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This is an example of how Spirit tells you their opinions with a subtle implication to what is coming around the corner. My hats off to you Mr Crenshaw and the integrity of the moment, you are on my short list for the “Military one”, Americas future president.
Lying Is Still Bad Lying is still bad. It’s what your parents taught you. Lying is bad. It is written in the Great Book, our prophets even carved it in stone for you. Do you want to know why it’s bad? America, take a peek at your current state of affairs. 
So we say to all of you move forward with the Wisdom of this moment. Integrity and Truth matter. That’s their message! Oh how this site is going a new way. Their voice, their opinions, their predictions, their knowledge all coming. They want it all now

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  1. Spirits message is right on! I have never heard of Ben crenshaw…how words do resonate with spirit! Until then, I will stay with the messages from spirit! They are a lot smarter than the rest of us!

  2. Dan Crenshaw you nailed it on the head. If only Republicans had been led by him and not a wolf in sheeps clothing, we wouldn’t be here. It’s like Mitt Romney said “You tell voters the truth.”
    My dream would be to see all corrupt government come to an end. There’s corruption on both sides and as long as it exists, so will this hate for one another.
    Eric, as always you’ve blown me away with your abilities to predict these events. God bless you and I will keep spreading your message to help others understand. I’d love us all to live in harmony. Wouldn’t that be such a good feeling?
    Also, I have a question? What does spirit say about social media? I deleted my social media in 2010 because I could see how it could be dangerous. I now know it’s the devil and is the root cause of a lot of the worlds problems. People don’t even communicate in person anymore or interact like we once did. Do you see that changing and us going back to interacting with one another again? Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s the only way to save humanity. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. According to some of the predictions we do shift towards more truth. More fact based media outlets. That will include social media too. The lies have gotten out of control on both sides.

      1. Eric,
        It sure has! I honestly cannot wait for these predictions to transpire. It seems like they may already be in the process of coming into fruition though due to what happened on Jan 6th.. That gives me hope. No one should use any platform to spread lies and hate.
        Thank you for your feedback and I truly appreciate you and all you are doing for humanity 😊.

  3. Awesome! i had mentioned him as my pick for the president in the last military president prediction

  4. The assassination:

    I could imagine Donald Trump being murdered.
    But the assassination is not just death
    but that many, many people give themselves up to celebrate the death of Donald Trump, to be happy and to dance, they will sin and so turn more and more to Satan.

    Satan will reveal his son to the Antichrists to the public later this year.
    The Antichrist will assume the highest office in the United States and become President of the United States. And then when the election fraud of the 2020 election in the USA is exposed and the public is informed about it.

    So, dear Eric, did you see a young man become the President of the United States?
    This will take place either in August or at the end of 2021.
    The young man you have seen but don’t know who it is is the Antichrist.
    I felt it all 😭

    Ask your dreams and your ghost if it could be like that.

    Many greetings Michael

  5. I’m not sure it’s Crenshaw because Crenshaw is already a politician while one of the predictions about the military one makes it seem like the military one has never held office before and doesn’t become a politician until he becomes president

      1. Sorry – can’t find it. Guess I just imagined it because I thought there was a prediction that said something about the military one putting down his military uniform to become a politician for the first time.

        I think there was an older prediction that was mixed in with unrelated predictions that actually gave the military one’s name, however I’ll never be able find that one if it does exist.

    1. Oh Sara I think its Crenshaw too. Think a few of us named him months ago as we were trying to piece together according to Eric’s description….cowboy….Texas…military one…rising up fast. I like Tulsi Gabbard ,(Dem) too but doesn’t fit his description. We assumed it would be a current politician. Maybe a retired guy like a general. 🤷‍♀️ I can tell you this…. I’M DONE with the killing, rioting, lying politicians, looting. destruction and total disrespect for others at these rallies. D-O-N-E. Put the swords down and UNITE. No Biden, No Trump….onward people. Crenshaw wrote a book too.

  6. I see Dan Crenshaw climbing a tall ladder. I feel he is the “military one” or will be working with him. Please keep up your amazing work.

    1. The military one unites the nation that is torn. I don’t know about this military figures political slant. It might be someone else but he is no 2 on my guess.

          1. Repost: “I had a visual of the letter A then Spirit shifted to show #1. A voice will come and say “We have to come together.. we must unite.. circle around one another” A refreshed voice of leadership is coming. It will counter the divide that ran supreme prior to [COVID]”
            Found this Eric. A- Adam? Like you said. If we hear those words from him, we will know!

