Trump Ignores Russian Sanctions

This prediction has happened. The prediction was made around the same time the Russian Sanctions Bill was about to be signed. The bill was signed, I assumed that meant our prediction was wrong, however we have now learned that Trump plans to ignore enforcing the sanctions against Russia. Which makes the prediction more symbolic than literal. This post gave several Trump predictions lumped together, the bill is just one of those messages. I have highlighted that section of the post.

Predictions 6-17-17  Bob at threat of being fired.. your fired. – Robert Mueller perhaps, can Trump fire him really? I can’t think of another Bob.  In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts.  I am not going to sign that! I had a visual of someone blowing a kiss at a Matryoshka doll. Meanwhile another world leader insulted by the US leader similar to that of the UK.

Predictions 3-20-17 “Russian sanctions will begin to be lifted.”

8 thoughts on “Trump Ignores Russian Sanctions

  1. The bipartisan sanctions bill was supposed to ensure that even if Trump didn’t want to impose sanctions he would have to. He only signed the bill after he was told that there was enough votes to override him. Now it looks like the White House is trying rationalize not carrying out sanctions by saying that just the threat of sanctions is already causing Russia to lose billions in defense industry sales. The Republican congress is not likely to enforce the law. This gives the Democrats a chance to point out had bad this looks, yet again.
    According to the source below, “A ‘name-and-shame’ list of Russian oligarchs who made their money corruptly from their ties with Vladimir Putin was compiled by the US government agencies but then cancelled last week by a senior administration official, according to a Russia expert who was consulted on the list.” So someone close to Trump decided to throw out the carefully made list by experts and instead copied a list from Forbes magazine of wealthy Russians and decided to use that larger more general list instead…“It is a serious attempt by someone high up in government to make the US government and Congress look ridiculous,” said Anders Åslund, a Swedish economist, Russia expert and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. So why would they do that? Maybe to reassure Putin? Just a guess on my part…

    1. The ‘name and shame’ list of Russian oligarchs who made their money corruptly from the ties with Putin that was cancelled last week by a senior administration official was probably done so because some on that list could have ties to Trump, his family, and members of his transition team.

      1. For example, ‘In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings.’

  2. The white race needs to learn,good thoughts,good deeds and good words and good actions. How this president can’t simply transform blows my mind. He belongs in grade 1. Stop the twitter and childish acts. If you don’t have something good to say don’t say anything at all. If he wants to unite everyone start with a thought. Love thy neighboor as yourself is a good one.

    1. It’s funny as I watch law and order about white christian supremacy. White christian wanting to take america back. Love your father with all your heart and all your soul and love trhy neighboor as yourself. One of these days this message will reflect the christian mindset.

    2. With all due respect, the white race is just as learned in good deeds and good words as any other race. Trump does not represent whites as a whole. Most are good people and should not be confused with people like the KKK.

      I get that you’re frustrated with Trump–so am I. But to say whites are lacking in goodness because of him is misinformed…..that would be like saying blacks lacked goodness because of the genocide in Rwanda, or saying Arabs lack goodness because of jihadists.

      In each case, whites, blacks, and Arabs as a whole should not be judged as lacking in goodness because of violent groups within. Most people are good, but the crazies get so much more attention. Please don’t forget, it’s easy to mistake the more vocal extremists for what ordinary people think.

  3. Someone mentioned that Russian mob money is the one who lent money to trump for his buildings. Maybe that’s the tie with russia.

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