Four New Truths Coming

I would ask all of you to be open minded as we share four new truths over the next few months; Hell, Heaven, The Ancient Ones, and the New Order. All of them describe death in one way or another, but they do not describe what so many of us were taught in Sunday school. I am in no way trying to change your beliefs or create a religion. I only want to share the Truth that Spirit has shared with me. I would encourage you to continue to believe in what your faith teaches, only consider another possibility to that place we call death.

These messages go to the very heart of our debate when we started these Truths. How much do we share? Is the Truth worth the controversy? Will it take us off course of our goal? Or should it be able to stand on its own? Spirit and I have debated these very questions recently and we have decided to allow it to stand on its own.

28 thoughts on “Four New Truths Coming

  1. Hi Eric, I’m personally looking forward to this. I’m glad you decided to move forward with this although I expect it will rock us a bit. Can’t wait!

  2. Wow…this is so excited! It’s almost like a Christmas present I’m looking forward to open it…can’t wait to hear and read all about it! 😉 ♡♡

    1. Even though I was raised in catholic and I’m the pastor’s wife…I always knew thr things we were taught to accept and believe in, yet there’s more questions than answers. I was never satisfied with no answers. The bible is significant to help with our faiths journal. I am always long for truths. So glad to find you via network since day one. 🙂

  3. Deep down inside, my soul knows the truths, but we are blocked. Excited to hear what we already know, but what are physical self is unaware of.

    1. You should meditate to bring it out. Nothing opens your mind more than meditating with the intent of clearing your mind, getting to that place of nothingness.. little thoughts.. then no thoughts.

      1. I’ve thought about it, trying to meditate and know what’s blocked. But this physical life is so short, really nothing compared to the other side in which is our real home. We probably laugh when we get back and to know what was blocked was something we’ve known forever. I respect what you do, and it takes lots of effort and time from your physical life to channel it in, but is also a huge help to those that think the flesh is forever or are trapped in their own mind. So thank you!

  4. In my opinion: Hell doesn’t exist, is only man judging man, and was created by religions to scare and convince non-believers into joining their religion over the others or else.

    Other reasons why I don’t believe in Hell is because a lot of religious people are not all that religious to begin with and are just casually religious people who only identify with their religion.

    I also don’t believe in Hell because it’s hilarious to think that life all throughout the universe is going to go to Hell only because they have never heard of you, your planet or your religion.

    And what about life that existed before your religion was created — both on and off earth — did they all go to Hell just because they happened to be alive before your religion was ever around?

  5. I’m so excited to receive the truths and that you and spirit have decided that the truths will stand alone.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Eric.

  6. Can’t wait to hear this. I’ve always been a truth seeker. I’m tired of all the lies. Your the one person I trust to tell the truth and I think we deserve to know it. Thank you , I’m very excited !

  7. I’ve always had a very different idea of death, I’ve never feared it. When I was five, I drowned in a lake. I watched from outside my body as it struggled and slowly stopped. I was completely at peace, calm. I remember thinking “Well, this is interesting”. The “spirit” me that was watching was not the child me, it was an older version. I’ve often wondered if that was death, if I was astral traveling, or if the me of the future was watching the past. I really don’t know, but I do know that death experience was peaceful.
    There was an automatic writer (she’s dead now) named Ruth Montgomery. She wrote a book about what happens after death, channeled through a friend of hers who promised he would come to her after he died and tell her about it. It’s a fascinating read, and very similar to this truth. I believe the book is called A World Beyond. The channeled entity Seth also described the afterlife through channel Jane Roberts in a number of her books. Interesting reads.

    1. Wow, what an interesting experience with death, I’m gonna check out that book, how cool to get the point of view from someone who’s already passed.

      1. my favorite Seth book on the subject is The Education of Oversoul 7 (fiction based on Seth’s channels). One of the protagonists describes the death experience and her eventual reincarnation. I found the reincarnation experience interesting because she describes watching the child from outside the body for a while before deciding to incarnate. I remember as a baby that older spirit me watching the baby me play in the yard, crawling around and interacting with my mother. I remember deciding whether to incarnate as that baby (which, of course, I eventually did). Years later I described what I saw to my mother and she was shocked that I had remembered things that she felt I couldn’t possibly as I was much too young. If you get a chance to read it, I think you will enjoy it.

  8. This is my first visit to your website. Thank goodness someone is talking the truth about Heaven and death. Years ago had a NDE and learned a lot. I’ve also had experiences with who i call “The Ancient Ones”. Feels so good to hear it mentioned here. Thank you!

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