Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico

This nightmare continues to unfold. Please pray for all those in Puerto Rico

Predictions 3-20-17. “When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”

65 thoughts on “Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico

  1. Wow. Amazing prediction, Eric. News blurbs are saying Puerto Ricans should “evacuate or die.” Other phrases: “potentially catastrophic” and “widespread devastation.” Shining love on the people of Puerto Rico and all the people in the Caribbean hit by the two recent hurricanes.

  2. Yes, let us please pray for them. I was on another site and a girl in Puerto Rico said she was so scared. I just can’t get her out of my mind. There was nothing I could do to help her.

    1. I understand how you feel.

      When we studied the Holocaust in school, some of the most haunting moments were when we saw photos of people being rounded up, or a grandparent comforting young children as they were led to the gas-chambers…..moments like that I wanted to leap through the photo, go back in time, and somehow magically rescue all of them and keep them safe until the war finally ended.
      It was one of the saddest things, knowing it’d happened and I couldn’t save them. It’s the same feeling about any tragedy, I guess.

    2. I get this feeling too. You feel so helpless, and for all the attempts to avert disaster here, sometimes there is literally nothing people can do, there’s nowhere to hide. And there seems to be so much ‘extremeness’ right now in the news. I can only meditate and try to connect up and send love to the universal consciousness. It seems like it’ll only make me feel a bit better about things, but sending love is something rather lacking in the world, so maybe it can help in some way I don’t even understand. I hope so.

  3. Eric, we all definitely need to pray right now.
    I’m watching the TV weather guys talk and one said when Maria hits Puerto Rico and St Croix, it could be some of the worst damage we’ve ever seen — that the narrow eye with 175 mph winds will basically be like a 6-8 hour tornado. I watch hurricane reports all the time and never heard someone talk like this. They are genuinely afraid for PR.

  4. Interesting that spirit said when the “hurricanes” plural, come. Now it is the season, but we all feel how odd it is that they keep coming and coming this year.

  5. I honestly don’t want to start something and it is lovely to offer prayers…but if spirit has trouble getting a message through to us to stop something or be warned, why would prayer work in any way? If Spirit could, why not shove the storm to the east to avoid the island altogether? If prayer is just taking a moment to think about others, good, but let’s not pretend our prayers will change anything.

    1. Prayer are for believers that have the faith to believe that with a prayer you can move mountains.

    2. Because praye, intentions carry energy. If you get enough people to pray over something, to focus their ENERGY on it, the collective can literally move mountains. Prayer is a powerful, powerful, energetically charged thing, and energy is real and can do so so much. You don’t have to pray, but that is one less person who’s energy and who’s intentions are not being set correctly to the world. We can raise the level of consciousness on our planet JUST by praying, together, at the same time. You’d be surprised…

  6. Eric, SWC,

    Maria made landfall as a Category Four storm on the five-point Saffir-Simpson scale, packing winds of 150 mph (240 kph).

    – Virgin Islands misery –

    The US and British Virgin Islands — still struggling to recover from the devastation of Irma — are also on alert, along with the Turks and Caicos Islands and parts of the Dominican Republic.

  7. Eric, SWC,

    A little history on Maria..

    Excerpt (from article attached..)
    “Maria was the second strongest hurricane ever recorded to hit Puerto Rico, behind only the 1928 San Felipe Segundo hurricane, which killed 328 people on the island and caused catastrophic damage. Puerto Rico’s main island has also been hit by two other Category 4 hurricanes, the 1932 San Ciprian Hurricane, and the 1899 San Ciriaco Hurricane.

    In terms of top sustained wind, Maria is the fifth strongest hurricane on record to hit the U.S. behind only the four Cat 5s to hit the country (Hurricane Andrew of 1992 in South Florida, Hurricane Camille of 1969 in Mississippi, the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 in the Florida Keys, and the 1928 hurricane in Puerto Rico.)
    In terms of lowest atmospheric pressure at landfall, Maria (917 mb) ranks third in U.S. records behind only the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane and Camille.
    Maria’s landfall at Category 4 strength gives the U.S. a record three Category 4+ landfalls this year (Maria, Harvey, and Irma). The previous record was two such landfalls, set in 1992 (Cat 5 Andrew in Florida, and Cat 4 Iniki in Hawaii.)

