Oil Tanker Collides off China Coast

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those affected and the recovery effort that follows.

World Predictions of 2018 I had a visual I was jumping in the ocean from high up. Within the depths of the ocean was so many bodies, so much death. Then the visual shifted to show a Tsunami (we have predictions about that) then massive storms, then battleships. “So much death will have ties to the ocean”

I had a visual of a ship in the ocean and then one massive explosion.

Predictions 12-13-17  The oil tanker will dump massive amounts of oil.

The countdown they showed on 1/6, however it would happen on 1/7: Spirit is counting down with the words “42 seconds”. Minutes represent days so I have to assume they are implying a mid to evening prediction will unfold today as the countdown completes itself.




17 thoughts on “Oil Tanker Collides off China Coast

  1. Greetings Eric, The tragic oil tanker collision and deadly explosion is exactly what you just predicted and posted on Dec. 13, 2017. The effort has been going on to clean up the tons and tons of oil from the ocean. They really have their work cut out for them with that one, God help them. Also, there is at least one volcanic eruption that I’m aware of which has has occurred. Perhaps you heard about it, too. You can see the little video of it and the article on a site called,”The Watchers” at watchers.com. the video there shows the volcano erupting on Friday, January 5, 2018. It’s the first known eruption of it in history, it states there! It’s a small island called Kadovar Island, a provence of Papua, New Guinea. At least 500 people were evacuated just in time, but they are asking for prayers for the relocation of all those people. Much of the island was quickly covered in lava at that point of the reporting. Trust that all is well for you.

  2. Eric,

    An officer in my hometown Frederickson,WA was killed 5 minutes from my house last night.

    Suspect is still on the run..I hope he is found.

  3. Looks like there is a violent repression of the protests in Iran…I seem to remember you talked about this?

      1. The most previous post is 9-10-17. The large landslide or mudslide engulf in Mexico town.

        The mudslide occurred southern California but not sure if this matches this post prediction.

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