UK Nerve Agent Poisoning

Has this prediction happened? The details of how this happened are unclear, is it another attack by Russia? Please pray for the safety of those in the UK.  It seems like Spirit mixed two different attacks together, one an explosion, the other an attack in the UK with the ‘black dust’ representing the poison.

Prediction: US Attacks in early July  “Attacks!” Spirit responded

There was also mention of the place ‘H’ and then they also mentioned the UK.

I had a visual of black dust, it looked like black pepper. Three piles of them.

We are expecting an attack and or shooting spree 4 days from now, sometime between the 2nd and 5th.  I assumed the message would be about the predicted earthquake but instead the message shifted to attacks.

Predictions 6-18-18  I had a visual of Scotland Yard investigating the poisoning of some victims.

This visual is a reference to the poison attack in the UK by Russian leadership, this example implies they are about to do it again. Not necessarily in the UK

15 thoughts on “UK Nerve Agent Poisoning

  1. Yes Eric, sadly that prediction from the 18th June does look like it refers to this current U.K. poisoning incident. Please pray for the recovery of these 2 people.

  2. This doesn’t look like an attack at all. The couple weren’t targets by any stretch of the imagination, and it looks like they may have picked up a syringe / vial or cig butt or something when they visited the town and accidentally became contaminated. Absolutely horrible, but not a repeat attack. It doesn’t bode well for the future of the town, if people can pick up accidental contamination like that.

  3. Accidental contamination was always a possibility because the vessel carrying the nerve agent was most likely discarded by the poisoners but had never been found. That was why the men in hazmat suits spent so long searching the cordoned off areas that the Skripals had visited.

    Eric, I don’t know if it is possible but would any of your guides be able to tell you what object these two people picked up that was contaminated with the nerve agent?

  4. Eric, SWC,

    400 items ….

    LONDON (Reuters) – British counter-terrorism police said on Saturday they had recovered more than 400 items as part of their investigation into the murder of a woman in southwest England who was poisoned by the Novichok nerve agent.

    2nd excerpt..
    Britain has invited independent technical experts from the international chemical weapons watchdog to travel to the UK early next week to independently confirm the identity of the nerve agent, the British Foreign Office said on Friday.


  5. By using telecoms data Bellingcat identifies the Russian research institutes behind recent novichok attacks. One in St Pete, one in Moscow. Both in touch with GRU military unit 21955, the undercover outfit which poisoned Sergei and Yulia:

    “Major breaking investigation from Bellingcat revealing the source of Russia’s Novichok, it’s researchers connections to the Skripal poisoners & details of Russia’s continued development of nerve agents in gross violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention”

    Fascinating detail on the role played by the head of the St Pete military institute: “The phone records contained metadata showing that Sergey Chepur visited the headquarters of the GRU during what appeared to be preparation meetings on the eve of the 2018 Salisbury operation”

    The Skripal operation appears to have been activated on Dec 30, 2017. Chepur contacted GRU assassin Alexander Mishkin for the first time. Meanwhile in London, just a few days earlier, Boris Johnson was busy partying with Evgeny Lebedev

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