President Bush Passes

My heart pours out for the 41st President of the United States

World Predictions 11-17-18  I had a visual I was on air force one, there was an empty seat with a gavel on the seat.  The mood was sad on air force one, perhaps someone passed away

15 thoughts on “President Bush Passes

  1. Praying for his friends and family. President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush were true Patriots and did so much for our country and others less fortunate then themselves. Both are greatly missed.🙏🏻❤️

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with the american people, but most importantley the family of george h.w busch

  3. The gavel on Air Force One was a beautiful representation for his life ending. President Bush was a wonderful public servant and a great diplomat.

  4. The gavel threw me off at first when this prediction was originally posted because it made me think it was the passing of a judge due to all that’s been in the news as of late.

    1. I would be guessing but perhaps his passing cast a judgment on today’s political way, bush and trump might come from the same party but are totally separate in tone and ethics.

      1. We definitely need more civility, understanding, and common sense in politics today.

  5. Prayers for family friends and the American people. ..
    I really liked George Bush wish there were more like him wonderful Life and gave a lot back ..
    Sad time for all ..I salute you sir ..

    1. Good catch swampy. Part of the prediction have to do with Venezuela and just today, supporters of Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado at his inauguration are speaking out against Venezuela’s leader, Maduro, because of the economical and political crisis there and his trying to form a dictatorship. In the Miami Herald yesterday, Venezuela’s opposition leaders are calling for the Bank of England to hold 14 tons of the country’s gold bullion to keep Maduro from stealing it

      1. Wow, Luna Tic. That’s big news, too! Even though I don’t always watch the news, but THAT is crucial info, too. Sending love and light for Eric, Bea, George Bush’s family and for Venezuela’s issues.

  6. A cartoonist drew a beautiful image of Mr. Bush reuniting with his wife and his 3-year-old daughter who died in the 1950’s….as sad as it is to lose him, it is comforting to know he’s with them again.

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