Artic Cold Front

This cold front is starting.

The Spirits are back, we have been discussing plans, for instance they have dire concerns over natural disasters, storms will be devastating, floods run rampant. So in many ways I am expecting them to shift towards Mother Nature. They are already setting up an earthquake and massive storm, both damaging, and both coming very soon.

So many places below zero, in one swipe, at one time the winter will consume so much of the world with freezing temperatures. The first time the human race can no longer deny the problem in front of them.

The facts reported by ABC: The first flakes of the season in parts of the Northeast Tuesday, including Pennsylvania and Hudson Valley. Now a second cold front slipping down from Canada will bring an arctic blast and a quick shot of snow from the Midwest to the Northeast over the next few days.




29 thoughts on “Artic Cold Front

  1. It was -9.95 celcius in Ottawa (Canada) on Friday, close to -20C at times with the windchill… coldest nov 10th ever. It’s warmed up since. We’ve also had the wettest year on record. The pace of the how much more extreme the weather is getting has noticeably quickened.

  2. Eric, our weather forecasters are predicting that the uk will be colder than Russia over the next few days, we just need to see if it materialises.

  3. Magnitude Mw 7.6
    Date time 2017-11-12 18:18:13.7 UTC
    Location 34.64 N ; 45.96 E
    Depth 10 km
    Distances 204 km NE of Baghdad, Iraq / pop: 5,673,000 / local time: 21:18:13.7 2017-11-12
    108 km W of Kermānshāh, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 622,000 / local time: 21:48:13.7 2017-11-12
    22 km NE of Sarpol-e Z̄ahāb, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 51,700 / local time: 21:48:13.7 2017-11-12
    This may fit your earthquake prediction in the desert, glad your feeling better!

  4. We’re so dependent on power grids for survival, a blackout with freezing temperatures would be deadly, most people don’t have an alternative source of heat.

  5. Ads popping up on this site are frustrating because there’s no way to delete the video other than turn the volume down to ignore it.

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  7. SWC,

    A fast moving storm came through Middle Tennessee Saturday evening, leaving damage behind in several areas. The severe weather tore the roof off a home on Gary Road in Joelton. There were also reports of trees down nearby on Union Hill Road. Residents in Cheatham County also felt the impacts of the storm. Officials asked drivers to avoid Highway 12 North and Old Clarksville Pike due to downed trees. In Rutherford County, emergency crews were called to Couchville Pike in the area of Corinth Road due to storm damage. Some buildings were damaged by fallen trees, and utility crews are working to remove debris on the roads. All of the impacted roads should be cleared by midnight, according to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. There have also been reports of damage in the Gladeville area and other parts of southern Wilson County.


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