India Flooding

This prediction is unfolding the second part has not unfolded yet. Please pray for the safety of all those in India.

Predictions 7-16-17   “Massive flooding in India.. so many stuck.. and unable to move.. rivers overflow.. but the worst comes after.. as the water is a deadly contamination..”


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  1. Randy-backup Avatar

    Hi Eric
    Juat want to give you an update.. Is this the airplane bombing?

    I’ll leave it here.. Australian police have stopped a major terror plot to ‘bring down’ a plane


    1. Sara Avatar

      Thank goodness they stopped it!

      Is it just me, or have terrorists been suspiciously quiet lately?
      Considering their losses in Mosul and parts of Raqqa, I fully expected retaliation. I’m glad there hasn’t been obviously…but it’s kind of unnerving; I’m worried they’re ‘saving up’ for worse attacks. I hope that’s just my anxiety issues, not a real sense

  2. dopeanddiamond Avatar

    With the last prediction and the multiple part of it, Disney has a tomorrowland at epcot right? There is a massive festival called tomorrowland that is taking place today at several locations around the world. The concert in Spain just had a massive fire breakout on stage. Maybe a connection?

    Only link I have to it. Sorry

  3. Sara Avatar

    Have the spirits mentioned anything about North Korea?

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