone clustered in one location was changing. 
I had a visual of multiple nations turning against China, shifting back to a self sufficient system of making and producing their own products. Then China begin to shrink in power. 
Spirit also implied difficulties starting the economy back up again. It was messy and disheveled. 

The take away here is clear. Back in November they talked about the arrival of the “destroyer”. A few months later that destroyer arrived. Now they are predicting a counter strike, the beginning of its end. If we follow their trend this also will unfold in a few months. The fact that they are shifting towards a light at the end of the tunnel is breathtaking. 

World Prediction: Coronavirus Update Posted 9/2020

I had a visual that a red missile was shot from the ground. The missile flew through the sky for a good while before reaching its target, then it hit the destroyer damaging it’s side. There was smoke bellowing from the Destroyer. 

The fighters now had a weapon that worked.  

Spirit would also predict that as this nightmare is closing, there will be one epic shift in the medical community. Huge massive leaps forward. Knowledge is power and right now the medical community is gathering swaths of knowledge. New treatments, new cures, new solutions all coming. 

New Message: 1/2021

I had a visual of a destroyer, but this time it was made of Legos. No longer black, it was a mixture of different legos colors; red, black, brown, and lots of grey. There was a close up of the bow, showing it in great detail, as if to express the bows importance.

I am unclear of its meaning? On one end it might be a ‘stacked’ problem, but the most likely meaning is this virus will start becoming weak. It went from an ominous form to a silly breakable toy. My hope is they clarify the matter.
Why communicate so symbolically? There are two parts to that answer, the first is to protect me, if I actually saw the horrors in real time, I would go insane with horror. On another note, they don’t have lips or a tongue. They communicate through ones thoughts, ones mind.

The original Coronavirus Prediction posted 10/2019

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 I had a visual of Spirit marking multiple locations all across Europe. “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2

“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.

I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

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  1. Legos are building blocks…stacking on top of each other to make the final product. Coming from all angles tackles the virus:
    1. Social distancing. Wearing masks. Avoiding large crowds. Staying home any hints of illness.
    2. Vaccinations. Rolling out vaccines at faster pace. Johnson & Johnson has next vaccination
    3. Beginning of herd immunity
    4. Current med regimens-vitamin D….other meds
    Combined together defeats the virus.
    Now interesting you posted because I meant to bring up the 36 is where it ends. 36 million cases is where it ends? United States (My apologies to those in other countries the focus US) the current cases is over 24 million. Hmmm…not sure. Spirit may be emphasizing building up to the end of this.

  2. Maybe the legos refer to the virus being dismantled piece by piece like a toy? Kids take legos apart as well as build them, maybe that’s what the visual refers to?

      1. Ahh wait a second. From a distance the whole destroyer (COVID-19) is black. You see ONE color in your vision of a destroyer. As you hone in on the “ship”(bow and lego individual colors that make up the overall color black) you see the microscopic components. In this case different lego colors. This fits what you’ve already said in previous predictions. December may be the end. I recall something…(giggle)…a reading from you and when I asked a question again. Spirits said, “We already told her.” Maybe they are reiterating the details.😊

          1. Haha. Yup. Like a father scolding I shut right up. I don’t think that’s what happened to you per se in your vision but when you repeatedly ask what about Coronavirus? Maybe they are giving more details to paint the picture better, building on previous predictions. Or was this question not asked and simply came through?

  3. Perhaps the different colors represent the mutated variations of the virus. The bow could represent the vaccine syringe and if there was an arrow, it could represent the plunging action of a syringe as the bow gets drawn back and then shoots the “vaccine” into the legos.

  4. Communication comes apparently from the higher self when a persons asks a question. The answer is delivered in symbolic form because as the adage goes ‘a picture is worth a thousands words’. The symbol only stays for like, a few seconds..can you imagine a thousand works instead..? You wouldn’t have time to read it let alone remember it.

    Catching the symbolic answer is the first part – the second part is interpreting it correctly. For instance, I wondered if the package I had sent to my brother’s house was still on his porch since he hadn’t been home for many hours. I closed my eyes and saw a dog looking directly at me scurrying left to right across his porch until it exited to the right. But the dog’s rear end was still there – meaning the package was still there. And it was.

  5. Another angle on this: December was when the vaccines first started coming out. Looking at the timeline and how this battle shows by January, it started to slow down on the distribution and which in turn, affects the lull we had. Now, the distribution is picking up again this week (I should hope so, there are 5 or 6 companies manufacturing this the world over). Why it slowed down, I don’t know. But, it looks like we’re on a better track again. That all fit in the destroyer (being the vaccine) and the logistics had to be managed differently, maybe?

