Tennessee Tornado

Please pray for all those in Tennessee. With the marked date we are either off or this issue of Tornadoes is incomplete.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-13-20 I had a visual I was standing on this area that was completely destroyed. The town was in rubble. Nothing was left without destruction. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-1-19 I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.  They implied Tennessee. I am hoping to gather more details.

Countdown from 5..4..3..

Marking the 5th or 6th.

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  1. Eric,
    Update ✔️
    19 dead…150 hospitalized.

    Tornadoes kill at least 19 and hospitalize more than 150 in Tennessee: Deadly ‘supercell’ winds rip through Nashville injuring ‘multiple’ people, destroying dozens of buildings and leaving tens of thousands without power
    🔷At least 19 people have been killed after tornadoes ripped through Tennessee Tuesday morning, officials said
    🔷Tennessee Governor Bill Lee also said that ‘a number of people’ are still missing and several are injured
    🔷At least two tornadoes hit central Tennessee including a ‘supercell’ storm described as ‘extremely dangerous’
    🔷One tornado ripped through downtown Nashville tearing through buildings, damaging homes and businesses
    🔷Police confirmed two people were killed in Nashville, three died in Putnam County and one in Benton County
    🔷Nearly 44,000 Nashville Electric Service customers left without power and multiple people were injured


    1. That sounds awful….I hope the people of Tennessee will be able to recover. Tornadoes can technically happen anywhere, but it seems weird to have one this bad in early March.

  2. There are more storms forecasted for the south in the next few days again. Hopefully it doesn’t happen. March is normally the start of tornado season in the midwest southern states

  3. Eric,

    Update #2
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Rescuers searched through shattered Tennessee neighborhoods for bodies Tuesday, less than a day after tornadoes ripped across Nashville and other parts of the state as families slept. At least 25 people were killed, some in their beds, authorities said.

    The twisters that struck in the hours after midnight shredded more than 140 buildings and buried people in piles of rubble and wrecked basements. The storms moved so quickly that many people in their path could not flee to safer areas.

    “It hit so fast, a lot of folks didn’t have time to take shelter,” Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said. “Many of these folks were sleeping.”


  4. Oh gosh Eric……I had this strong feeling Sunday night…..couldn’t shake it…..I couldn’t fall asleep…..then I got the sense that something very serious was going to happen the next day, that many people involved would remember this day because it would change their normal lives for good, but it wouldn’t affect me. When I fell asleep someone in my dream said Look- everything broke. See? It’s all broken. I saw a pile of rubble, big industrial machinery twisted, all in pieces, just a broken mess. That’s all I remember….just seeing steel and metal in a heap.

  5. SWC
    So heartbroken forTennessee…
    much prayer and love to all who suffered ..
    In their beds its just aweful …🌹

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