Truth 17 Death P3


According to Spirit the Creator gave birth to race of individuals that the Spirits refer to as the Ancient Ones. They were the first created. They existed before the stars and galaxies. They described the ancients ones this way; If the Creator was the white light they were all the colors of light that would follow. They struggled like we do. They suffered like we do. They loved like we do. They lived like a family as we do. But at some point they reached a state of perfection where there was nothing left to learn, there was no more to grow. So their roles changed. They became caretakers of both the Universe and the Afterlife.

I had a visual of a father who told his children he wanted to build a much larger house. But unlike the first house that was solely constructed by the Father, this house would be created by all of them together as a family, through the bond of love they set out to build this new house. Once the foundation was built, they began to build endless rooms. Once the house was constructed they set out to fill the rooms with so much life. The house you see every night when you gaze up to see the endless bright stars, while your feet are planted on a small piece of that boundless house.

The ancient ones oversee it all, they ensure balance and structure. They help oversee all the Spiritual essence that exist. Another way the Spirits presented the ancient ones;  They are the grandparents of the space, time, and the afterlife while humans are toddlers who think they know so much when they know so little.

My point is simple. Remember how important your family is, family is first. I told you once before that the bond of love is eternal and your love with that family extends in an endless multitude of lifetimes. Here is the first family, that loved so much, they ended up creating the stars, the galaxies, and the order of life on the other side.. what will your family build? What will your family create? And remember you have forever to build it just like they do.



We might be adding a chapter to this knowledge of the afterlife. In their words:

Why? Why again and again are you born just to wither away and become born again? The answer…

The final chapter will be the “Eviction” as they call it.

23 thoughts on “Truth 17 Death P3

  1. Thanks for sharing and fascinating story. It getting better making sense to learn from.the Ancient Spirits to learn of who we are from the beginning. Jesus said “I am Alpha and Omega” which means I am first and last. He could means as the Light as the first and last. Again. Thanks for sharing with us as we are hingry for truth.

  2. Thank you Eric! At some point when it seems right, could you list all the Truths together on a posting? It would be very rewarding to view all together for a re-read. All the best to you and Bea in the coming weeks and forever. Prayers remain with you and Bea.

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful story about Family and how important they are. How the Creator made the Ancient Ones in the begining and how they ensure the balance still to this day. What an amazing message of Truth Eric.
    Cant wait for the “Eviction” Truth.

  4. eric thank you so much for sharing this! if I may, I also wanted to add, that the ancient ones, are also helping so many beings from other worlds as well, people, also go to other worlds, in between, earth lives, in order to learn and experience, different lessons, only learned on those planets, which are many……also, the angel realm,is different than the ancient ones, angel realm, is the closes to GOD, they never had to learn from life, but were created to help, GOD .thank you soo much for sharing this. and thank everyone, for sharing and learning, as we travel along the path, we call life………..

  5. Could this post be more perfect and priceless? More loving and sincere? I dont think so, absolutely beautiful, Eric, thier explanations tender and mindful. AWESOME

  6. Thank you Eric for writing about the Ancient Ones. When I’ve tried to tell people about seeing them, they think I’m crazy. Good to see someone else talking about them.

  7. I have difficulty understanding something about this. I was fortunate to have been born into a loving family. Many people do not have this. If family is with us forever, are those born into abusive, dysfunctional families destined to relive this over and over. This seems unfair at the core and the opposite of love.

    1. Some people realize that they cannot depend on their real family but find a “soul” family of friends and other supportive loving people. In the end they may have found the real souls they were meant to be with, and their original genetic related family may have been chosen for life lessons or karmic reasons…sort of more for soul growth and gaining soul stretching experiences that can help them. So even if our original family has caused us pain there was something to gain from that for our soul, like a type of challenge that we survived…

    2. No, and I don’t believe it’s the same family all the time. My mom has been in about 8 different lives, but I have had far more than that. Ironically the last life I had abandoned me. A very cruel mother and father. My point goes to the heart of what we have done for the last 25 years and that is we take care of the abused children the discarded, neglected, and they are very much part of our family, that is our little piece of acting as our creator does. I will most likely never build galaxies but we call all mirror our creator in some small way. I hope you find your piece and let it soar.