  6. If the bow is the front most part of the ship, maybe it represents the initial spreading of the virus, or the virus’ first face. So the emphasis on it might be on (hopefully) slowing the spread or dealing with its initial aspects? Maybe the different coloured blocks are to do with how well certain aspects of the virus are understood. Or maybe they represent its weak points.

  7. I had two different thoughts in reading the new prediction:

    1. Maybe the legos represent the different parts of the virus that come together to make the whole virus. (Building blocks like the building blocks of DNA/RNA). The grey bow you focused on represents the spike protein that the vaccines target- that’s like the “front” entry of the virus – so makes sense to be the ‘front’ of the destroyer maybe? It especially makes sense vaccines are cutting edge new science mRNA vaccines (I feel like building blocks are talked about a lot with DNA and RNA). Also the mRNA vaccines tell our bodies to “build” (like LEGO’s!) a copy of the spike protein so our immune system can recognize it and know it’s not supposed to be there and create the antibodies. (Okay I’m probably explaining this horribly but here’s an explanation on how the mRNA vaccines work from the CDC:

    I just get the sense the bow is the spike protein the vaccine targets and the legos have to do with the concept of building blocks in DNA and RNA.

    2. As someone else mentioned- It could be the different pieces that work together to combat the virus (vaccine is the bow, and the other LEGO’s are masks, social distancing, staying outdoors, etc.)

    1. The mRNA vaccine alters the human body’s genetic code, telling the cells to CREATE a spike protein.

      That’s the primary reason I am not taking the vaccine.

      The secondary reason is I CANNOT take it because I have had a bad reaction to vaccines in the past.

      The medical community is advising people who have had adverse reactions to any vaccine or any vaccine component to NOT take The Plague Vaxine.

      1. What you are saying is a common misconception about the vaccine. mRNA or “messenger RNA” is merely the blueprint (or message) that directs the cell’s protein-making machinery to build proteins. The DNA is what is translated into mRNA…like a blueprint is used to build the house. The blueprint is never altered, it is merely used like a code for information: first DNA directs the making of mRNA coding and then mRNA is the blueprint for the proteins as built by the cell. The fact that they take this new mRNA and inject it into your body does not mean it alters your DNA in any way, it only directs the production of a viral protein by your cell’s protein making machinery so that it can make that one protein, not the whole virus. The mRNA also it degrades it quickly, so it can’t stay in your body too long (this is why they need to keep it frozen)…this is all elementary cell physiology and nothing is mysterious about it.

        Here is one of many articles that debunk this “DNA altered” theory…it explains that the mRNA never enters the nucleus where the DNA is located and therefore can’t even interact with it. Even if it did get into the nucleus it doesn’t change DNA, only enzymes that interact with DNA can change it, Enzymes are proteins. Please stop saying the vaccine changes a person’s DNA, it doesn’t.

        1. When DNA starts to replicate itself the double helix breaks apart. The DNA now needs RNA to replicate itself.

          So if I’ve got foreign RNA telling my DNA what to do then yes, my genetic code is being altered.

          1. UNLV Public Health professor B. Labus put it best: “Think of it like printing a recipe from the internet. Printing it doesn’t change the recipe on the internet, and you can’t shove another printed recipe into your printer and have it change the internet either.”
            Not here to change your mind. Just additional input.

        2. Sorry I meant to say it uses DNA polymerase and helicase…I am upset about the misinformation being promoted by Lurker and I wrote my answer too fast. Why do you want to scare everyone from taking the virus Lurker? You may cause someone’s death with misinformation!! That will be on you…

          1. I meant to say, “Why do you want to scare everyone from taking the VACCINE” I am obviously too upset now to make sense… Lurker you are promoting conspiracy theories. I won’t comment any further, I am too upset to make sense but if you want to walk the dark path of lies and misinformation it is going to attract the dark to you.

            1. Star puzzler,

              Also a health science major with extensive history in microbiology. Actually one way dna is replicated is by using short strands of RNA often referred to as primers. Dna primase signals and transcription begins taking place at the codon between the single strand dna and primer. (A/c, t/g) once that process is complete the enzyme exonuclease strips away some of the primers and replaces them with other complimentary nucleotides and finally dna ligase seals up the newly formed double helix. While I haven’t really researched the covid vaccine to feel confident in what actually happens in regards to altering genetic makeup, in this specific form of dna replication, rna is definitely utilized.

