US Stocks Plunge Due To Trade War

This prediction has happened again.

Predictions 6-27-18 “The stocks plummet because of trade wars.”

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  1. Lance Avatar

    Interesting how the only stock index, the Dow Jones, is being used in the media to claim ‘stock plunge’. The Dow measures INDUSTRIALS, or ‘manufacturing’. The impact of President Trump’s tariffs will mostly hit ‘AGRICULTURALS’ (measured mostly on the NYMEX board), as tariffs on Chinese goods will basically add ‘incoming tax’ to Chinese goods, while China’s retaliation, adding Tariffs to US Goods (for China) will result in higher food prices for the average Chinese, as well as possible reduced selling of American Agricultural Goods to China (which will be absorbed by the European markets hoping to ‘buy cheaper’ so they can offset rising Asian food-pricing on their own behalf).
    Just because a ‘prediction is true’, doesn’t mean that a ‘prediction is bad’. Yes, the Dow is down 6% overall (not much of a ‘plunge’, though), and is indicative of people not wanting to invest in Asian-heavy manufacturing at this time. Then again, China just opened up their Hang Seng Index to more ‘foreigner buy-ins’ and guess what? No one is jumping at the chance to put their money from other nations, into Chinese markets…they are dangerous, over-valued and Tariffs could do serious damage to profits.

  2. Ann Avatar

    These predictions could eventually be next:

    Predictions 7-12-17 — “The prices too high.. the economy really starts to go south.. stocks tumble.. a new recession begins..” — The implication was July but also pointed to August.”

    Prediction: The US Economy Plummets — “The US economy plummets in a very bad way. The benefits of the poor slashed. No one is coming to help.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Those predictions have been on my mind.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    If there’s a positive thing to say about this, it’s that this ought to snap many more Trump supporters awake. Farmers are begining to realize the mistake they had when they had voted and supported him. Another thing to understand is that this trade war will also make wealthy GOP donors furious. It’s not just the average US consumer feeling the pain, it’s also the donor’s finances/stocks/investments getting harmed. There’s some saying that people will support a politician regardless what they do, but the moment said politican do something that messes with their money; they’ll turn against that politician.

    I’m not being cynical or negative, it’s a recurring thing I’ve been seeing for years. People won’t care to take action, until it happens to them personally. Hopefully more and more supporters will realize that supporting that guy, will cost them a hefty price. I know he’ll still have his die-hards supporters, but others will see the light.

    1. hartleypoole1 Avatar

      Here here

    2. Cory Avatar

      Lol, I’m not so sure about that. Many of them are fine with getting hurt because they trully believe he knows how tariffs and trade work when in reality he’s clueless. He still touts the money the US is receiving from the tariffs — which, it bears repeating, are being paid by American companies and consumers. His only recourse has been to claim that tariffs are actually a good thing — falsely, ludicrously insisting China is paying them.

  4. Cody Avatar

    The value of Monday’s stock drop exceeds the value of US imports from China for an entire year. Ouch!

  5. Trevor Avatar

    Why is Trump directing $15 billion in tariff proceeds to US farmers if “we’re taking in billions of dollars in tariffs” like Trump says? Oh right! That’s because the tariffs are paid by AMERICAN COMPANIES AND CONSUMERS, not by China. Nice to see Trump and GOP hypocritically abandon their free markets for the picking of winners and losers in this trade war Trump created by providing gov’t handouts to farmers hurting in red states because of Trump’s trade war.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Isn’t that socialism?

  6. Luna Tic Avatar

    “Exclusive photos reveal children sleeping on the ground”
    So that is another of the 6-27-18 to happen…train derailment from flooding (ty Star48), stock plunge and pictures of the children migrants sleeping on the floor. I wonder if Don Jr is the arrest? The prediction also speaks of a volcano. Could that trigger the earthquake and tsunami? I realized that a 10 to 30 foot tsunami wave can and move inland by 1000 yards and extend by up to 60 miles long. They can move across the ocean at 500 mph. I got this from National Geographic “Tsunamis: Facts About Killer Waves”, 2005.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Was there a tsunami? We are expecting a major quake.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for info will post.

  7. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could this prediction be related and can you tell me if the heavy handed ship sinking and reference to Caspian has happened yet?

  8.  Avatar

    altoughtwar is coming, Irak-USA

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