Typhoon Trami

Predictions 9-12-18

Taiwan hit hard with so much damage. I had a visual of massive rain clouds racing toward Taiwan. 

That sounds like an extension of where Typhoon Mangkhut strikes the hardest, however it could be a separate event. 

10 thoughts on “Typhoon Trami

  1. The Rob Rosentein story seems like the prediction about the president being behind it and that it doesn’t have the intended effect with the media like they had liked. The news is reporting that the WH was likely behind this NYT story about Rosenstein in order to take attention away from the Kavinaugh allegations. Trump’s also is going to meet with Rosentein this Thursday, the same day of the Dr. Ford hearing in Congress.

    The prediction about their lawyers vigorously fighting back after a third women comes forward also seems like it might have to do with these Kavinaugh allegations because a third women has come forward after having to wait for her security clearances to expire, likely meaning that she was a gov’t worker who worked around him during the Bush administration since he was a part of it.

  2. Out of subject question….. are banks resetting soon. Navy federal and netspend were declining Transactions but they took the funds out of the account after they just declined it. It’s a nation wide issue. They won’t say what caused it and I have to wait up to 10 days for a refund that wasn’t my fault. Sorry for the rant… but was wondering about the banks and a reset, thanks!

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