Prediction: Spain Standoff

“Stand off”


I had a visual of police waiting. “Wait.. wait.. patience..” after waiting then the police charged to a corner or side shooting the culprit.

14 thoughts on “Prediction: Spain Standoff

  1. Nothing to do with this post but timely. I’ve been having visions for months of gas shortages and long lines at gas stations in the US. It has always felt related to the sky somehow so I assumed it was to do with the planes (people panicking and a run on gas or something). Hit me this am it has nothing to do with that! It’s about the eclipse tomorrow! So wanted to come on here and share an eclipse prep PSA that has nothing to do with glasses!

    If you are going to (or towards) the path of totality, or live or work along the route to get there I would be safe and fill up your gas tank today. Think about it- path of totality a lot of places (definitely here in GA where I live) is in or near the middle of nowhere where they don’t have the number of gas stations anywhere nearby (or even for a long way on be route to get there) to accommodate the massive amounts traffic that is being predicted. If the crowds heading that way are really as big as they say they’ll be, and you compound that with people sitting in their cars running their AC for hours waiting for the eclipse in hot summer weather, you may see a whole lot of people needing gas and not nearly the number of gas pumps to accommodate them. Don’t assume you’ll be able to buy gas along the way to the eclipse/on the way home y’all!

  2. Eric,
    You mentioned we’re awaiting the bus/children prediction. Do you think it could be connected to the Disneyland prediction in any way, like a school’s field trip to Disneyland?

    Also, are the attacks in Spain and Finland going to inspire more attacks? Still can’t shake the feeling there’s more on the way.

    1. I don’t think so. There is however a huge concern over domestic terrorist like Charlottesville in the US. I did not understand why they insisted on changing their verbiage from terrorist to mad man. Now it makes sense.

  3. According to BBC news, police in Spain recently killed a man wearing a suicide vest yelling “Allahu Akbar”, but it’s unknown if he’s the van driver they’ve been hunting for. Still, it might fit with “stand off”.

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