Wisconsin Man Shot by Police

Prayers please. This really needs to end America. This prediction has happened, the horrors of the video is so hard to watch.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: FLORIDA STORM AGAIN 8-10-20 On a separate note they showed an image of fully tactile policeman, or perhaps ICE. Then they showed a black blemish. A black spot. “Filth” 

Another brutality incident?

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    1. The brutality of America. Cops aren’t shooting there citizens in so many other countries. Cities aren’t on fire. It’s here. America needs a serious look in the mirror.

  1. but its ok for a black man to go up to a 5 year old boy on his bicycle and shoot him in the head but of course some of the bias media didn’t think this was a big deal. Yeah all this needs to stop. But one thing everyone needs to remember. The Deep State will do anything to keep Trump from winning. They want their puppet Biden.

    1. Margie HAMMONDS — No one is saying it’s ok to shoot civilians – the difference is that one is taxpayer funded – the police – and the rest aren’t. Enough of your straw manning nonsense. And I’m not even going to waste my time with your deep state lunacy rantings because it’s completely irrelevant to this shooting.


      What does the person you wrote about have to do with this?

      Please learn how to stay on topic.

      Please learn compassion.

  2. Well i appreciate you’re predictions; however, I feel you need to withhold comments before you make a ridiculous statement.

    If you waited for the real story you would have learned that his man pointed a gun at a person in the bar, twice then left. He had a firearm is his vehicle and that’s where he was heading before shot. I believe they tried to tase him as well. Unfortunately I don’t believe I am going to continue to subscribe to you. If you really received predictions you would know the truth about this.

    Typical believing everything you read and hear before the facts come out.

    1. That changes nothing of the brutality of it all. Show me several examples of the UK shooting each other with such brutality, cities burning there? If you can’t see America has a problem right now, your blinding yourself.

    2. This sounds like misinformation to me.

      According to witness reports, the guy was trying to stop a fight between two women concerning damage to someone’s vehicle (A scratch of some sort, according reports?). The same witnesses cited, said that he the police showed up and misidentified him as someone involved in the dispute. Where did you find information saying that he had a gun in the car? Everything I have read only states that his children were in the car, and he was gunned down right in front of them with seven shots in the back.

      Seven (And I didn’t see a taser in sight).

      I mean, he might have had a gun in the car (and I’m not saying that attempting to flee the situation was a smart call), but when the video begins, the two police officers involved have already drawn their weapons on an unarmed man. In my experience, this typically isn’t a good way to de-escalate a situation…very unprofessional.

      In any case, more facts may come out to justify the officers’ actions, but this video stands as pretty damning evidence to the contrary, even when accounting for necessary police precautions.

      Seven shots in the back…I think that says a lot about how little control the officer had of his faculties at the time.

      I completely agree with Eric. There is absolutely no need for this type of brutality. Cooler heads need to prevail.

      “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters. ”
      -Benjamin Franklin

      1. IF nothing else it shows that police officer was a terrible shot and should spend more time at target practice. One shot in the leg should have sufficed. Seven shots in the back at that range, in any country’s language, is murder.

    3. Source, please. Reputable news outlets say only that Mr. Blake had been intervening in a domestic dispute. And he was shot IN THE BACK. How could he have possibly been threatening the police officer?

    4. Here is the truth . Spirit knows the truth and Eric always presents it to us with love. However we choose to hear it, that our responsibility, not Eric.
      Don’t get mad at the messenger.
      Nothing Eric says is ‘ridiculous”. Very far from it.
      In this evil violent incident, the victim mr. blake was trying to break up a fight between 2 other people. He was trying to deescalate a situation involving 2 other people. He was also unarmed .
      To shoot anyone, especially in the back, and 7 times!- and with his young children in the car watching and witnessing all of this! There is no justification at all, in any way , ever, for this brutality to occur.
      This is exactly what Eric’s prediction foretold.
      If what you say is true, he would have had the gun with him when he was shot. But as it was, he was walking away, unarmed.
      And for the record, Eric is superb in his predictions and in his readings- yes, all of them!
      I have had many private readings with Eric, Every single prediction, Eric is superb. he always has been , always will be. He is a very gifted man.
      People who come here to Eric’s site are appreciative and thankful that Eric is generous and shares his gift and wisdom, his predictions and warnings. We are all grateful.- most especially in these horrible, uncertain and violent times.
      If you feel otherwise about Eric and/or this site, that is too bad for you and unfortunately your loss in so many ways.

      1. Here, here, Cat! I concur. Let those with spiritual “ears” and the ability to tune into the message and here what it has to say to you will indeed hear it. I definitely heard it and have been hearing from Eric for a long time now. Each of us who work on our spiritual connection are blessed to receive the messages the spirits send. Peace and blessings.

        1. Beautifully said.Professorkemp 🙂 I am glad you are here and we all have a place to come, congregate, and share with peace and love. Peace and blessings to you too.

    5. Might I humbly suggest you apply what you are suggestion to Eric, to yourself. I have deliberately waited two days to see if even a semblance of what you claim is true and I can’t find it.
      Perhaps you would like to give us a link to support your story.
      In the meantime, you mighty like to read the news from OUTSIDE of the US news. The BBC does not have an axe to grind on this matter.