      1. Wow…wondering if you had any memory of your past lives?

        Interesting story. So we have been around for long time and came in different lives. How will I know about my past lives?

        Everytime I go to sleep, saw a split second bright white light came into my mind then plug into dream stage.

        1. My memory of past lives are attached to my ability of precognition. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember so many different lives. The best way to remember past lives is to engage in the path of the Buddha. Meditation that focuses on an empty mind, the state of nothingness. It’s at that point when you completely clear your mind that I can either see my past or receive world predictions.

  8. I had a dream a while back, one I remember with absolute clarity. I was in a large hall in a house. The hall was lined with doors and it was never ending. I would open a door and look in and see people living their lives. I kept walking down the corridor, looking into doors, watching little vignettes of peoples lives. I came to an alcove in the wall where there was a different kind of door that lead into a pantry. There was a mysterious man standing by the door, wearing a Spy vs Spy kind of hat and trench coat. I couldn’t see his face. Next to him was a long line of people waiting outside the door. He indicated to me to get in line and we moved into the pantry. I looked at the person in front of me, and it was my mom. There was another door at the other end of the pantry, and the people in line were stepping out the door one by one. When my mom got to the door she smiled and stepped out. I looked out the door to an intersection in one of the neighborhoods I grew up in, near where my father’s parents lived. The man motioned to me and I stepped out and was suddenly in a very large lecture hall type classroom. The back of the room had old wooden risers painted in dark, forest green and was filled with students. The walls were white and to the right were huge Victorian type mullion pane windows, with a lot of light coming in. In the middle of the room was an old fashioned table with shelves underneath, also wood and painted the same green, which I walked up to and leaned on. To the front was a professor writing on a blackboard in some odd type of language. I looked at the board and thought, Oh, I learned this already. To the left of the board was a door, so I went through the door into an identical classroom. I realized the lesson being taught was something I wasn’t ready for, so I stepped out into a hall. The hall was like a rotunda, the center open so you could look down to just floors and floors of other levels, with iron grating all around. There were beautiful marble columns, and the wall just in front of me was painted in beautiful patterns (sort of Arabic looking) in all my favorite colors. I thought, I want to be able to paint just like that (I’m an artist). Circling the wall was three doors. As I stood there a bell rang and all the doors opened and students came pouring out. I went to the first room and looked in. It was another classroom with desks and a blackboard and the room was filled with incredibly bright white light. I knew that wasn’t my classroom so I went to the next, which was the same and also not mine. I went to the third and knew it was my class. I walked in and at the far end of the room was another door. I went through the door and was suddenly in my grandparent’s (my father’s parents) and later my parents house. I walked to the living room and the front wall was a big window. I looked out the window to a picturesque neighborhood on a dead end street. My house was at the end of the street and the houses were all charming cottages with trees and vines and flowers-just a very pretty picture. I walked out the door and I was a young girl. I was wearing a white cotton dress, kind of vintage. In the dirt driveway were a bunch of younger kids, all dressed in white. I walked over to them and recognized my brother and my niece (who I’m very connected to) A little boy in a white shirt and shorts held up a styrofoam cup fulled of nails and screws. I looked at him and realized it was my best friend Paul, who I met when he was my tech director in a theater I worked in for a number of years. I looked up the street and realized it was one of the neighborhoods I lived near when I was very young. I turned to the other kids and said I have to go now, but I’ll see you soon. I started to walk down the street and then I woke up.

    I write all this because I think it ties in to the first part of your Truth.

      1. I forgot to add that the man standing by the pantry said to me “I’m your teacher”. I felt like I knew him and I trusted him completely. The kids in the driveway were all younger than me (just like in real life) and I felt I was selected to be the first one to go out.

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