China Pledges 60 Billion to Africa

This prediction is starting. Opportunity for Africa is growing.

Predictions 6-21-18  I had a visual of the world, then a sweeping light crossed Africa from the north to the south.
“Such a surge of prosperity for so many.. Africa will prosper like it has never before.”

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  1. lossie2020 Avatar

    Amazing news!!

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I’m very happy for Africa. I just hope their natural resources aren’t exploited to much.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Hi Jules. I posted this in Eric’s Obama Blog and I’m too tired to re arrange it. Hope you don’t mind:
      “Americans don’t seem to realise that the Great Recession nearly became the World Depression Mark II.
      Many nations in the world who invested private and Government/public money into the American institutions that went broke are still having difficulty recovering. Greece, Italy, even Australia, lost trillions of dollars.
      And because George W Bush removed America from the International Criminal Courts, those countries had no recourse to recover the moneys they lost.
      Greece is a startling example of that.
      Obama did wonders for the American economy, for little thanks it now seems, but the real tsunami of that George W Bush induced crisis hasn’t fully played out.
      Very few nations, outside the US, trust the US for investment now, and China is showing an extremely enticing alternative. A Google search of the Chinese outreach shows that, if benevolent as Eric’s prediction indicates, they are well on the way to topple the US as world dominant power.
      I am still cautiously optimistic. My wonderful Guides, sadly, are on holidays re that matter *S*

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks for sharing Petemedium. I agree. I remember reading a while ago that China would eventually surpass the US and become the new leader/super power in our global village. It wasn’t hard to see it happening along the way all these years. Maybe it’s not so bad. We have yet to see. I just hope they will be responsible with their power and not so greedy as others have become with the land. Yes cautiously optimistic indeed.😉
        In my opinion the US is in desperate need of good leaders who care and/or remember why they are there. As an American I can only tell you how frustrating and disheartening it is to watch your country dismantled by those with other agendas. But I do feel it’s all about to change and have to believe there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that most of us aren’t even aware of as yet…and I have faith in our systems of government put into place by our forefathers so long ago. Praying that the corruption at the top and all levels will continue to be exposed and that the good people rise up against it.
        Blessings to you Petemedium🌟

  3. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    I have some unsettiling news that hurricane florence could impact my state next week. I live in south carolina

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am planning to ask again for the details in the coming days

      1. Brandon Parnell Avatar
        Brandon Parnell

        Thank you eric, all i can say is god help us

  4. Ann Avatar

    Great news! But of course the US views China’s actions in Africa — and also elsewhere around the world — as matters of a national security threat. The US should just accept the fact that China is taking its place at the top.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Who is leading always changes.

      1. Ann Avatar

        You’re right, Eric. And if only the US military industrial complex – and our leaders who are bought-off by them – could accept that fact, but their egos won’t allow it. We all share the same planet – one world, one people.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      The Capitalist system has the majority of it’s people feeding the greed of a very rich few. Communist Socialism, is nothing more than a dictatorship by another name.
      Under the current Socialist Chinese system run by Xi Jin Ping, the Chinese wealth is going firstly to it’s people and then to the State. With such huge wealth, the State can afford to expand infrastructure to, not only it’s own nation, with the world’s best trains, roads, trains, etc, but it can afford to give billions to poor and low socio-economic nations, such as Africa. That is a bright light that no other system is offering these impoverished nations left with huge holes in the ground after corporate mines ripped them bare, or nations threatened with their government overthrows if they don’t support the Capitalist way.
      Is China to become the new world we’re all dreaming of, or a trick to control? Good question with no obvious answer just now.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Wops. One too many trains. I meant aircraft industry.

  5. Bernie P. Avatar
    Bernie P.

    China’s turn as world empire was predicted in the 70′,s after the demise of America, I remember a book from the library, by social and political scientists saying this would happen. Initially this appears good for Africa, but a what cost? South pacific is also being financially fed by China, to what end? From the predictions in the book, India takes over from where China’s short lived superiority falls.

  6. chime18 Avatar

    Good news that money is being put into Africa, which should help with jobs, production, conditions and living standards for the African people. Unfortunately there will probably be a price to pay. Doubt that this is altruistic from the Chinese. Sadly I suspect that the more money they put in the more control and ownership they will want.

  7. star48 Avatar

    Kenya 🇰🇪
    Chinese bringing racism to Kenya..

  8. Cody Avatar

    “Promising ‘true liberation,’ Pompeo contrasts U.S. role in Africa with China’”

    “The West extracted trillions of dollars of wealth from Africa in the 20th century alone.”

    “As the continent is exploring real alternatives to that exploitation, here comes the US to demand sovereign countries privatize everything and let in American companies like Chevron, Coca-Cola and Citibank to exploit them in the name of capitalism.”

  9. star48 Avatar

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