US Drinking Water Contaminated

This prediction has happened.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-6-20 “They are lying.. lying! The water is poisoned and it is rampant. Your leadership justifies it because the poison is small and they don’t have a solution. Now the poison grows out of control and the race is on for a solution. “  
I asked where and they pointed to multiple locations. Spirit implied it was a problem everywhere, but the degree of the problem shifted. 
Later they implied the North East. But I am so switching to bottled water just in case. 
I had a visual of dirty water running through pipes being consumed by humans. 

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  1. R2D2 Avatar

    Terrible. Imagine places not identified yet?! Be interesting to see cancer rates in those areas listed in video.

  2. swampy11 Avatar

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but remember the murder of that US journalist? Well, here’s an article about something that happened before his murder where Jeff Bezos’ phone had malware coming from Saudit Arabia: Would that fit with all these infiltration issues into our country?

  3. tempestmm326 Avatar

    eric. you were spot on:
    Contaminated water in 44
    major cities….east coast
    Chemical contaminants.
    I work in a lab here in NJ and our water tests have been coming back off the charts bad for about 4 months. below link from EWG

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Why is it suddenly off the charts?

      1. tempestmm326 Avatar

        chemicals and bacteria
        that shouldnt be in
        the water showing up
        that are affecting the water
        and causing it to fail
        stability tests even though we have
        a filtration system that should
        be cleaning it . we test the water weekly from the drinking fountains as well as water from the taps and manufacturing lines. water was
        getting a cloudy look . i also noticed it
        in tap water at home which i am going to send out to the testing lab.
        i thought i was imagining it
        but it fits with your posts.
        we even flushed the lines with
        bleach and it didnt help.
        according to another article
        i read it says they are called
        forever chemicals because they
        do not break down.
        also article said that EPA was
        trying to keep it from becoming
        public. this is only my view but
        if this water is being used in
        facilities that produce food
        products or consumable goods that
        or to cook food in restaurants then
        the danger is already widespread.

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Where r 44 major cities? Is this including Dallas?

  4. Cody Avatar

    Our gov’t, Congress and the EPA have all known of the dangers of toxic forever chemicals (PFOAs & PFAS) for nearly two decades but have done nothing and are still doing next to nothing to protect us because they’re bought-off by the greedy chemical corporations that are responsible for these very chemicals (big PFAS polluters like 3M and DuPont being an example).

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d suggest watching the new film DARK WATERS, which exposes how chemical companies like Dupont, pollute the environment with forever chemicals causing massive impacts on public health – and have gotten away with it.

  5. Sara Avatar

    Here’s a link that talks about the PFAS chemicals and the lack of regulations on them. Especially alarming was when they said, out of 44 sites in 31 states, only one (in Meridian, Mississippi) didn’t have PFAS chemicals.

  6. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    We are screwed.

  7. Olivia Avatar

    A shooting happened here in Seattle that they’re calling a mass shooting. I remember you talking about a Seattle shooting prediction.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have the news link please

      1. Olivia Avatar

        Okay. It’s been all over the news lately and there’s been helicopters all over here looking for the shooters.

  8. petemedium Avatar

    The New York Times:

    From Day 1 of his administration, President Trump vowed to repeal President Barack Obama’s “Waters of the United States” regulation, which had frustrated rural landowners.
    “I terminated one of the most ridiculous regulations of all: the last administration’s disastrous Waters of the United States rule,” Mr. Trump told the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention in Texas on Sunday, to rousing applause. He added, “That was a rule that basically took your property away from you.”
    His administration had completed the first step of its demise in September with the rule’s repeal.
    His replacement this Thursday will complete the process, not only rolling back 2015 rules that guaranteed protections under the 1972 Clean Water Act to certain wetlands and streams that run intermittently or run temporarily underground, but also relieves landowners of the need to seek permits that the Environmental Protection Agency had considered on a case-by-case basis under the Obama rule.”

  9. petemedium Avatar

    I’m wondering how you’d know if your processed foods, such as washed vegetables, meats etc, aren’t being washed with this contaminated water. Already, here in Australia, we are being asked to watch what fresh fruits we buy and to check they’re not coming from the US.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We would need to rewash

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hi Eric. I don’t know a lot about this because there isn’t much in the media yet, but from what I’ve read the particular poisons can’t be washed away as they penetrate and they are hard to trace.

  10. Trevor Avatar

    Not good. Hopefully public outrage forces him to change his mind and favor the public over the polluters.

    “Trump vows to veto ‘forever chemicals’ legislation”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      My god why?

      1. anonymous Avatar

        He knows his time is up and is going out of his way do much damage as possible. It’ll take us years to undone the damages he inflicted. He just doesn’t care who suffers.

  11. star48 Avatar


    Actually, I wouldn’t drink any highly filtered tap water in the red zones on the map below, because, they are highly contaminated by fracking polluants and chemicals.

  12. star48 Avatar


    DENVER, April 9 (UPI) — More than 2,500 industrial operations in the United States most likely are releasing toxic perfluoroalkyl chemicals, or PFAS, into air and water supplies, a report based on federal data says.

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