    1. I am still a Floridian (by the grace of God). Counting my blessings as we have just got everything up and running again. We still have the boards out for the windows and the generator is still being kept full of fuel. Clean up is ongoing. So worried for Puerto Rico. I feel that Eric’s prediction is so correct and am heartbroken for them and their loved ones. The following article states that the island is destroyed.

      1. Luna tic

        Be sure not to forget October (12?) Columbus Day.Huricane coming…?
        Be sure to let your neighbors..not over yet..,
        Please take all precautions…

        I will keep you and all in my good thoughts and prayers..,

  8. Luna tic,
    forgot to add quote from post.about next Hurricane to hit Florida.l
    .San Jose earthquake..thread..
    “The new Hurricane will strike Florida around Columbus Day. Later they would say.. The Hurricane will strike Florida in about 18 minutes (days). That’s two days before Columbus Day.”

    1. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. It is funny, I have been telling my family and neighbors that we are going to have another storm. Many of us still have boards out and are stockpiling supplies. I am getting prepared to leave if need be because I am right at the top of “Sum of Florida Hurricanes” lines or in the “cone” if you will. This really scared me and I don’t want to be in a direct hit. We were lucky…this time. My prayers and best wishes to all out there being affected all by this earthly chaos. I am thinking very seriously about getting my LEED GA (Green Associate) certification as there will be lots of rebuilding to do. I kind of let that course of study go by the wayside in these last 3 years.

      1. Eric,
        The sad thing is not over yet the dam has failed..
        I wish I could take the pain away….I understand why spirit 😇shields you for the horrendous images..

  9. Eric, SWC,

    “There will be no food in Puerto Rico,” Mr. Rivera predicted. “There is no more agriculture in Puerto Rico. And there won’t be any for a year or longer.”

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why the aid and help for Puerto Rico hasn’t really arrived yet? Can they not send a military ship there with food, beds, aid and medical supplies and a hospital on board? Am I missing something here? Maybe just do some drops from the air? I’m hoping I’ve missed something.😳😧. It is a US Territory and they are “begging for help”?

    1. Just horrible, this is where it tears at my heart to know back in March that Puerto Rico would be “demolished”, I remember the visual and thinking this looks very bad. But then to see it in real time unchanged, it makes me feel so helpless, I want to scream out to the world, do something to change these nightmares! But nothing comes.

      1. Eric,

        The pain of helplessness …

        Use it to keep focused on the mission.
        I remember when I was trying to get financing to start my company..
        Even with contracts in hand..could not get any bank to back us..even with a start date.

        It took 26 different banks before it happened…26 ! No one after could believe it.
        So there is always hope..especially with spirit backing you..and the mission.

        Think outside the box..believe in the impossible..

        Because it will happen…

  11. SWC,
    Update…per Boston Globe..
    Update on Puerto Rico: There is slow progress. The EPA announced late last night that the water desperate residents have been taking from taps at a Superfund site is safe to drink — in part because some of the taps at the site draw water from an aqueduct system, not groundwater. This is important because at least two people have died from drinking contaminated water, and 76 others are hospitalized with water-borne bacterial infections.

    However, about 18 percent of households still have no running water, and 67 percent have no electricity, leaving residents to swelter in the tropical heat with no AC. But 83 percent of gas stations and 89 percent of supermarkets are open, and 67 percent of cell towers are operating. The big issue is damaged homes, with many still with no roofs.

  12. My comment..
    Better late than never..
    (Tongue in cheek)
    .it is sad that the needs of PR…was delayed…
    And my comment was sad that it recognized …it took three years for an action that should have taken weeks…or months…not years…

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