Ghana Gas Explosion

This prediction has happened. Please everyone stay safe in Ghana.

I had a visual of someone lighting a fire, then setting what looked like a gas station on fire, which created a massive inferno.

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  1. Sara Avatar

    Prayers and love for the people who died, and for their loved ones.

  2. afraax Avatar

    Eric trump said calm before storm .some source said .trump plan to pull out Iran nuclear deal or to strike north Korea nuclear cites ….
    am afraid this month Eric .

  3. Luna tic Avatar

    There was a huge solar flair a few hours ago. Will try and find the link and post later.

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      solar flare đŸ˜ sorry. Swedish Institute of Space They are an observatory. Really out of the ordinary of how big this was.

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        Go to observatory and magnetometers. I thought it was worth mentioning.

  4. tempestmm326 Avatar

    i think the oct 22 2016 might be
    important. It talks about events in
    this sequence: florida hurricane/
    louisiana flooding, the 3rd storm being the worst , earthquake and
    assassination. Also mentions
    Lee harvey oswald moment and
    john wilkes boorh. In 1 day,
    Ict in less than 20 minutes and less than 1
    in one day, in oct in 20 min, in less than 1 year.
    If u look at the date of the post to me
    it could be in oct, in 1 year from 2016,
    and in less than 1 year from
    the posting date which puts it around oct 18 2017.
    oswald and booth historically have been referred to as possible decoys.
    Perhaps there will be a distraction in one place away from the actual event?

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      Since tempestmm326 had brought up the Oct. 18 2017 date, I have found two different models showing a massive hurricane hitting Florida right on the 18th.

      First model (
      Second model (

      In the first model, it shows the eye about to cross right through the center of the state. In one of the previous predictions it mention that the southern and central region getting hit.

      In a previous prediction it mention about Jacksonville. If you go to the second model and scroll from on “Forecast hour [222]” to “Forecast hour [240]”, it shows the hurricane going through Jacksonville and up through the Carolinas. I was a bit confused at first if the Jacksonville one was for Irma (due to the flooding that had occurred). So could this mean that Jacksonville about to get hit again from the second hurricane?

      Keep in mind that the models do change on a daily basis, yet those two models happen to support the timing of the second hurricane hitting Florida around the 18th.

  5. tempestmm326 Avatar

    Oswalds bday is oct and kennedy
    shot on nov 22. time frame fits.

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