Prediction: The Path of Irma

The old prediction still holds:

However in regards to Florida Irma will turn towards the ocean, spirit showed a visual of a sudden shift towards the ocean away from Florida, however the north could still be affected. Unfortunately they were very quick to tell me another storm is coming and it will strike Florida in the worst way.

I asked again about the coming earthquake, which is also suppose to be beyond devastating, they have confirmed a location in San Francisco, and San Jose, and actually told me that they will warn me right before the earthquake to warn you to “GET OUT!!” giving you a day or two warning.

Around the same time; I had a visual of Hispanics protesting, then on an opposing side a gun was withdrawn, shots fired, everyone ran in different directions. “Never before has the US been so divisive, divided, and filled with such hatred all leading to the rise…” Then Spirit showed a large iron statue of a swastika coming from the darkness into the light.

The protest sounds like the dreamers



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  1. Katie Avatar

    Thank you Eric. My son has friends in San Francisco. I’ll make sure he gives them a heads up.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Please do…tell take a little vacation to further away from.SF.

  2. Kim Avatar

    There’s been a swarm of earthquakes hitting Soda Springs Idaho since Saturday – over 100. Rare for them.

  3. Crystal Avatar

    Jose is coming behind irma. The president is trying to rescind the DACA with hispanics. Eric what about the mass of fires?

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Eric can you ask Spirit if this CA earthquake could be wide spread in that it also could cause dams to fail nearby or a tsunami off of the West Coast? Thanks

  5. Anita Avatar

    I wonder if there’s previous predictions related to the Hispanic protest shooting? As for the earthquake, would you say it’s less than a week away or is it more?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes that was my thought too

  6. jules104 Avatar

    Is, the north could still be affected, the northern states above Florida then? Thanks for the message, will be watching for another one to strike after. I believe Jose is next after this.

  7. Fredda Avatar

    Does the vision of a swastika rising mean that the America is going to be ruled by Nazis? Or will we have a major battle with them to stop them? I’m a history enthusiast and have read more on the rise of Nazi Germany than most people know exists and this scares the crap out of me.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      when the major events of today calm down a bit I will ask for some clarity on the message. The Neo Nazis aren’t a fluke and aren’t going away.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear about this horrible uprise in America. In the meantime,I will pray for the safety of all in the hurricanes path. We all should pray. I believe prayer is powerful. Thank you for all you do to try and forwarn us so we can be prepared. Bless you.

  8. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    We’ve been packing up getting ready to go. Irma’s track has now shifted slightly to the east. I had a feeling that this one would be the warning before the storm that hits us but not taking any chances. All the stores are out of water, grocery store shelves are empty The eye on this store is eerily perfect. I’m worried for California. At least hurricanes are trackable. Thank goodness Eric can warn those before the event.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Be safe, Luna! Praying for you and all to be safe. Thanks Eric for head up on hurricane and earrhquakes.

  9. Michael Avatar

    Are you still expecting plane prediction tomorrow?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Good question, the date is marked, I assume it’s the plane because of the numbers in the message, but as so many of you know my assumptions are off. I will try and ask what is coming tomorrow, or simply ask for clarity.

      1. Michael Avatar

        Thanks eric

  10. anthony Avatar

    Giddy up

  11. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

    No sé si el siguiente huracan en golpear sea José, a la fecha nadie dice nada, de como va, pero posiblemente si no es Jose será otro que no tarde en formarse en la prediccion del año pasado decía 3 huaracanes espalda con espalda esto me indica que no hay uno entre Irma y el que hara daño a la Florida y puede que haga daño por varias razones, que bajen la guardia viendo qie Irma siempre se alejo y no les hizo nada, que se forme tan repenete que no les de tiempo a hacer nada o que la gente crea que va a hacer lo mismo que Irma: alejarse a última hora.

    Respecto al terremoto, es probable que sea en poco tiempo, hay quines dicen que desde el 21 de agosto al 30 de septiembre (40 dias) va a haber muchas calamidades en USA por eso fue el eclipse que atravesó todo el territorio.

  12. Cynthia P Conners Avatar
    Cynthia P Conners

    Thank You Eric for all your posting.. Especially Florida for my son and San Jose for my folks,…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks,my hope now is to get a bit more details.

  13. Kimberly Lombardo Avatar
    Kimberly Lombardo

    Eric I’ve been thinking all along this storm is going to affect the same areas hit by Sandy. New Jersey, Long Island, NYC… We have decided to stay put in Orlando during the storm, and save our resources for the next one then head home to NY before that one hits. Hopefully this is the right choice. Are they giving you any hints on a timeframe for the next one? Jose is set to stay a fish storm no US impacts.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just that it’s fairly soon,Jose might be it. I have no doubt we will be talking about this again.