              1. RNA primers…
                What we do in an artificial environment vs. what happens naturally in the cell are two very different topics. In the lab I can force all sorts of unnatural things to happen but inside the cell the molecular processes usually follow a natural pattern. Messenger RNA is not usually in the nucleus. Messenger RNAs are very long pieces of nucleotides, with a poly-A tail. Not a primer. Even if they degrade to primer size they aren’t going to change DNA inside the nucleus if they don’t cross the nuclear membrane. I’m glad your are educated and knowlegable but why argue a point for someone who wants to fear monger the vaccine? Do you want to be complicit in their conspiracy theories? Please think about what you want to promote…do you want to promote fear? Do you have proof that the altering of DNA is happening because of this vaccine? If not please don’t pander to the anti COVID vaccine crowd.

                1. I wasn’t intentionally fueling conspiracies. You were clearly very upset and I was trying to rationalize with you on why and how that may be circulating. I encourage all of my loved ones to get it simply due to the fact that I rather them be safe than sorry. I’m sorry you misunderstood my point but we are all allowed opinions and we shouldn’t belittle one another for having opposing views. While it would be nice if everyone got it, it’s a personal choice just like most other vaccinations.

        3. Thank you, that is exactly correct, and if people keep spouting these conspiracy theories about the vaccine and scaring people, we’ll never be free of the virus. mRNA technology is going to be the huge leap in medicine, they’ve already found that it will help those with MS since money has been thrown at it for covid research. This could be a turning tide for many chronically I’ll people.

        4. Thanks, Star Puzzler

          They have tried to use mRNA before as I saw in an article before. This one is from and some quotations from the article:

          “…While an mRNA vaccine has never been on the market anywhere in the world, mRNA vaccines have been tested in humans before, for at least four infectious diseases: rabies, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and Zika.
          …Why Did Earlier Vaccines Stall?

          “A major factor is that there’s not a sense of urgency,” Dennis Burton, PhD, of Scripps Translational Research Clinic in La Jolla, California, told MedPage Today.

          Zika has been relatively contained; rabies vaccines are already sufficiently effective; and influenza remains a difficult target, Burton said.

          While tolerability may have been an issue, safety wasn’t, he said. “There’s no risk of incorporation into host chromosomes, and levels of mRNA and protein will decline and clear.”

  8. In terms of the US, it could be somewhat related to the Defense Production Act being invoked today in order to boost production of vaccines, testing and personnel equipment to help ensure we will have enough vaccines, testing and protective equipment – something which could’ve/should’ve been invoked 9 months ago but wasn’t because “not wanting to spook the stock market” was valued more by those in power.

  9. maybe legos reference means the fragile structure now of the virus 🦠 meaning that it’s easier to break its code

  10. Hi Mr. Eric!

    I thought the Lego bricks meant the virus is mutating (which it is) & there are multiple strains.

    Had you seen Jenga blocks I would have thought of your interpretation of the Lego blocks instead.

    I am not saying you are wrong.

    Your vision, your interpretation.

  11. Mr. Eric,

    Tarot by Janine did another reading in this & I think it agrees with your vision interpretation.



    1. Thank you Star Puzzler.. All these conspiracy theories regarding the vaccines are getting a bit too much now.

    2. My take on this video/Tarot reader.
      As I have said in many of my earlier Blogs, the cards are not the psychic aspect, they are the focal point for a connection between the clairvoyant (clear vision) and the Source. Any true clairvoyant won’t just deal cards or stare into a crystal ball and suddenly express an interpretation.
      Nor will a Clairsentience (clear feeling) or psychometrist as they are better known, take and hold an article, such as car keys, watch etc and suddenly declare information without first some form of dedication to their Source.
      The same discipline that Eric has repeated explains he uses, here in many of his Blogs, and the same most mediums use, involves a dedicated period of Attunement meditation. This disciplinary meditation period is the preparation necessary to ensure we are interacting with the Highest of the Spirit Realm. The Holy Spirit of old.
      Though I have never read Cards, I have been in the presence of many, many excellent ones and in my humble opinion, this woman is not one. At least not in this example.
      The first thing she would have done was to ‘attuned’ to Guidance as she was shuffling the cards.
      When she got the result, she would have re dealt the pack for a second read.

      As to the information itself, I’m not interested in getting involved in the ‘vax … antivax’ arguments.