  7. Reposting: “There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty.
    The military one will hold his seat longer than normal.
    I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of no where he rose to be president.
    I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him.
    I had a visual of now: Riots, hate, loud voices, divisions, killing on the streets. Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached.
    (To be clear I only saw their back, their posture, their feet. So him? Her?)

    Then it briefly returned to now, what’s next.. from the street riots.. from all the hate..I saw dead bodies.. so many laying on the ground.. that’s what all your division created.. death

    Oh America your breaking my heart”
    Above is Erics prediction.

    Praying feverishly for a real leader!!!!

      1. Yes. We need to clean “house”. Lets start with term limits and age limits. Feinstein- 87 years old. Pelosi-80, Mitch McConnell- 77 (?) Pres elect- 78 years.
        Really people? Lol. My Dad is Pelosi age and he needs a nap every day! He’s in tip top shape too. The battle of the walkers is what I called this last election. We have younger leadership quite capable of running this country! Not this you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Presto you have a cabinet position. NO family member should be allowed to run either. Conflict of interest! I don’t care how qualified you think you are.
        EX: Kennedy’s, Bush, Clinton’s and now word Trumps son or son in law …don’t know which, dont care.
        Meh. I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Lol 💖

        1. I absolutely agree with having age and term limits. These career politicians don’t become millionaires based off of their salaries. They serve interests, other than our own. Being financially persuaded from lobbyists should be illegal. Also if you are old enough to collect retirement, it’s time to hang up the hat. We need and should respect all voices, and our youths perspective should be heard as well. Career politicians are all criminals.

  8. Eric,
    Just some thoughts on a revised website.
    Have you considered having extra links to a site containing your pages that are been translated into different languages?
    Is this a useful exercise? Will the predominant voice that can alter the future only be an American perspective? If it can only be stopped through a concerted effort of all nations, then your message will need to come out in all languages as well?

    1. We have something like that. It’s why I have such a mega audience. It’s on the site, it’s a toggle that allows our words translated into any language. It is google doing it so it’s not perfect. I just moved it to the front page, before it was at the bottom. Let me know what you think.

      1. I have often found that the automated translations do not work well. You can translate it to one language and then if you translate it back again, you will see how the words don’t swap well. I’ve often had problems with German words and SE Asian translations.

          1. I would suggest to get the automated translation done and then get a volunteer to proof read it. All this final content will have to be held on an actual site. The issue you may have is with the feedback. At the moment you can semi control the forum discussion so that extremist views are stopped, I’m not sure how you would moderate other ones in other languages. Perhaps only have the main message in other languages? But then that would stop the dialog that happens were people add in their own views that may also be part of the awakening that you are seeking.

            1. Perhaps just initially get The Truths and the main message for the future translated in the most predominant languages first (i.e. Chinese first).

              1. Just as a trial, I did a German translate on

                “Spirits message is right on! I have never heard of Ben crenshaw…how words do resonate with spirit! Until then, I will stay with the messages from spirit! They are a lot smarter than the rest of us!”

                to German and back again, it came as

                “The message from Spirits is spot on! Never heard of Ben Crenshaw … how words resonate with the mind! Until then, I will stick with the messages of the Spirit! You are way smarter than the rest of us!”.

                Mostly there, but you will see a critical change in the first ford of the last sentence: Original was “They”, translated back was “You”.

                Given the subtlety, you might want to turn off the automatic translation.Chinese translation was a little better on this one.

                However doing the Chinese translation of one of your posts

                “The military one unites the nation that is torn. I don’t know about this military figures political slant. It might be someone else but he is no 2 on my guess.”

                brings it back to

                “The soldiers united the torn country. I don’t know the political orientation of this military figure. It may be someone else, but I guess he is not 2.”

                Quite different.

                It’s really quite surprising that WW3 hasn’t already started given that language doesn’t translate well.

                Perhaps you might want to turn off automatic translation on all your website. Perhaps let the comments section of the other sites run unmoderated just to get the thoughts flowing?

                1. Thanks Steve, I will try and find another avenue. One possible act is to translate the predictions in each post to the location they present. The German train crash prediction could be presented in German and English.

              2. For interest I did the Japanese on the first quote, came back as “The message from the spirits is perfect! I’ve never heard of Ben Crenshaw … the words touch my heart! Until then, I will stick to the message of the Spirit! You are much smarter than our others!” Close, but again “They” being replaced with “You”.

                For the second one, the quote came back as “The army unites the torn nation. I don’t know about the political inclination of this soldier. It may be someone else, but he’s not 2 in my guess”. The message had largely lost its original meaning.

