Texas Refinery Fire

This prediction has happened. Please stay safe Texas. (31dl)

Predictions 2-19-18  I had a visual of a gas or oil factory, could also be a chemical factory, then it shifted to show a massive fire.

10 thoughts on “Texas Refinery Fire

  1. Extracts from the latest Ed Tamplin’s Astrology:

    “From 2.30 am, March 30 1949, all communication lines between Syria and the outside world were cut. Government officials were arrested, including the President Quwatli from his hospital bed. At dawn the radio stations were under army control and announcing the new leadership.
    The freshly formed CIA had conducted their first successful overthrow of a democratically elected government. Husni al-Za’im, the Army Chief of Staff became the new President of Syria, sworn in on April 11 that year.”
    “So the coup was arranged with an exceedingly ambitious and compliant Army Chief. The pipeline went ahead and diplomatic relations with Israel were established.”
    “Iran was slightly different. Prime Minister Mossaddegh had the audacity to nationalise the Iranian oilfields. Soon the same guy who had touched the Liberty Bell and was courted by Truman, was ousted by Eisenhower.”


    1. I saw that, too. 9 dead, 16 wounded.They caught the driver. We don’t know his name, motive, or if he was mentally ill yet. But it sounds like older predictions Eric made about a car ramming.

    1. Not sure what you mean by right people? I will say 4 years ago I had a following of about 500 people, I remember being so excited at the time, now we have millions that read these predictions, several thousand daily. So it has a fairly large audience and in small ways we have changed some of the predictions. Something we don’t share enough of for obvious reasons.

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