      My point is that not everyone who claims to be a true psychic, is necessarily so. Pete

        1. But you’re not saying that the ball is your source, are you?
          I’m saying the Source is outside of the human/physical world: The Source is of the Spiritual realm.
          And mediums that do platform work don’t use visual tools. Doris Stokes, one of Britain’s greatest platform readers and is a good example.

  12. I am among those who do believe the information in the video. To me the means are irrelevant because everyone receives information differently. As regards to the intention – that is a different story but the most important point is the INFORMATION.

    – On the end date in April – this is what I also heard from another private source, and it will take just a few months to see if Covid ends as predicted. Perhaps Eric and Pete can reflect upon that and give us their info.
    – On numbers – do not believe everything you hear on numbers. I was shocked a few days ago when I learn that in the institution where a friend of mine works nearly everyone was reported sick in the media. However, my friend told me that he got Covid with symptoms as well as 5 of his colleagues but the rest of 150 people or so were asymptomatic. Media omitted to mention this. This is not the first time when I heard of asymptomatic persons who I know but the first time it was on such large scale. So if numbers then include all the asymptomatic persons (are tests perhaps show more error? – I have heard that some of the tests react to sugar) like this, they do not correctly reflect the reality which media then broadcasts inflating the reality. I do not dispute that in many countries hospitals were overwhelmed to the nearly 100% capacity but I call into question overall numbers of sick persons. I also invite you to think who benefits from such inflation first of all – pharmacy industry producing masks and vaccines as well as governments. (Also digital industries benefit to the detriment of your small shop owner next door. So numbers do play games.) Think what may happen if it turns out that so much state money has been wasted worldwide on tests, vaccines and masks by governments, especially when some governments are now calling only for surgical masks to be used. The virus indeed does not seem to be airborne – and masks are not needed all the time but only when you cannot observe social distancing which is important.
    – On vaccines – since I am not in medical profession I inquired with medical professionals whom I know. I was told that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are developed differently than all the common vaccines we usually have had while Astro Zeneca vaccine is developed similarly to the common vaccines. (Johnson&Johnson to me is a no-no due to their chemical use in baby products in the past.) The interesting aspect though is the fact that vaccines do have side effects – it is reported everywhere. In addition, nobody knows long-term effects of Covid and vaccines due to the fact that not enough time has passed to assess that. Furthermore, some countries disregard the need for second dose and massively pushing one dose for everyone for now, while in other countries it is reported that many people still got sick with Covid while waiting for a second dose, so being vaccinated once is not enough to protect from getting Covid. The other problem is vaccination certificates because even if you are vaccinated you can still transmit the virus. The same thing is with testing – it is rather strange that for travel to some countries one needs to go to the testing centre where you can get infected easily after the test (therefore get a negative test), travel and then infect. It seems counterproductive to require certificates and tests as opposed to quarantine and travel limitations as such. Also, nobody has given a clear answer how then it will work when half of population will be vaccinated and the other half will not be vaccinated. How will this situation be managed? And finally no one openly talks about alternatives to vaccination which is strengthening immunity. A friend of mine told me about Dr Paul Clayton who has suggested that there are specific foods like naturally made bread (with natural yeast containing the right bacteria – you cannot buy it in the store but only make it yourself) or home-made cabbage, pickles, mushrooms etc which can help your immune system with such viruses. This is not talked about again due to pharma-lobby. Think of profits they make. Here you can do your own calculations:

    Sorry for being very long but I wanted to put it out there for all, in particular for Eric and Pete to reflect and provide their take on it.
    I DO NOT CLAIM TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I just wanted to share with people what I know from people who I know and then everyone make their own judgement.

    Be well everyone.

    1. Thank you for sharing. In my work they predicted a “fat year” which is their way of saying the Coronavirus will be around for 13 to 14 months. So yes April/may. But they also predict it takes a few months to go back down. They mark November.

    2. I see intuition/gut feelings as a generic term, where as those that believe in a Higher Source, that is a Source not completely of self, finely tune themselves, via meditations and mind disciplines, to Truth.

      For example, many who strongly believe Trump was cheated (as an example, not a cause for debate) can claim intuition/gut feeling confirmation, while those that believe Trump was wrong, may also claim gut feeling confirmation. Can true Spirit information be right in both cases? A thought to ponder I guess.

      Part of the importance of being psychically attuned is to not have a personal opinion, or at least, to accept that personal opinion may be totally challenged when Spirit channels information to or through you.
      This is the discipline that takes time to develop, and if followed through by us all, brings the Truth … or as Jesus said, The Kingdom of God …. closer to us all so that …. Our children will prophesy.

