Tanzania Ferry Disaster

This prediction has happened. So tragic. Please pray for all those affected. This horrible event unfolded in Africa. However I could see the connection to  UK – AU symbol with “Lake Victoria”

Predictions 4-6-17

“The ocean will bring insecurity, sorrow and threats.”

I had a visual of a ship or boat that capsized, hundreds had died. It was a horrible site.

Afterwards they showed the UK symbol. Perhaps the capsized event takes place around Australia or the UK.

Another prediction that resonates is 

World Predictions of 2018

4 thoughts on “Tanzania Ferry Disaster

  1. Eric, not sure if this is one of your predictions:
    “Unknown gunmen opened fire during a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, claiming an asyet unknown number of lives and at least a score wounded.

    Authorities said the attack on Saturday targeted a stand where officials were gathered to watch the annual event, marking the start of the country’s 1980-88 war with Iraq.”


    1. Two groups claimed responsibility–ISIS, and an Iranian separatist group, though who knows which of them is telling the truth.

      It’s awful that there are people out there evil enough to open fire on unsuspecting soldiers and civilians at a parade. Children were among the killed and wounded, too.

  2. What happened in Tanzania was terrible, especially since the boat was way over capacity, and this could have been avoided.

    The Titanic disaster spurred people to adopt safety measures about ice-bergs and lifeboats. I just hope this accident in Tanzania will spur change too, and be the last one to happen.

  3. Wonder if the attack was from a MeK member? For example, beloved by Trump allies, cult-like MeK was listed as terrorist group in US until 2012 – but its opposition to Tehran has attracted backing of former Bush war hawk John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and others bent on regime change in Iran. Saudi Arabia has also been covertly funding this group for years, no surprise there since Saudi Arabia and Israel would like this gov’t overthrown and have a puppet regime in place — and America is now doing the Saudi/Israeli’s bidding like they did in Iraq and now Syria and Yemen.

    “Who are the MEK? How One Iranian Group Lobbied Itself From Terrorist to Freedom Fighter”

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