Notes on 5-24-15


I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

We need to refocus our attention on this prediction. A meteor will strike a town, but where? I am assuming 2 represents two different meteors will strike different locations.

I had a visual of a train coming down the tracks, next to it was another set of tracks.

Spirit implied another train tragedy in the near future. I assume that its direction towards me reflects a very ‘near’ timeframe.


I had a visual of a building or skyscraper, there was a large storm approaching behind the building. “A terror attack at the new tower, but it will fail.”– Spirits Voice

“A massive flood consumes Louisiana, hurricane weather, so much water and damage, New Orleans will be hit hard.”

“In June a massive flood will consume the entire area, only the roof tops spared.”

It is unclear if the two flooding events are related or separate events.

Theodore will become a 21st century Robin hood.

With the LA earthquake not happening we plan to regroup when it comes to predicting time. I will take a step back from predicting exact timeframes till we can sort out the mistakes.

92 thoughts on “Notes on 5-24-15”

  1. Eric, I think there was a posting regarding Warsaw? About an meteor ?
    Is that related to this knowledge?

      1. Jules104, the timing of 5 months is on target —Oct.. — the 2 could be 2 major predictions to unfold
        The piece from space could be the 2 nd.. Just a thought

        1. Star48, they actually did have a meteorite fall in Ontario last year, 26 March 2014, and as far as I can tell that is the Warsaw Caves area. See link.

          It was before the prediction in October though, so I wouldn’t think that was it but a little coincidental. Is it saying there will be a second? Or , because they show Eric the town with black smoke /destruction…then say “2”…maybe it gets hit by two pieces? And are the roman numerals just a representation of time, like what you would see on a clock? Or represent a place? Perhaps Spirits can get a location so we can warn people. Also,I am wondering if you have seen all of the hullabuloo on the internet lately of people stating there will be an asteroid that hits the Earth on September 28, 2015 I think it is?? I don’t want to add links but if you google asteroid hit 2015 you will see what I mean. Some say its found in the bible codes etc. I was looking up something the other night and started seeing all these conspiracies of an asteroid hit for 2015. Really I was like oh my another conspiracy theory. But then I thought it was a little odd that Eric put up the prediction for a meteor hit in 5 months. Just wondered what your thoughts were on it all.

  2. I might be responsible for the stuff from space. Want the gates of Jerusalem to open. So I had a thought by force. Bring peace to middle east since everyone knows when the gate opens guess you know who is here. A spirit told me know more war so I hope things will rap up by november. Everyone is a divine aspect of god.

    1. Anthony, I just wondering why you feel responsible for stuff from space and opened the gate in Jerusalem by thought by force? How you do that?


  3. Also know about new Orleans area. Will do my best to change direction of storm. No hurricanes last two years. Divert it to drought stricken areas. I think the west coast needs the rain. Let’s ask for a hurricane there. Or create situation were small amounts over long period of time replenish drought conditions.

    1. this planet is a beautiful planet, it knows exactly where it needs the storms to remove negativity and help raise the vibration of this planet, sorry but nothing you think you can do will change that.

    2. Anthony, I wonder if you redirect by reduce the earthquakes in Calif as Eric’s predicted around May 20th? I wonder how can you redirect the weather such as hurricane, earthquake, flooding, etc by “force” thought? I’m just curious as how you use the power by force of thought.


  4. i wouldn’t worry too much about a meteor hitting a town, this planet is rather well protected by our friends

      1. Yemen and uss Theodore for oil?

        Robin Hood steals from the rich to give to the poor..??

        Could this connect the 21st century Robin Hood to Theodore?

  5. Eric have the Spirits mentioned anything more on the massive Hurricane that was expected for Florida in the past? Maybe June is for the area of Florida, but my guess is that its related to the Louisiana prediction here. Those poor people, I wish the US would invest in some flood gates like the Dutch have. The great news is that the terror attack will be foiled! What a blessing that is. Thank You Eric and Spirits

  6. Eric if I remember correctly wasn’t Japan’s nuclear plant mentioned by Spirit? I just saw an article that mentions a leak at the plant.

  7. Eric, I had a dream on 5/23 about an asteroid hitting somewhere on the East Coast or close to it. I was given a timeframe of 2-6 weeks in my dream. I’m just starting to really focus on the information I am given and I have started writing everything down. Given the similarities I wanted to share with you.

    1. Hi Camber, the similarities are pretty interesting. Could this have to do with the Prediction on 12-22-14? “Under the sea…New Jersey…Palm Beach…where the Palms are…the ocean will come and consume the coast…not just New Jersey but the whole east coast will be effected” I would think that would have to do with a pretty big earthquake (if it effects the whole east coast) because it says “under the sea” though. Just a thought.

      1. Hi Jules, I haven’t read that prediction…. I’ll take a look. Honestly, I didn’t see any sort of town (I wish I was as talented as Eric). I just knew it had to do with the East Coast in 2-6 weeks. Maybe I misinterpreted the numbers since Eric was told 5 months. I also had a really strong dream a few months back that the East Coast would be covered in dark, almost purple clouds. I don’t know if it ties in or not but obviously that has not happened.

