Portugal and Spain Wildfires

This prediction has happened. Please pray that any further fires in Spain and Portugal are contained. Is this the first of two major fires?


I had a visual of one massive fire, followed by another massive fire sweeping across the land “Spain.. Spain.. beginning of August.”


25 thoughts on “Portugal and Spain Wildfires

  1. Lossie2020,
    Another problem with the water temps hotter..
    Last seen 88 yrs ago..
    Biological Hazard in Sweden on August 01 2018 03:10 AM (UTC).

    A small and stinging species of jellyfish has been found on Sweden’s West coast, the Swedish Television SVT reported on Tuesday. The species is known as the clinging jellyfish, and it was last seen in Sweden 88 years ago. “It originates from the Pacific Ocean and was last seen in Sweden in 1930. It has also been found in Norway and Denmark, but never before has it managed to breed in Sweden,” marine biologist Bjorn Kallstrom told SVT. The clinging jellyfish occasionally appears also on the American East Coast and usually the coastguards warn about it at the seaside resorts. At the bay close to Gothenburg, where the jellyfish was found, there were a lot of them. Kallstrom says that the species is an invasive species in Sweden and that needs to be kept an eye on. The jellyfish is only approximately 2.5 centimetres in diameter and difficult to detect. Marine biologist Kallstrom guides people to stay clear of it. “I’m not sensitive to common stinging jellyfishes. But this little jellyfish burned me well. It really hurt,” said Kallstrom.

  2. Just heard about a plane crash in Switzerland
    20 people killed to date
    Could this be related to the previous prediction
    About a plane crash

  3. This is not normal fire that does it to thr tree. Take a look. It’s surreal creepy and bizarre. Happened in California. Whatever the reason, something is wrong and why. This is the beast fire not caused by natures. 😱


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