Hurricane Michael Rescue

This prediction continues to unfold. The family part of the prediction has unfolded and it’s good news against all this tragedy. Please pray and help out all of those affected by Hurricane Michael 

“Will pass” did not happen. They survived! 

Posted August 26th 2018:  Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming

The first one strikes Florida: Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming “The family.. 9.. handful will pass.. the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!
In the visual the hurricane was really huge. They implied October, but I need to verify
The Florida Hurricane flooding happens in the path in between

Prediction: The Florida Hurricane“A massive hurricane will consume Florida in the worst way.. everyone.. everyone in the southern and mid section needs to leave.. LEAVE! There is no part that is safe.”
“Tide.. Tide.. even the inlands will suffer.”
“10    513”
Spirit what does 10 mean? I asked
“October.. in 20 minutes (days).. in less than 1 hour (month).” — Spirit Responded
20 minutes would imply a timeframe between the 10th-12th of October.:

The facts on 10-12:   “Helicopter crew rescues 9 from bathroom in Florida.

The U.S. Coast Guard in Mobile, Alabama, said its crews have rescued 27 people, mostly from damaged homes. Petty Officer Third Class Ronald Hodges told The Associated Press that a Jayhawk rescue helicopter crew pulled nine people from a bathroom of their Panama City home after their roof collapsed Wednesday afternoon.

Crews were out early Thursday searching for more victims. Hodges said the number of rescues remains fluid and there were no reports of deaths so far from the Coast Guard’s missions.” Quoted by

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Michael Rescue

  1. EXCELLENT NEWS ! Thank God they were all saved!
    you are Right On with your predictions Eric and Spirit and
    Your Timing with Spirit is Bullseye Accurate!!
    So Happy they all survived and God Bless all those rescuing- First Responders-
    US Coast Guard-All Rescue crews- God Bless them ALL!!
    Thank you God , Spirit and Thank you Eric for everything you do and continue to do
    each and every day! 🙂

  2. So grateful to God for answering our prayers! I’m so glad to hear that the family of nine were saved!

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