  8. I know u mentioned about a tornado and this just came across my Facebook page abc news
    Tornado Kills 10 in Mexican Border City of Ciudad Acuna

  9. Prayers and light to the people of Oklahoma and Texas …my thoughts are with you all …..I may not be posting much at present but my love and light is…. always present…blessing to all of you ..Eric much love to spirit and you and yours….

    1. Thanks Rhona, it’s just a temporary flooding. It won’t be long. I grew up Okla and live in Texas. I don’t think it will last forever. Unfortunately lot of mosquitoes and huge coach roaches. yikes. Thanks for your sincere prayers.

    1. Rhona, I just now saw the pictures from Houston, San Marco, Austin, and others were effected by heavy flooding. It IS really BAD!! I didn’t realized how bad it was till I saw those pictures. I live in Dallas and just last Sunday, me and my family saw the Trinity River that was flooded almost up to the bridge. First time we see the trees under the water. But other cities that were affected by it are in the worst position. So terrible and pray they will be found. I hope it’s not the students in Austin. I think it’s 14,000 students but not sure the exact estimate numbers that live in university campus. its really bad. Thanks for all your prayers. We needed it. oh my…

  10. Eric, I do remember you mentioned of massive flooding but did the Spirits say anything that might happen in US? I remember it was mentioned in Australia. US has historic flooding along central TX and Oklahoma. It’s unusal to have this much of pouring from the buckets of rain. Is Calif getting any rain? It should be move over there.

  11. Eric, regarding” Theodore” meaning.
    See.Theodore is a masculine given name. It comes from the Greek name Θεόδωρος (Theodōros) meaning “God’s gift” (from the Greek words Θεός, (theos) “God” and δώρον (dōron) “gift”).[1] The name was popular among early Christians and was borne by several saints.

    1. Interesting. The implication they gave was that it would be a hacker or someone on a computer, but I did not know if they were just referring to my need to post the prediction, because I had my doubts putting something so odd out there.

    1. Jules104, do not like that info in article “, El Niño will have the opposite effect for the Pacific region. Both the waters around Hawaii and those in the northeast Pacific could see a 50 percent increase in activity from average years”. Uh oh…

      1. I saw that also Star48 and thought the same thing. Oh no! I was thinking about the hurricane forcast from Eric and Spirit for the Louisianna New Orleans area though. And…I hope not for the previous prediction on Florida Hurricane with massive flooding. I know it’s hard to get an exact timing on events so I have that in the back of my mind still since it hasn’t happened yet. I know Spirits have said this will be a bad year for flooding/water related issues and so far they have been correct, unfortunately. I sure wish California could get some of this rain atleast. Still praying that they have no major earth movement anytime soon. Thanks for always keeping us all updated with everything going on Star48. Blessings

  12. wanted t remind everyone, that prayers sent from a caring heart, REALLY does change events, even, if is a small change, thanks, to everyone, for sharing and teaching, the most important event, is not how accuriate, predictions are, but, people, coming together, caring, and using their thoughts and energies, for good………..big thank you to jules104. and star48, and as always to eric, for making all this possible!

  13. Eric, we have the historic flooding in Texas and Oklahoma. Just about every major cities in Texas are flooded. People live in Dallas most of their lives have never seen anything like this before. My prayers are with those who died in Texas’ great flooding and Oklahoma too. Hope 13 missing will be found.

    “In June a massive flood will consume entire area, only the roofs top spared.” Where will that be? The reason I asked that I just heard the scientists predicted Texas will be under water in mid June. I think it could be a hoax but I’d like to hear from Eric what the Spirits say.

    I’m terrible sorry for New Orleans will have to endure another flooding. They had enough with water damaged.

  14. A meteor hit Puerto Rico on Sunday, near the USA east coast. I was trying to get the link for you, but all the ones with relevant information are in spanish. An explosion was heard at about 11:15 pm Sunday May 31, 2015 about Northwestern Puerto Rico proved to be a meteor that entered on the area, he reported the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC). More details soon … in

  15. Could the train track tragedy have anything to do with the roller coaster accident happening at Alton towers in the uk? A carriage was sent round and didn’t come back before they let the second carriage go onto the tracks it ended up crashing into the first carriage at full speed.16 people injured 4 of those seriously. Just with spirit saying it would happen soon this happened a week or more ago. Or are most predictions for U.S unless specified? X

    1. Hi sam, its possible, i will ask spirit. Even though I live in the US, the spirits insist on covering world events, if anything they are pushing away from the happenings of the US and trying to expand.

  16. Eric, almost one year.
    .meteor over UK. Thursday..17th, March, 2016..

    “Footage from the UK Meteor Observatory Network shows a bright meteor streaking across the night’s sky in Hampshire and Wiltshire in the early hours of Thursday morning. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail. Sightings have been reported in locations including London and Stafford and on the east coast of the country”


  17. Eric, SWC, meteor shower..affected by Jupiter…
    Analysis by Russian astronomer Mikhail Maslov and Finnish astronomer Esko Lyytinencometary suggests a portion of the material tailing the comet Swift-Tuttle was recently shifted toward Earth by Jupiter’s gravitational field.

    Researchers predict the phenomenon will cause an uptick in meteor activity overnight on Thursday evening and Friday morning. The surge in activity is expected in addition to the Perseids climax on Friday night and Saturday morning.

    Meteor showers don’t actually rain,

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