Cyclone Blake Hits North Australia

Please pray for Australia, from this cyclone to the AUSTRALIA FIRES predicted awhile back, it’s a very difficult time for all our friends in Australia. We stand with you always.
I question whether I mixed the message up? Is the 6..7.. for the cyclone and not the quake? Especially since that is now.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 6-5-19 Alaska.. Earthquake.. around 6 .. 7.. I had a visual of one epic sized cyclone. The cyclone strikes Australia leading to flooding that will be historic.

With the earthquake they said “Vancouver”. I asked them to clarify if the prediction was for Canada or Alaska and they tapped a map of Alaska. The impression with the cyclone was that the northern region of Australia would be affected the most. It was a massive cyclone.

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  1. hey Eric, people will still not believe that climate changes are starting to rage, unless it happens to them. prayers to Australia, where the damages done, will takes years to return to normal, a lot of the people, will now have to start over again, as everything is gone….. I want to ask a question, does sprits see, a massive flooding and storm damage in florida, in February? something isn’t right here in florida, it feels like something is coming down the pike. yes, hurricanes in florida, don’t happen, but weather is changing, all around the world, and the unusual, is starting to become the norm, in regards to weather. thank you for all you do!

  2. Eric
    Hi to you and spirit ..
    You gave me a private reading some time ago and noted a cyclone may prevent my husband teturning from his work in North West Austraia ..Where he works rarely gets direct line from a cyclone but Blake is an exception ..
    it is right on path to dump the torrential rain expected it will carry where he works ..
    He is expected to fly home Thursday but Blake may delay this …also yes in the reading you said there would be much flooding …
    Blake is cat 1 at present but the flooding risk is great as land is dry up there and prone to flooding ..
    The reading was more than 2 years ago .
    will keep you posted with his first hand account when he does come home..

  3. Eric,SWC,
    On January 7, Blake is forecast to move toward the SSW and could remain close to the coast. It may cross the coast in the vicinity of Wallal Downs along Eighty Mile Beach late on Tuesday or early Wednesday, January 8 or 9 (LT) as a Category 2 tropical cyclone.

    Gales may be occurring along coastal parts of the Dampier Peninsula to the north of Broome and may develop near the coast between Kuri Bay and Bidyadanga, including Broome, later on Monday, BOM said.

    Gales could extend to Wallal Downs and De Grey on Tuesday or early Wednesday.

    1. star48
      Its been downgraded as ofnearly my morning
      my husbands camp site is expecting it cross the coast and bring heavy rain to Pilbra .
      Thank you for posting details …im watching closely . 👀

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