  9. Dan Crenshaw Born: 14 Mar 1984 (age 36) · Aberdeen, Scotland, Do you have to be born in the USA to be a candidate?

        1. Just as Ted Cruz (born in Canada) and John McCain (born in Panama) were considered “Natural born citizens”, Mr Crenshaw would also be one because he was born to American parents. Or am I mistaken?

          1. You are correct. He can still become president if he was born to American parents.

  10. Another guess would be Representative Jason Crow, former Army Ranger, of Colorado. This is the same gentleman that was seen comforting Congresswoman Susan Wild during the attacks at the Capitol.

    1. Yeah there’s NO way the guy making that ad unites the whole country and brings the left together with the right. Just looked at his Twitter also- he’s definitely a divider not a uniter. Sorry Eric- he gave a lovely speech in your post but I can’t imagine this is your epic uniting figure you see coming. Looking at what he is putting out in the world, as someone center left he makes my own skin crawl.

      1. First he is number two on the list, second this leader brings us back to the basics, freedom, liberty, the love of our foundation, I question if a moderate leader is required. Now the #1 person is so a moderate, he’s the only moderate in the room

          1. Adam’s tone seems a lot more uniting. I could see him being the person. Regardless of someone’s party or how left/right their politics are I can’t see someone who calls people on the other side names and is in the middle of the divisive mentality (which is clear from Crenshaws Twitter feed he is) can step up and suddenly unite people on both sides and be approved of almost universally. Whoever steps up as a uniting figure would have to have their foundation in both honesty and RESPECT.

            I can still personally also see Pete Buttigieg emerging eventually as this figure also. Or someone none of us has ever heard of.

  11. Eric, any idea on the timeline of these horrific events? Between possible assassination, violence and new president to get us back on track.. are we talking about days, weeks, months or more?
    Thank you! Peace and love!

  12. Eric…haha…ask spirits what astrological sign the military one is. 😉 All mentioned in feed are pisces. You know fishies…they flip. They flop. Juuuust kidding. Trying to keep it light.

      1. Lol. Right? If the cowboy hat was recanted then Crenshaw can lower in the guessing list. I haven’t seen Crenshaws Twitter or ad all the way through. If those commenting here say its not in alignment or his words aren’t exactly uniting, then probably won’t be. Trying to guess on your description. Hmmm…we shall see.

  13. Ja,
    I think you may be right about Jason Crow. He’s young, served three tours, and came home and worked as a pro bono attorney helping veterans. He sounds like a true leader. Reading his interview in Rolling Stone Mag regarding the invasion of the capital brought tears to my eyes. He’s just genuinely a good human being.

    1. I saw that too. It made me cry. I feel like compassion for others is rarely seen these days and this really touched me. Not only his compassion, but his ability to be selfless (even having endured his own trauma) and be there for others. That speaks volumes about his character.

        1. I thought about it, it would fit the cowboy hat image, then explain their retraction “austin”. Unfortunately I don’t know much about the person.

          1. This is from the military.com website yesterday:

            “12 Jan 2021
            Military.com | By Gina Harkins
            Lawmakers heard from two experts Tuesday who warned that granting another waiver to a recently retired general to serve as defense secretary weakens American norms.

            Several Democratic senators say they will vote against granting a waiver for Lloyd Austin. President-elect Joe Biden has said he’ll nominate the retired Army general officer, who fought in Iraq and oversaw all military missions in the Middle East, to lead the Pentagon.

            Austin retired in 2016. By law, anyone serving as defense secretary must have been out of uniform for at least seven years unless they have a waiver from Congress.”

          2. This is Wikipedia entry on Lloyd Austin:

            “…In December 2011, Austin was nominated to become Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army (VCSA).[20] He took office on January 31, 2012.[21] As VCSA, he managed the day-to-day administration of the Army’s budget and headquarters staff. Under his direction, the Army took steps to reduce the incidence of suicide in the ranks.[22][23] He also supervised a review of the psychiatric treatment of personnel assessed for disability by the Army.[24]”

          3. I thought the Personal Life on Lloyd Austin entry on Wikipedia was interesting. He loathed talking to the media which is the exact opposite of the exiting POTUS.

            “Personal life
            Raised by a devout Catholic mother, Austin still practices the faith.[50][51] He has been described as an “intensely private” man[52] who loathed talking to the news media when he was in Iraq and has a habit of “referring to himself in the third person”.[4]

            Austin and his wife, Charlene Denise Banner Austin, have been married for over 40 years.[3][53] Charlene has worked as a non-profit administrator and served the board of the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.[54] He has two stepsons.[3][55]”

  14. The military one prediction made a reference to a cowboy hat (cowboy hat = TX) and said he would be way younger than previous presidents. Crenshaw is from TX, TX representative and is 36 — the minimum age to be president is 35.

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