      1. Kimberly Lombardo Avatar
        Kimberly Lombardo

        Thank you Eric, I’m thinking Jose isn’t going to be good. They say a fish storm, but they never know… it’s going to be worse I think because of two reasons; weakened area from Irma, and the other people are going to be skeptical and doubt the need to leave. That’s my thought unfortunately.

  14. BeachHut Avatar

    I have just been looking through the news feeds, and found a statement from a weather organisation I forget the name of, that Jose is due to become an official hurricane on Wednesday evening, and that the Caribbean islands that were hit today (Wednesday) can expect to be hit again by Jose at the weekend. Absolutely horrendous. I have been thinking of all those poor people all day. I cannot imagine something like this heading towards you, and even if you get away, you know that the life you knew before is about to get wiped out. (And it’s about to happen again.) This morning it was a bit drizzly here in England, and the bird feeders were swaying slightly. I heard one of the neighbours moaning about the weather. Honest to goodness. Why do British people have to keep moaning about the weather? Just watch the news and be thankful for the drizzle!

    I’ve been trying to follow Dutchsinse’s monitoring of earthquake activity on the West Coast, but he’s caught up in youtube’s ridiculous censorship crackdown and I keep losing track of his videos.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Oh My!! Feel their frustrations and pains. Praying it will swift away from Carribean island.

  15. Elaina Avatar

    I was sent this prayer earlier by Rebecca Messenger and want to share it. Please pray it if you feel so inclined to do so:

    To the winds of Irma..we salute you, recognize you and ask you to calm yourself.
    To the waters of Irma and all the elements…we salute you, acknowledge you, and ask you to calm yourself.
    To the Divinity within the storm (yes, God is Everywhere) We ask for blessings upon this calming prayer.
    Peace be still
    Peace be still
    Peace be still
    Please pass this along to all you feel will help us pray.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Beautiful…thank you!! ♡

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you so much you are a blessing.

  16. anthony Avatar

    There is a person who is unaware who he is. The storm is huge. Etc etc etc. I laugh. Until this person realize who he is except the unexpected. 5 years and still going. Another person is going away who has been waiting for but his patience is finished.

  17. mariakaos Avatar

    Eric this time frame also includes the assassination. Is this in your concerns?

  18. Sara Avatar

    Sad to hear Nazism might resurface….
    IMHO, a the division in the country is caused by many extremist groups–Nazi/KKK supporters for one, Antifa and ultra-anarchists for another, and obviously the jihadist groups who’ve carried out deadly attacks, like home grown ISIS members.

    Each type of extremist group has gotten a lot of media attention, they’ve staged violent attacks on protestors, some of them killed innocent people…..I believe that most Americans aren’t extremists, but they only hear about extreme viewpoints on the news. Which adds to anxiety.

  19. leah nutt Avatar
    leah nutt

    Any update on the predictions about north korea?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The war was the last post.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      By that I mean the last post, its unclear if they will bring it up again.

  20. Karben Avatar

    There’s Jose and Katia, both players I am sure. Katia is in the gulf headed towards FL and Jose is getting stronger.

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Updated NOAA… public advisory….warnings and alerts..
    10 ft storm surge..?

  22. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I’m not sure if you already have these but, here is a list of names of the 2017 hurricanes (along with future years) to come. Maybe Spirit could give a name?
    Thanks for all of your hard work with getting these warnings out to everyone. Now to just get people to listen instead of having hurricane parties in the FL Keys. 😬

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a good idea

  23. jules104 Avatar

    Eric there’s been an 8.1 off shore Chiapas Mexico just now.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Jules104, 35 km deep….
      Is thus the trigger for CA…and with CME influence….

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  24. jules104 Avatar

    Here is what I found for warnings on tsunamis so far due to 8.1 EQ off Chiapas Mexico

    1. star48 Avatar


      I tried that link could not find..

      Found NOAA tsunami link…listed eq at 8.2 mag…
      Tsunami alert …waves observed..

  25. jules104 Avatar

    Here’s Dutch on 8.1 EQ off shore Mexico with tsunami warning info. Short video.

  26. Kim Avatar

    Strongest quake in over a century. Death toll currently 32

  27. Hidalgo Avatar

    Seems like Hurricane Irma, instead of drifting off to the Atlantic Ocean, has moved more to the West – passing through Western Florida. Looks like Spirit was mistaken.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Is the eye projected to hit landfall or ride up the coast?

      1. hidalgocohen Avatar Here is the current track of Hurricane Irma. The eye is to pass over parts of Western Florida.

  28. Heather Avatar

    If Irma is moving more West…….could this mean that last minute turn to the ocean…….that Eric spoke about….could mean Irma moves in to the Gulf?? That would be ” back in the ocean” and turning West! The Gulf would certainly help Irma maintain or even strengthen with such warm waters!

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