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  1. spersin2015 Avatar

    I am so delighted to give this testimonial for Eric and his work. Never in my 15+ years of getting readings, have I ever come across a more shockingly accurate and amazingly affordable psychic. I say “shockingly accurate” because for the low price Eric charges, one might assume you get sub-par results. Quite the opposite. Eric is my go-to oracle on everything and I tell everyone I know about him. I and my family have had many, many readings in the past year. Eric is the psychic you might always wish to “find” but think you could never afford. He’s that good. Here’s what to expect —

    Before the call –

    Eric’s assistant will coordinate a mutually agreed upon time after you send your email request to Eric. You pay your money via Paypal after you find your time slot (at the time of this writing I have always paid $100 for one hour WHICH IS INSANELY low for someone of Eric’s caliber. Insane. Or I think $50 for 30 minutes…check to make sure). Most psychics of Eric’s talent and caliber charge upwards of $750 on up. His pricing, along with his accuracy, has always indicated to me that his heart and intentions are in the right place. In any case – you will decide upon your time slot then wait for Eric to call you at that time. This part is done all via email with Eric’s assistant so have a day in mind that works for you and don’t forget to leave your telephone number!

    During the call –

    Before your call, have your paper and pen ready to take notes so you can go over them later when your call is finished. If you wish to record the call for better review later check to make sure this is allowed (I’m not sure as I prefer to write it all down myself). Either way, have any questions or concerns ready for later in your call. Eric will call you at the designated time. You will find him warm and easy to converse with in addition to kind and funny. He is very approachable and has a no-nonsense type of personality. You may make small talk for a minute or two then he dives right in. If you come to the call with questions – you save those until later when he asks you those questions (or purpose for your call). You need not have a “purpose” either. I’ve had many readings with Eric where I’ve had zero questions but just trusted the Universe would tell me what I needed to know and hear. Once Eric begins, the line will go a bit quiet as he connects with what he calls “Spirit” (I use a different term, Universe). You may hear silence as he attempts to connect or you may hear him gently conversing with his and your spirit guides as he receives his information. Just sit there quietly on the phone and be patient as this part can take a few minutes. While you may or may not hear him – the line has not gone dead. It’s Eric’s process. My advice is to allow him this time and do not interrupt with questions or small talk. I usually close my eyes and ask the Universe myself to send me whatever information I need to know and hear.

    After Eric has received his information – he will then share these nuggets with you. It could range from a serious health concern for a relative, a career move for you, or a random bit of information. He will share each tidbit with you and help you figure out who the information is for and why. Once each bit of information he received has been shared – he will then move to your questions (if any). If you have no questions, he then either asks for additional information or goes back to refine the earlier tidbits.

    As the call time is nearing to an end, Eric will often ask if there are any final bits of information you should know before the call ends. He then shares this with you (if any). Eric then thanks you for your time and the call ends.

    After the call —

    I always spend a few minutes after the call in gratitude for the information received as well as swirling around everything I learned in the call. Spend some time seeing how YOU feel about the information and trust your own guidance. Share the information with relatives if need be (I often receive health information for relatives which has always come true) or prepare a plan for yourself. (I often receive career information that has been very helpful, as an example). Know that your call is true and accurate – though the translation may need to be adjusted a bit. See what feels right for you and know it is as it should be.

    I have personally never had more accurate readings for the price paid. I would guess 98% of Eric’s predictions in my readings have happened within days or weeks after Eric shares them with me. He is truly a gift that part of me wants to protect so others don’t find out and he goes “mainstream” which his pricing – again – he’s THAT good. But the other side of me realizes we all deserve to take part in Eric’s kindness and his profound talents. So I share his information with all who might be interested as we should support good in our lives. Always, always, always.

    If you’re on the fence about a reading – don’t be. This is the first time I’ve ever felt so compelled to leave a review online and I have never left one for anyone in a spiritual community. A reading with Eric can be life-changing and I’ll forever be grateful to him for his tireless efforts to help the planet avert tragedy through his work. He IS the real deal. Jump off the fence and try a reading. You will be so glad you did. I only know Eric through his website work and I am not compensated in any way for my words. I just feel that strongly about him and his work. Thank you, Eric. For all you do.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow! Thank you for that. I would encourage anyone getting a reading to record it. The Spirits are really big on having a price that allows all people to receive a reading not just those that have an abundance of money. Everyone needs help from time to time. Thanks again.

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