Russian Military Explosion

This prediction has happened, my interpretation of their message was incorrect, I believed that Russia would start testing nuclear weapons again, but instead it was a missile test that lead to an accidental explosion. Though unrelated to the explosion, the treaty message accurately reflects the location, Russia.

World Predictions 4-8-19 I had a visual of one massive explosion. In the visual it had a mushroom cloud. Then the visual showed the explosion again on a screen with numbers in the corner and a small target in the center of the screen implying a test of some kind. 

“With the treaty between Russia and US over, Russia blatantly shows it’s aggressiveness.”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-29-19 Russia unveils a new weapon.. a weapon that is intimidating.. that will turn on them. I had a visual of soldiers injured or dead laying on the ground

6 thoughts on “Russian Military Explosion

  1. Wow,I do remember this prediction you made.
    I was waiting for it to happen, Somereason I knew it would..
    Good prediction .

    1. Thanks. It was one of those predictions where I assumed it meant one thing but it meant something completely different and yet the message was still accurate.

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