Personal Readings

All the information needed for  Personal Readings

I will continue to do personal readings until Bea’s surgery date. We expect that in a few weeks from now and will know the dates soon.

Unfortunately because of the surgery we have put email readings on hold, if you have an email reading already, no worries I will continue to gather your information.

Thanks again for all the well wishes and those of you who have donated to my mom’s plight.

Truth finally coming, a conversation over heaven! October 28th

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  1. vickyray1314 Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    I want to book a personal reading again. I hope all the best for Bea. When do you have time for a call? How about Friday late afternoon?


    Victoria Zhi


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes that works. Can you please switch over to email, at, please send me all the information, and times that work, and the payment. Talk to you soon.. please do not put any personal information here.

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