Prediction: Italy Earthquake

“Earthquake.. Italy.. very soon..destructive..severe.. 19..20”

Spirit wrote 3 then 0. Are they saying the 30th or 3rd?

We debated the size, in one message it was 6.9 magnitude, and another message wrote 7.9. I am unclear on what 19 and 20 mean, it seemed like they were questioning which 19 or 20? This prediction reminds me of another message involving the word Pompei-O, if they are linked they might be referring to a Naples or Salerno area of Italy. Spirit later showed a visual of the Sun rising. Morning? Or another reference to it being very soon.

Another message given: “Kavanaugh caught in a lie”

19 thoughts on “Prediction: Italy Earthquake

  1. Eric could this old prediction with the Roman numeral 5 (V), and a town being engulfed in black smoke, be about the volcanic eruption and Pompei? While researching on Wikipedia it states, the root of the word Pompeii would appear to be the Oscan word meaning number five. Also the old prediction was dated 5-24-15, and said in five months. That would make it in October (sometime though not in in the year 2015.)

  2. The Kavanaugh situation may take the nation on a roller coaster ride until it is all over.

    The irony of this situation is that the whole thing would have probably gone smoothly if they had nominated a woman who wasn’t too controversial. The articles I read seem to suggest that they considered some women as possiblities but in the end Trump wanted Kavanaugh for his own reasons.
    It seems like these political games can always backfire and I’m sure some would say that all of our politics lately seem like games played for cruel reasons instead of for the best outcome for the whole nation…for “We the People”. No more checks and balances?? Who cares says the party in power–until they are the minority and then they realize how important those checks and balances are for the whole nation, so that we can have some trust in our government.

  3. Pompei-o could also be about Pompeii maybe. I heard that Mount Vesuvius may erupt again. It is the same volcano that destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD. I heard that an earthquake may set off the volcano, which can then set off earthquakes (like the west coast big one) and volcanos on other sides of the world. A possibility.

  4. Wow…I almost believed in Kavanaugh’s lies from watching his 45 minutes talk yesterday. He is a real good actor. It’s sad that even he could fool me and millions of views of his lies.

  5. FBI will inquire about Kavanaugh’s drinking with his former Yale classmates, who are ready to directly contradict him, which would open him up to perjuring himself to the Senate (and therefore a disqualifier separate and apart from the Ford allegation).

  6. When my dad was young there was a large earthquake
    in italy in 1920
    on sept 7..(9/7)
    maybe this is some kind of a
    marker for magnitude or location?

  7. Eric,

    Did you say a shooting would happen where people are gathering for an event?
    Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting.Survivors and families of the victims have flown out for the anniversary and will be gathering near the venue where it happened.

  8. Very worried about Kavanaugh’s votes today unless big thing happen prevented from confirmation. It’s sad and sickening to my stomach. Should start over with different candidate.

  9. Eric I know Spirit said, ”Kavanaugh caught in a lie”,but as far as I can tell that’s already happened numerous times, with blatant lies. Does Spirit see any other consequences coming in the near future besides his being rewarded and confirmed as SCOTUS?

      1. Eric I was thinking the same thing! 😃 And I always try to remember what you’ve told me during readings…it’s not on our time…it’s on Spirits time.
        I know there is a reason for everything that happens, even if it’s hard for us to understand at the time, but I will continue to have faith that the truth will be revealed in the end. Thanks Eric❤️

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