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A mixed bag with the predictions, Congress turned blue, but did the Senate Split down the middle with 46 -51 with races still outstanding? Perhaps the split they were talking about was the very close races still playing out?  The other question is after Trumps news conference, has this other ‘unraveling’ prediction happened?

Spirit is now shifting its attention back to this coming Assassination in Europe.

Predictions 1-6-18  “Trump unravels in front of the camera.. unhinged..  yelling.. his words shocking.”

Predictions 11-6-18  I had a visual that the Congress would turn blue.  Spirit said in a previous post that the senate race would ‘split down the middle’ The key is 44.  Then it shifted to show 2 in blue.

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  1. Brandon Parnell Avatar

    The reason he lashed out was because a liberal media reporter from cnn kept asking him questions!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They were both rude

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also he went off on at least 3 different reporters, the one that caught me was implying the African American was asking a racist question.

      1. Brandon Parnell Avatar

        What about the prediction of the northwest shooting, there was a shooting in california that killed 13 last night at a club

  2. Raymond Avatar

    I think the 44 might be a reference to Obama. He was on the campaign trail during the election and he might be more vocal since he has been out of office for 2 years, had a chance to relax and the Democrats have retaken the House.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting thought

  3. Nope Avatar

    Assassination Already happened, yesterday a group of people were arrested in France for plotting to kill the French president

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link to that

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  4. Cody Avatar

    Since Midterms are over, Session is now gone and so it looks like Mueller is going to start making his moves pretty quickly — which would coincide with the Nov and Dec prediction bombshells.

    Also, CNN’s Jim Acosta — reporter talking to Trump — could be the reporter from the prediction who is killed.

    1. Cody Avatar


  5. Kelsi Avatar

    I was thinking perhaps the 50/50 is the Congress. House is blue and Senate is red.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That did cross my mind, maybe I am thinking to literal

      1. tracypaints44 Avatar

        Kyrsten Sinema has been called as winner in Arizona! Still too close to call in Florida with Nelson’s race (as well as Gillum, who rescinded his concession) and Abrams still hasn’t conceded

  6. Ann Avatar

    The Senate was holding at 44 for Dems for a while, which made me think of the 44 from this prediction.

  7. Sam Avatar

    44 dems and 2 independents that vote blue

  8. Nickole Frank Avatar

    Crazy thought but did prediction 44 in the old predictions ever come true? If not do you think it could be connected in anyway?

  9. star48 Avatar
  10. star48 Avatar

    2018 United States election results. (SEE…44)
    LiveUpdated at 2:24 PM PST

    1 of 2
    Party Seats

    Republican Party

    Democratic Party

    Other parties

  11. swampy11 Avatar

    One of the counties in New Mexico are going through absentee ballots and provisional ballots because the race in the 2nd Congressional District was very close. It looks like it’s been very close in many places in the US. Run-offs are in place in many areas.

  12. Logan Avatar

    “Congress split down the middle” “The Key is 44”
    I saw this last night…
    Nancy Pelosi will NOT be nominated to Speaker of the House, Barack Obama will be (the 44th President)…which will GREATLY shift the balance of party in the Senate to ’50/50’…

    1. cat Avatar

      Hello Logan!
      I am reading your post – and you made a very interesting observation-
      Quick question:
      How do you see the senate shifting to a 50/50 balance?
      what is your thinking on that?
      what do you see greatly shifting the senate to a 50/50 balance?
      Thank you 🙂

      1. Logan Avatar

        The final vote count (in the Senate) will be 51/49 (51-47 with 2 ‘independents caucusing as democrats’)…
        However, you will hear Nancy spin her ‘100% guarantee’ of being the next ‘Speaker of the House’, only to see Barack Obama offered the position by the Democrats and House majority.
        Once he accepts it (and he will, as I have ‘seen’), his ‘power’ to influence will draw out the ‘hidden RINOs’ in the Senate to vote with him, as before. So what Nancy is too polarizing to accomplish, Obama will easily manipulate.
        In the end, he will ‘shift the balance of power’ to 50/50 in the Senate, divide the nation, and carry the House to extreme Democrat numbers not seen before…as again, more ‘moderate’ voting will mean that Democrat bills that are passed through the House will go to the Senate…and the ‘down-voting’ that Trump expects will not occur, but will be carried by both House and Senate…a task that Obama can accomplish, but Pelosi cannot.
        OBAMA is the key to the ’50/50 vision’…and NO ONE ELSE can accomplish it…plus, I’ve seen it in a vision…HUGE block letters ‘BARRACK!’…on the night of the election summary…
        If this occurs, it is a BAD sign…for all…and not for the reasons you may think. It is the first step towards a horrible global war (but I won’t digress into why…).

      2. Raymond Avatar

        Logan……..Obama will not be Speaker of the House. He is not a Congressman and he is not qualified to become one, because he is a resident of D.C and they don’t have elected Representatives to Congress.

      3. Logan Avatar

        Raymond mentioned that ‘Obama can’t be Speaker of the House’ since he’s not a Congressman…but this is not a requirement for Speaker of the House…the MAJORITY can nominate Oprah WInfrey, if they desire to…the position is NOT LOCKED to an elected representative…but by overwhelming quorum vote by the House…
        You need to look up the requirements for ‘nomination to Speaker of the House’.

    2. tracypaints44 Avatar

      you can’t say that Obama becoming speaker would lead to war and leave it at that. I can’t see any way that would happen.

  13. twiceblessed9 Avatar

    Shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, CA. It was college night. Country western dancing. Still an active shooter situation..

    1. Trina Avatar

      Twice Blessed-
      He killed himself.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Police now think the shooter is an ex-marine with possible mental issues.

      There was an event with music and dancing at the bar; maybe it fits with Eric’s earlier prediction about a concert shooting?

  14. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::had a visual of a young man crossing through multiple areas of a University shooting at a multitude of people.

    11-3-18 thread…

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Omg, I am just heart broken and according to the prediction more are coming.

  15. Trinaer Avatar


    They saw there are survivors from The Las Vegas concert,were at this bar.

  16. tempestmm326 Avatar

    Maybe the reference to a general walking out the door is not a
    general leaving or getting
    fired. maybe it is general
    kelly walking out of trumps office
    to fire jeff sessions.
    re 2.. there are recounts in 2 states
    of republican wind…Arizona and Fllorida . maybe tecounts will turn
    those 2 reds around to blue wins?

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