That place where all things begin and end.

Have you ever stood on the wet sand on an overcast day, standing toe to toe with a vast endless ocean. The wind from the tide spraying you ever so slightly like dancing water particles. Having the wet sand sink under your feet as the residue of waves slap your feet again and again. The huge ocean waves crashing in front of you, the ocean salt smell striking your nose. From all sides, all corners, the ocean is there, the wet ground, the spray of the air, and the vast deep endless ocean your standing by. If your bold enough you can jump in, explore the depths of the unknown. Yet as you explore and learn, no matter what you do you can never completely see the entire scope of this boundless place.

Now try and imagine the beach as heaven and the Ocean is God.

The first of multiple descriptions.

13 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. That’s it!!! Let me stand on the beach in ft. Pierce, fl. But it’s closed and will have to join you in imagery, Eric!!! Such beautiful images💖

  2. Hello Eric. I hope you’re well. Can you please ask about any natural disasters for Puerto Rico? Earthquake activity has ramped up yet again, and with the super active hurricane season looming we’re worried of either getting a big earthquake, or reliving the nightmare of Maria in 2017. Your caribbean earthquake prediction marked a ”7” and you smelled BBQ. Although Spirit clarified it was Jamaica in another prediction, it still worries me.Thanks for all the help!

  3. hey Eric, hoping you expand this heaven post greatly. talking about all the continents, that heaven has, two more than present Earth .,EACE perfect in everyway. Colors, that humans couldn’t describe, in mere words, ALL animals, from past earth history, ALL living together. in love and peace ,Increable, HUGE marbles temples, and all different housings, ALL spirits, who Design Their own dwellings, increduable trees and plants, not seen on Earth, since age s past. Beautyful temple building, that houses, Each and Everyones lifetime information on Living scrolls, that anyone can have access to, diiffernt levels, where each SOUL, continues their education, in so many different areas. Chorus of SINGING Angels, that praise GOD/Mother GOD at all times, each note, fills all the souls with LOVE, that no human can describe. I can go on and on, WE, as Souls, are apart of each other, where no hate, sorrow, fear angier, etc, are known. Human words, do not describe, what we, as souls, experience, when we go home, nor does mere words describe/can describe heaven. We All can have one on one meetings with Father God,/ Mother GOD. my post, just tells so very little, what heaven is, this is our true home, not Earth.

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