      As to the actual context of what the woman was saying, I said in my first comments above it was not of my interest.
      It was that she had already stated a conviction concerning the vaccine, that she then supported by her reading of the cards.

      As to the ending or easing off of the virus, like Eric, I got that it would morph/mutate and grow in waves. Different to Eric, I did not get an ending or easing in June last year, and that we are only now feeling the early stages of the second wave: The British/African strain.

      Because it is a virus like no other, it’s ability to re create itself is still baffling the scientific community, but at least President Biden has offered full support to the WHO scientists so that they can spend more money and time on it’s research. And I think this is what the April/May dates are all about.

      It will take many years before we are completely free of all strains of Covid 19, my Spirit Friends are saying, but the world is in a far better place than it was last year.

      Thankfully, the virus is pretty much under total control here in Australia, but if it spreads, even to a portion of the infections in the US, I too will take the jab. Pete

      1. Thank you Pete. On this I agree with you more than with Eric.We all choose what we believe in. Umberto Eco said: “The Antichrist can be born from piety itself, from excessive love of God or of the truth, as the heretic is born from the saint and the possessed from the seer.”

        What puzzles me also in you and Eric is disconnection from Nature to some extent. Perhaps I am wrong but I am long surprised by human concern about climate and environment but not so much about Nature. The same way it is about God – in my opinion spirits are not God, they are beings from a different sphere where they exist and are connected to us according to our beliefs. And that is my belief. It may differ from yours. That is also why my ‘truths’ differ from yours – not in human kindness and compassion but where to draw the line. This is how I can say it in a few words where you can infer the rest. We are born into different parts of world for a specific reason. Both US and Australia are countries built upon the destruction of native first nations. I invite you to reflect upon Older and Younger Cultures – a term used by Thom Hartmann.

        On virus – because you mentioned Australia I checked what was the situation over there and I wonder if the current reprieve is seasonal. Perhaps the April reference in Northern hemisphere may mean just that. So the virus weakens and becomes like a flu for which no more restrictions should be necessary (unless pharma-lobby and other interested parties keep up the hype). This is my more analytical take on it.

        As I said I was not interested in woman’s intention but information. Some of it corresponded to what I laid out in my first post based on what I heard within my circle of people whom I trust.

        I sincerely believe that anyone has a personal attitude towards everything virus-related. It is impossible to escape that. Like you and Eric see it as something negative while I see it as the best thing that has happened to humanity in a long time. In a way this virus has torn off all the masks from true humanity. Coming back to Nature… It is a fact that where there are more humans there is less Nature. So the virus may be Nature’s way to regulate what this Earth can handle. Yet, I have a great difficulty myself tuning in and finding the answer whether the virus may or may not be human creation after all as a sort of bio-terrorism. In my circle of people I have heard different views. Perhaps this is the key question where we need reliable answers.

        1. I can’t speak for Eric of course, but as to me, there is no one closer to nature than me. I live in rural Queensland village of about twenty or so residents on two acres that back onto a local farm …. hundreds of thousands of acres.
          Every evening I have native pademelons ….a very small marsupial wallaby like creature visit and we all feed them.
          Kangaroos and wallabies come down from the mountains and are no longer seen as they pest of yesteryears.
          I have planted local native iron bark tree on the back line of fencing and other native acacias and wattles. I have no introduced species, except for my newly acquired goat that keeps the worst of the introduced pests at bay.
          I actually commune with all of them, they and me in our own strange ways.
          Every afternoon the local Corella family of around fifty birds …. a small version of the sulphur crested cockatoo land for a feed.
          I live in a tin shed, powered by deep cycle solar fed batteries, have two 12v freezers, solar lights, slow combustion fuel stove that uses up the scrap timber after the summer storms and generally am self sufficient.
          But here in Australia there is a far greater chance of living with nature than in some countries.
          As to the spiritual, I guess a day or ten, ploughing through my Blogs, will show you that in that area too, I am rather different/unique. I am referred to, by my friends and family, as the ‘strange but harmless Pete’.

          1. For me it’s the Ocean. I have a very special connection. When I am there under meditation I can see with absolute clarity. It also revives my connection.

