Prayers for Pastor Scott

We are asking for Prayers for Pastor Scott Dornbush. Scott has been a Pastor for 30 years, and unfortunately has had three heart attacks and is now in a coma. My hope is that we can unite under one cause to bring prayers and love to this man and provide the healing that is needed for him and his family.

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  1. I am asking and praying on behalf of Pastor Scott Dornburg, who is in a coma for Archangel Raphael & God to heal all of the injuries of the heart causing Pastor Scott to be in a coma and let him return back to his normal life. Thank you!

  2. So sorry to hear about this Eric. Absolutely! 🙏🏻❤️🌟 I will be keeping him and his family in my prayers. And sending love, light and healing energy their way. Praying for all of them. 🙏🏻 Praying for major healing to take place within and for the Angels and Spirits to surround him and hold him during this time. ❤️

  3. Omgosh. ..this makes me cry! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. ♡ It means the world to me. He is a great pastor and friend of many lives he touched. And a wonderful family he has are very sad and heartbreaking during these difficult time.

    Many, many heartfelt thanks for your prayers!

  4. Update : just received sad news. The family decided to move him to the hospice. His brain is damaged. They feel it’s the best place for him. Thank you so much for your input to praying. We all are in shocked, heartbroken and grieving. Praying he will go home peacefully with Jesus Christ. (Choking up in tears.) ♡♡♡

  5. Eric
    Prayers love and light to Pastor Scott .
    also to his family in loving support ..
    restored health and life force to be strong …

      1. Thank you, Eric for posting it. Scott will be smiling at you when he go to heaven. ♡

  6. I’m still praying for a hopeful miracle to have a new brain recovery for Scott while he is in hospice. Praying for a miracle like he never had brain damaged. ♡

    1. Believing in the power of prayers that we lift up Scott to restore completely healed on his brain while he is in hospice. It will make a great miracle and precious gift from heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have great faith that he will be restored completely. Please don’t surrender, Scott. Keep believing that God can and will healed you completely and give you a second chance to live life fully. I know in my heart that Jesus never fail and answered prayers. Please holy Spirit, I’m crying out wirh all my heart and spirit that he will have another chance to live and continue to preach the gospel. Let him be the example as what God can do. Anything is possible through Christ. Please please hear my prayers! Have mercy on Scott and healed him completely. Oh Heavenly Father, I am counting on YOU! Please..I’ve prayed since day one….what have I missed gone wrong… please forgive my sin, his sin and people sins….can’t think of anything that blocked the healings. Can’t think of anything that goes wrong unanswered. Please help me what I have overlooked to remove the block and allow to heal him. The whole world is praying …Scott moved into Houston, then hurricane Harvey hit hisnarea….then how did he get a heart attack out of thr blue wirh no warning….they boys want their daddy back home. Please help me what I’m missing to help remove the block to allow healing take in place. He needs a miracle. His brain is badly damaged. He needs new brain to replaced the damaged cells. Please let him stay home. Is this too much to ask? Let him stay here on earth with new cells in his brain. Please. :'(

      1. Lord, please hear my prayers for Scott’s healing. I’m still hopeful and have great faith that you can and will heal his brain completely. Thank you for healing him completely. His family missed and need him. ♡♡

  7. eric Lossie2020
    been having Pastor Scott in my prayers and hourly thoughts love and light surround him. .
    Much love to his family and too you too
    Lossie. ..prayers for you two .
    Rembering he may be called home to enhance
    Heavens light ..with his sparkle. .

    1. Thank you rhona and Eric, still hopeful for a miracle. He is in a hospice and praying for a miracle. Will keep you update. ♡

    1. Sadly, Pastor Scott passed away peacefully last night at 10:43pm. He is showering every prayer with his valentine’s love from heaven. Thanks so much for your love and prayers.

      Have a Blessed Valentine’s Day. ♡

      1. So sorry to hear lossie2020. Praying for his family, friends and loved ones. May he shower us all with his love from the heavens above. 🙏🏻❤️🌟

      2. So sorry for the loss. It sounds like he made a very impressive mark in this world. Heaven will be all the richer! Prayers of comfort and blessings for you folks!

      3. Thank you Eric and dear ones for your heartfelt prayers. My heart is at peace as I cant explain it. Very strange and amazed what the Holy Spirit can do to comfort those who are in grief and lift up the spirits in peace. Again, thanks so much for your unconditionally love. You all are like a second family to me.

  8. lossie 2020
    dearest Lossie so sorry to hear about Pastor Scott .
    prayers of love and support for his beloved family .
    so true how the holy spirit can uplift in times of great sadness ..
    a bright light shines on you all from pastor Scott …

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