      “But criticism over policing in Wisconsin, including specific incidents in Kenosha, long pre-dates the recent shooting of Jacob Blake.”
      “In Kenosha, for example, a police body-camera initiative green lighted in 2017 may be delayed until 2022 and that long wait has meant that the police who shot Blake were not wearing cameras.”

    6. Did you not see the police shoot him in the back?

      Did you know his children were in the vehicle & saw their father get shot?

    7. He also had a warrant for arrest in Wisconsin, for domestic abuse, trespassing and 3rd degree sexual assault related to the domestic abuse- https://wcca.wicourts.gov/caseDetail.html?caseNo=2020CF000736&countyNo=30&index=0&mode=details&fbclid=IwAR3wpAK9-1_wdgRMTfIDhtfiXR5hKZNXcJ6Llt-5X0Om1ONscDpiUSuzF1M
      He had a knife on him at the time and said he had guns in the vehicle. I suspect the police were concerned for the children in the car, as he was appearing unstable at the time.

      1. Unless American laws have changed under Trump, and that is so very possible, a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If those charges against him are true, why did the police choose the situation where he was intervening in a domestic matter to arrest him for these alleged offences?
        With respect to you, I see your information coming from the fake news that is deliberately and wilfully destroying democracy in America.
        You have a beautiful country with excellent ideals, please don’t let that slip away purely for the benefit of those with an alternative, and anti Democratic, agenda. Pete

  3. Hey Eric,
    Your message indicates to me a couple of possible brutality incidents. ICE could collect people from hurricane and other shelters, especially after the evictions hit. There could also be armed voter intimidation on voting day. We will see just how far the evils ones of this country want to go. I still hold out hope that we will survive but probably without violence.


  4. This entire story is devastating. His children were in the car watching. Praying for his full recovery. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong in this country right now.

  5. Here in Australia, most state police have to attend a specific state academy for around 9 to 12 months. According to a Google search most US state police are in and out of various state Academies in less than 2 month and in some states, less than a month. Considering America’s extremes on gun ownership, one would think that the police should have AT LEAST a six months drill/training on preventing unnecessary police killings, and a further six months on ‘personality adjustment’ to suit the needs of that job. Pete

    1. Wow, until I read your comment, Pete, I never knew American police academies had so little time to train compared to other countries. That might well be part of the problem.

    2. Your point is valid. I want to add that many of our law enforcement officers are ex-military.

  6. Thank you Eric for allowing this open dialogue. For those reading this, we can disagree and be respectful all at the same time 🙂

    I’m an immigrant of Caribbean and European decent. I immigrated from the UK to the the USA almost 30 years ago and I have witnessed first hand the horrors of racism and violence that is so imbued in American culture. Growing up in the UK I never experienced such blatant ugly hate and anger. And before you say why don’t you go back….Yes I plan to retire to Europe in the near future.

    My husband and I work very hard and live a very affluent lifestyle. But it has not stopped the police from treating us suspiciously especially even in the gated community where we live. Let’s see your ID (love that one)! When on occasion I have been stopped by a police I say a silent prayer that the cop is not a racist. You see, learning about racism is not as scary as experiencing it.

    Having ‘The Talk’ is how our community prepare Black Children for Police Interactions.

    The reality is that people of color can do 100% of everything the officer says and they can still get killed. That is the reality of being black in America. So what we do is talk to our sons and daughters about many things, from understanding their rights to being respectful, but also understanding what their future is, because ultimately you do not want to have a 20-minute encounter derail 20 years of your life.

    This powerful video shows how Black parents have to talk to their kids about the police. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAybo9lpCOd/

    Who is Jacob Blake? Not a perfect man but in the eyes of God….but perfecting and redeemable. Now he’s paralyzed from the waist down after police shot him 7 times in the back….. he was unarmed! I’ve read such vile comments as he deserved to be shot because he disobeyed the police and walked to his car!! Perhaps he walked to his car because he was worried about his kids!!! Blake’s friend said that one of his 4 kids in the car was celebrating his birthday. The child turned eight the day of the shooting. Now if that doesn’t give you pause for thought I don’t know what will!

    1. Valerie,
      I agree with what you said, and I’m sorry to hear that racism is something you’re still stuck dealing with. I know it’s been going on a long time, but part of me still naively can’t understand that people could actually believe such hateful things. As a country, America values equality and freedom, but we still have a long, long way to go to be fully living up to our ideals.

      Some people say the people that are (peacefully) protesting police violence “hate this country” and should leave, but that’s completely against what this country is….we’re not perfect, and as citizens, it’s our duty to speak up when things are wrong. The protesters don’t hate the country, they’re trying to change something that’s wrong within the country.

      I don’t know what to make of Jacob Blake’s shooting; it just sounds horrible. I don’t think it was a good idea to disobey the police, but shooting him in the back several times was way overboard. I hope he recovers, and that his children will too. Hearing how they saw it all makes me want to hug and comfort them, or jump back in time and prevent the shooting altogether.

