La Grange Texas Tornado Damage

Unfortunately the damage and destruction in Texas has arrived, this prediction has happened. Please stay safe Texas!

World Predictions 4-17-19   I heard sirens going off, warning people that tornados were coming. Then it shifted to show 4 sirens, and 4 TV screens showing the storms.

World Predictions 4-25-19   I had a visual of an area that was completely decimated by a tornado, the area was completely shredded from one side to the other.

I had a visual of a clock about to turn 12.

“In the deep state.”

A tornado leaves unspeakable damage. Since an hour represents a month, I believe the clock almost turning 12 represents a timeframe at the very end of April. I am not sure what they mean by deep state? They later implied Texas but that could be a separate tornado? I will try and narrow the location down.

3 thoughts on “La Grange Texas Tornado Damage

  1. I live about two hours from Lagrange , Texas you was right ,
    I couldn’t help but think of you when I listen to some of the psychics on YouTube that you could really put your stuff out there if you signed up for YouTube just a thought.

  2. Texas is sometimes considered one of the states in the “deep south”, so the deep state prediction may refer to it.

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