Trump Slams Puerto Rico

They said it would happen again and here we are.

Predictions 5-13-17 “During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.”

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  1. Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS! All my thoughts and prayers and donations to the people of Puerto Rico. God help them.

  2. Humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico, no power, no water, no food, no medicine, and Trumps response to the Disaster they are experiencing is “What about me ?” What a disgusting man. Man power can clean up a mess, but the Devastation and Isolation has cut off much needed resources for survival. Puerto Rico needs Emotional and Physical support. Trump has no understanding of Disaster Management, nor does he seem to want responsibility of Puerto Rico.

  3. This is very frustrating and sad to watch. It’s shameful to those of us who care about our fellow Americans. This should not be happening, no excuses… per the person who was in charge of Hurricane Katrina, Gen Russell Honore.
    Trumps behavior is very typical of someone with a Cluster B personality disorder.
    Everyone who is able please donate in any way possible. Whether it’s your time or money. Praying for those in charge and who are able and have the means, to get this turned around quickly. Praying for all of Puerto Rico.

  4. I have family on the island.
    The news is twisting response on both sides.
    Mayor is having issues with her union, they are using this situation as a way to leverage negotiations.
    Because she won’t budge, there is no local support to move the supplies and aid.
    Trump has a point! Corruption is widespread on the island before this and the disasters will only expose them to the world. I find it crazy that everyone is quick to attack Trump. Go to twitter “fema and governors site” to see what is really happening before you judge!

    1. JWICK,
      I’m sorry to hear your family’s in Puerto Rico right now….I hope they’re doing well.

      I think Trump’s response was very insensitive to people who are going through that, though you have a point as well….corruption in Puerto Rico could be making the situation worse.

      1. Thank you Sara. Thursday is the first time about to reach most family by phone.

        Some still not heard from yet, though we pray and trust they are safe, just not accessible to phone or power yet.

        Make no mistake this was frightening! Caused father-in law to have heart attack night of storm. They moved to higher ground and 3rd floor condo- still got flooded.

        Hospitals over capacity, his IV and treatment done in waiting room chairs. No other way to support the mass levels of ER patients.

      1. I have just read this story, thank you JWICK for posting the link. What immediately hit me was why there hasn’t been a much larger military assistance arrival from the US. As I understand it, PR is a Territory of the US and so the US has the right to override local Governance in the case of an emergency. Here in Qld Australia where I live, the moment a cyclone passes, or whatever the immediate emergency, the military spring into action. I don’t know much about that part of the world, other than in hurricane season, which is now, emergency services should be geared up ready to go as soon as something hits. It is a very worrying situation when the largest nation in the world can’t assist one of it’s territories more than a week after a disaster.

  5. He went golfing after making those tweets too. The three-star general he sent down to PK who was originally in charge of Katrina relief has spoken out several times about his behavior.

  6. People on the island see progress. MSM distorts to feed an agenda!

    Is it immediate, nothing is! Harvey victims still homeless and in shelters and they are a car ride away for FEMA aid.
    PR was a mess before Irma/Maria. Corruption on the island is longstanding which is why natives leave to stateside for a better life.

    These videos coming from the island show progress and White House approved aid and funding before Maria even hit- check

    >>Please research facts before you throw more hate to the mix<<

    I challenge you to follow Govenor's (@ricardorossello) twitter vs Mayor's (@CarmenYulinCruz Democrat) they conflict each other as she stands to complain about not getting aid (her photo backdrop is walls of food and water) see this if you don't believe … she fails
    to share the union issues on the island which impact distribution of aid! via @nbcnews

      1. Anyone from the island or those who visit frequently can all agree to the level of corruption and disorganization in PR.
        While this does not condone punishment, it does allow for light to be shed on darkness. Perhaps reform for a better future. (Prayers)

  7. Eric, what do you predict will happen to Trump next? Why don’t you ask Spirit?

    1. Nathan I was wondering the same thing. Whatever is actually happening in PR right now, Trump had no business calling out Mayor Cruz for begging for help. She’s trying to save lives. The governor of PR appears to be more concerned about being “politically correct” whereas Mayor Cruz is saying it the way it is. Kinda hard to lie and exaggerate when pictures prove otherwise. I pray for the people of PR and hope Trump gets a wake up call. Totally out of touch and self serving, as usual.

      1. Geraldo calls out the mayor’s (lies) today as he’s there reporting. Describes the corruption, agrees she is strategically using this as a way to politicize anti trump!

      2. Nathan,
        I think JWICK was just shortening the word, the way people would write PA for Pennsylvania or NY for New York or FL for Florida.

      3. Something from West Side Story. In it, the abbreviation is used as an insult.

  8. Always amazed that when a trump prediction comes to pass,, there is a flood of defense for him. Bitching at Spirit or Eric is not going to stop or undo the harm that he causes. One poster has hijacked the responses with trump defenses. It’s outrageous. The prediction that SPIRIT made came to pass and yet there is debate about it. Unbelievable.

    1. Agree, Lia V. No amount of excuses or finger pointing will change Spirit’s predictive message of – “During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.” – a predictive message that hit the nail square on the head perfectly with this incident. No way around it. Thank you Eric and Spirit for these truthful messages. Please keep them coming. Most of us here really do appreciate it.

    2. Lia V,
      What’s unbelievable is your hate is so strong you can’t see both sides. You should research and watch all news networks not just the slanted. I posted based on first responders comments. Not towards Eric or Spirit.

      What was predicated is true. Trump did cause concern with his comments. He should stop tweeting but if we only get the slanted news, how can we be sure what is really happening?

      BTW- Thanks for asking about my family in your nasty response post or sharing any concerns about what I’m feeling! (Or not).

      You are so blind and exactly the reason we can’t move forward as a country. I don’t think everything trump has done is great but as a Latina democrat, I refused to vote for Hillary. Bernie would have been my choice until HRC corruptly took him out of the race. (Facts)

      For anyone who cares, we flew mother in last night. Came in from Ponce. She saw movement and support from FEMA and troops on the ground, not happy with mayor of San Juan media spotlights. San Juan got all the support and resources first. 😠

      1) I follow and share Eric’s postings – included was the warning about PR. (By the way, PR is not rude, that is what we call it too. It’s the state territory abbreviation. Do you know any Puerto Rican’s before you judge?

      2) I am spiritual and I appreciate what is being done here! To indicate otherwise is just wrong!

      Watch the ugly hate and see this unfold just as I mentioned.
      These are facts not spin zones.

      Try Real News video – try periscope to see what is really happening.

      If I sound upset, I am. If this is about hate, I’m out and will move along so you can continue to dwell in your fake uniting of our country.
      Pray for those still on the island.

    **Please listen to this YouTube link, police officer on the island.**
    If you have family or friends on the island get them out now!

    I’m told that the aid won’t be given, they will sell most of it on store shelves.

    Greed and corruption must end!

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