  7. Aside from Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela, US police kill and are killed at far higher rate than those of most other wealthy countries. One differentiating factor is that in the U.S., most police officers and many civilians carry guns (US has 40% of the world’s firearms). Tactics also differ widely.

    Flashback: In 2015, the NY Times documented a visit of U.S. police leaders to Scotland, where just 2% of officers carry guns, to be trained to defuse situations without weapons.

    The officers were astonished to hear that not only had Scottish police only shot two civilians in the previous decade, no officers had been killed in the line of duty since 1994

    1. Cody- I’m becoming more aligned in thinking the amount of guns are the problem and its seemingly free use in America and gun laws overall revisited. Bump stock laws, police departmental changes/addtl training, and such are the obvious points. Pretty awesome whats going on in Scotland. Unfortunately its apples to oranges comparison. Compare our population versus Scotland. We can cross state lines where gun laws vary, as well as large city population centers darn near equivalent to Scotlands entire population. Our country prides itself on state rights, free speech and right to bear arms. Slippery slope folks. Question is a starting point and how to proceed without loss of life and burning our cities down! Wonder when in US history was the turning point in increased gun ownership and why? Snowballed somewhere and ripped through many presidential terms. Ugh. We are back pedaling from here on out. Different note…please pray for all those in California fighting fires, losing homes, lost loved ones…..and the poor forest critters impacted and driven out….pray hard people!!! Rain dance (minus lightening) Love and light my dear Cali neighbors! We love you-bear hug.💖

      1. The young man in question was shot 7 times at close blank range in the back. NOT A DROP OF BLOOD anywhere. It should have been a blood bath. Please use more discernment when watching these videos.
        They then rolled him onto the pavement and not a sign of blood and gore any where not even on the police officer that shoot him.
        Always ask yourself who benefits.
        What has happened since?
        Which state is now on fire and why?
        Any illusion you can imagine can be created on a screen. Ask people in the film industry.
        Eric’s prediction is correct in as much as this is the next matter to enter human consciousness. How you perceive that event is individual to you.

  8. “Facebook takes down ‘call to arms’ event after two shot dead in Kenosha

    “The killing of two protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night may have emerged in response to a Facebook event posted by a self-described militia, which referred to the event as a ‘call to arms…'”

    The event was also promoted by Infowars.


  9. Hopefully this will stop the right wing community/media from defending and raising bail money for this far right, white supremacist murderer:

    “UPDATE: In a statement to kadiagoba/BuzzFeedNews, a Trump campaign spokesperson said that Kenosha suspect Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Had nothing to do with our campaign and we fully support our fantastic law enforcement for their swift action in this case.'”

  10. Should also mention that this murderer had already committed a crime before killing 2 people because…

    **It is illegal for 17 year olds to carry firearms in public in Wisconsin.**

  11. ‘They just need to disappear’: Kenosha sheriff once called for Black shoplifters to be ‘warehoused’ and kept from having children

    “The past comments resurfaced Thursday as the American Civil Liberties Union called for Beth’s resignation, citing his his handling of recent protests that turned deadly following the police shooting”


  12. “White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police

    “The data includes abt 2 dozen instances of cops supporting or collaborating with right-wing vigilantes & paramilitaries.

    “Data shows far right-wing vigilantes & paramilitaries have confronted or attacked anti-racist protesters about 500 times since cops killed George Floyd in May. This includes at least:

    “64 assaults
    38 attacks by car
    9 shootings
    3 deaths”


    1. One of the many reasons most first world nations have signed up with the United Nations’ International Criminal Court is because they recognise that even in the best of political systems, loopholes exist enough to let criminal activity slip through … especially where there is enough money to support to the contrary.
      If the US were still signed to this Convention, would HALF the killings in the US have happened, knowing that they could have been taken to this Court?
      Did the MAJORITY of American citizens support the removal from this Convention? And if not, why not?
      The world is polite. But the world no longer sees the US as truly just to all of it’s citizens.

  13. Trump supporter shot to death in downtown Portland on Saturday night after he allegedly maced an allege protestor in the face.

    This was amid a MAGA truck caravan that featured the president’s supporters macing, shooting protestors with paintballs and taunting protestors from the back of their trunks as they rolled through downtown Portland after coming in from out of state.


    1. “NEW: 1 man has been shot and killed in Portland.

      “The man was wearing a hat with insignia for Patriot Prayer, a far-right group

      “A man was shot and killed Saturday as a large group of supporters of President Trump traveled in a caravan through downtown Portland, Ore., which has seen nightly protests for three consecutive months.

      “The pro-Trump rally drew hundreds of trucks full of supporters into the city. At times, Trump supporters and counterprotesters clashed on the streets, with people shooting paintball guns from the beds of pickup trucks and protesters throwing objects back at them.”


  14. On the same day that Biden emphatically condemned violence and looting in any form, the President defends 17-year-old vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse – indicted for two counts of murder and attempted murder – and his supporters who were using paintball guns and bear mace on protestors in Portland, which eventually led to the death of a Trump supporter.

    In other words,

    Biden: Violence by anyone is bad.

    Trump: Violence by anyone except my supporters is bad

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