Manafort Indictment

First it is true I am back in the hospital. My system shut down again. So unfortunately we are on hold again.

I also want to thank all those who helped donate  during my difficult time:

It looks like this prediction has happened.

Mueller makes official charges against a Trump surrogate.

Bombshell.. Egregious.. He is getting charged now (indictment?).. at the end (end of the month?)… he fights back.. his lawyers fight back with fever pitch.. these charges against him.. we are now past just looking into things.



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  1. Eric,

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. I wanted to mention the terror attack in NYC today – reports indicate the injured and the terrorist were taken to “Bellvue” Hospital. I believe a previous prediction mentioned Bellvue….

  2. Eric,
    still praying..🙏🏻 Maybe will step up to a Seraphim …😇🔥
    Please take care of yourself..,⛑
    I am visualizing the total number of people who have donated will increase….😀🎃

  3. very sorry to hear you are back in hospital Eric. Sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery and resolution of all your health problems!

  4. Eric; please rest and take care of yourself! Thank you for the update. Watch some mindless TV; doze off and get better! Many good wishes coming your way. October was horrible, lots of spiders around me; you were right, my world really strange right now. Seems to be in the air, lol, I hope when November dawns tomorrow things will get back to normal for all of us! GET WELL! Prayers

    1. Does anyone else still see spiders around Las Vegas?
      I don’t want to seem stuck on it

      Eric-take your time in recovery …as you know I’m recovering from Open Heart 18 months ago!

  5. Dear Eric, I hope you are feeling better soon! I hope this is just a minor glitch this time! Much love, Susan

  6. Oh my, what bad news. You must be so sick of hospitals by now. I hope and pray you get over this setback quickly.

  7. Eric,
    Try not to worry about posting on here regularly…..heal up, relax, read books, listen to soothing cheerful music, and let yourself gather strength. No one would fault you at all for taking breaks.

    We’re all rooting for you!

  8. Eric
    This too shall pass. Better days are on the way.
    How precious life is .Wishing you a joyous recovery,
    and may your days be filled with sunshine and happy thoughts.

  9. Eric
    walking with you in Spirit ..
    prayers to arc angels and healing to your precious system .
    lots of Love and Light to you and your cells ..
    be safe healthy and speedy recovery .

  10. Get well soon Eric, sorry to hear you had to go back to the hospital. Wishing you(and the world) a peaceful November!!

  11. Hospital again?!?? For real????..oh my goodness. .praying for the power of healing upon Eric. Please let him be completely healed in Jesus name. Amen!

  12. Very sorry to hear you’re back in the hospital. I’ll be praying for you and asking others to do the same. Please make sure not to rush back to predictions and get yourself completely well.

    1. My guess is that the investigation isn’t over, the looking into my be somewhat over, I believe they have found a treasure trove of things, on both parties, and it’s about putting the pieces together to make the cases.

      Eric I am so heartbroken that you are dealing with this health crisis. Maybe it’s your body telling you to stop and take care of yourself. You give and give and give and now it’s time for you to allow yourself to heal and get better. I pray this is the last hospital stay and that you will make a full recovery very soon. Until then just know we have many of your predictions we can go through that haven’t come to pass yet and we will stay vigilant on reading the news and posting when these predictions happen. As well, there are some wonderful people who are updating any earthquakes and earthquake information.
      We can’t alter the predictions if you aren’t healthy enough or still here on earth to give them to us. Your focus MUST be on yourself and taking care of yourself and until then we will continue to sort through past predictions and discuss things that others here, who share the same gift as you, post as well.
      Please take some time off and don’t force yourself to return until you are fully recovered and ready.

      1. Agreed with Karen. Your body and mind needs recovery. Stay away from laptop and computer to allow yourself healing. What did the Spirits say to you? I hope they say they same thing. “Let take a break for now.” I know you wanted to continue but your body needs rest first to get fully recovery. You have alot of people that care deeply for your well being. It’d be devastating if you are gone. We need you get well. Please…

  13. I am impressed. You were able to post something while in the hospital. Keep up the good work. I hope you get well soon.

    1. Yes’s Nathan I agree, iPads are impressive. I am able to post from my bed too.

      Very sorry to hear you’ve been so ill Eric. From now on your energy should be focussed on healing yourself before anything else. It’s good to hear from you but please don’t do too much. Rest, relax, enjoy and eat well. Sending you good wishes, thoughts and prayers. I don’t know how to send healing but I’ve looked it up so I’ll have a try.

  14. Eric so sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. Please take it easy and don’t try to do too much too soon. Sending love and light to surround you and prayers for healing. You are in our thoughts always. 🌟🙏🏻😇

  15. SWC,
    A wire?
    The Russia investigation cannot be dismissed by the White House as “fake news,” Judge Andrew Napolitano explained.

    The Fox News senior judicial analyst emphasized the seriousness of the guilty plea by former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopolous, who he said most likely “wore a wire” to potentially gather incriminating evidence against other Trump campaign officials.

  16. So sad to hear. Lots of prayers to you. Are you going to be ok?

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  17. The day will come soon when they will ask why god did not help.Its not that i have not done my job but people listening to orders other than myself. here is a law which is angelic.jewish. explains everything as everyone prayers to gods angels for help.
    Not to demand from the above any involvement, communal or military( wow wow wow)means prayers wont be answered. What is the first law! thou shall not kill. FROM THE ABOVE.

    1. NB: Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, “repeatedly” shared internal campaign polling data with Russia.

      Americans, including GOP members of Congress, have an obligation to read this:

      “The Cmte’s bipartisan Report found Paul Manafort, while he was Chmn ofthe Trump Campaign, was secretly communicating with a Russian intelligence officer with whom he discussed Campaign strategy..” 1/

      2/ ..”and repeatedly shared internal Campaign polling data. This took place while the Russian intelligence operation to assist Trump was ongoing. Further, Manafort took steps to hide these communications & repeatedly lied to federal investigators, and his deputy on the Campaign”

      3/ “..destroyed evidence of communications w/the Russian intel officer. The Cmte obtained some info suggesting the Russian intel officer w/whom Manafort had a longstanding relationship may have been connected to the GRU’s hack-and-leak operation targeting the 2016 US election.”

      4/ And this: “This is what collusion looks like.”

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