            1. Thanks to you both. For me it is the Forest…
              I love trees and animals probably more than people because they do not destroy this world for themselves or for others…
              There is a Greek proverb which I love as part of my Truth: “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

              1. I wonder, if you were one of those animals that you love, would you be saying the same thing? Nature, by nature, is cruel. The structure of creation is built that way.
                And it’s not all humans who are prone to destroy nature unnecessarily. There are many, many people, all over the world, who are quietly achieving their alternative lifestyle.
                We only have to read through these Blogs, and other Blogs, especially political ones, to see that the ones who oppose nature are the ones that claim to be conservatives.
                Of course to be conservatives politically means making money at the expense of nature, generally speaking.
                As we move into this Age of Aquarius, we will slowly see a more ‘back to nature’ society, but an Age lasts 2,000 years, and the Pisces Age that we are leaving, means the old will still hold onto their ways for quite a time yet.

            2. I have never been water safe. Partly because of a strong recollection of a past life, but mostly because of an accident at a child that causes me to sink like a stone when I try to tread water. But I have spent many a meditation, when I lived down in Hervey Bay, sitting on a hill that looks out to K’gari (Fraser Island). Yes the calm waters of the that Bay are spiritually magical to me.
              So I am twice blessed I guess.

          2. Pete, that is so awesome. Thanks for sharing. You’re so lucky! I love pademelons and wallabies, oh, and wombats too, and koalas, and so on.

            It’s easy to say I love to live with nature but you actually do it 24/7. Fantastic!

            1. Thank you. For a poor man, I think I’m richer than the richest, thanks to my Spirit Friend having me at the right place at the right time.

  13. Thank you Eric. Everyone has to make their own choices according to their beliefs and situation. I have bluntly said before (with humble apologies) that I disagree with some of the ‘truths’ that work for you. I agree with you when it comes to treating others the way you want to treat yourself. If only it would work for everyone the same way… Prime example is when people get sick – some want to be cared for and some others want to be left alone. So not the same treatment for everyone. I go by whatever makes others happy as long as it does not harm me personally and the world in the process.

    On vaccines I am the opposite. I will do everything to avoid the vaccines because it may disrupt my natural immunity. I am not afraid of Covid and I am not afraid of death. I believe that the Covid has been very beneficial in changing the mindset of humanity. I also believe that the virus is a living being and has to be respected instead of fought against. And I believe in karma. However, all our bodies (and souls) are different. So everyone’s situation is also different.

    Still think of medical pollution of the world. Masks, chemicals, tests… How much of that.
    To me the Universe, world and Earth are much more important than people… according to the laws of Nature.

  14. Pete, I respond here below in order for my response be legible.

    If I was an animal… I would live my life like all animals. Playing hide and seek. Soaring into the sky. Or diving into the depth of the oceans. Free. This is also to learn. And karma… It is much better in this Nature than living among people who are like animals. Especially now. People are much more cruel than animals. Animals kill to eat and to survive. People kill… you can complete the sentence yourself.

    Now about politics. In different countries conservatives, socialists, liberals, greens communists and so on mean different things. I know enough about Australia to understand where you come from and I therefore see where you come from. I consider myself a conservative – the one who conserves. Also traditional human lifestyle in harmony with Nature. I am rooted in conservation. For you it probably means something else – big business and destruction of nature for money. This is different kind of conservatism which is about the greed of capitalism (invented by a communist) and it is alien to me. For me the worst are liberals – who think that there is liberty to do everything without limits, break and trivialize everything sacred. Socialists and communists are supposedly people who believe that life is based on society and communes, common folk, simple people – with imaginary equality and imaginary rights. But if you work harder and have a better life you need to give it away to others, pay for your success and be destroyed if you do not comply. USSR as the big experiment showed that some are more equal than others. Greens – in some countries they are communists and socialists while in others they are conservatives or liberals, in some others capitalists who are talking about emissions, climate and environment and not about Nature. In some places Greens like socialists and communists favour mass migration which leads to chaos and erosion of traditions. From nations to a mass of shapeless governable flock. It is complicated with ideology and politics as you read my attempt to make some sense. Everything in moderation perhaps after all.

    1. In respect to Eric and his site, I can’t and won’t go on with our conversation other than to say the pain your expressing can only be addressed when it is broken down in the many parts that created it in the first place. I wish you joy, I wish you well and I wish you peace. Pete

    1. “Biden Builds Out China Team With Staff Who Reflect Tougher Tone

      “President Joe Biden is filling out his China policy team with staff whose past writing and speeches align with the tough tone toward Beijing that emerged under his predecessor Donald Trump, adding to evidence that the new administration won’t revert to an earlier era of conciliation.”

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