Prediction: Democrats take over the Senate

“The Donkey, doubly happy as it takes both wins.” – Spirits Voice

The implication is that not only does the democrats with the Presidency but the Senate as well.

Against everything the polls and news outlets say, the Spirits imply that Hilary Clinton will win the electoral vote by a decent margin. According to Spirit the election will not be the close race everyone implies it will be. The reason for this is that we underestimate the surge of minorities getting out there to vote.

Very bold predictions, first to imply Hilary will become president, then to imply it won’t be that close of a race, and now the Senate. On a personal note I just don’t see how all of this will happen, but these are their predictions, and I have the honor of representing Spirit. If we are accurate tomorrow it will help set the stage in warning you of leaders a decade or two from now who pose a threat to peace and harmony.

No matter who’s side you take, tomorrow is the day to get out there and vote. Your voice counts, and direction of the country is in your hands.



74 thoughts on “Prediction: Democrats take over the Senate

  1. I’m a Democratic party GOTV (get-out-the-vote) volunteer. We’re getting a lot of voters the polls who wouldn’t have gone originally. People are very frustrated with our politics but it feels good convincing people that they have a voice. Even if you write-in a name, please get out and vote.

    • Thank you Eric and Spirits. I believe that the future is not set in stone. Just like when we are warned of a coming event, we, the collective have a way to change that outcome. Therefore I believe the prediction of the former Secretary of State winning- may have jolted the very many into action to change the outcome. Could it be that the Spirits know such a thing to be true and therefore leave it up to all of us to make the difference? Just food for thought, because I am also vacillating on any theories of such.
      Example- Hurricane Matthew – very concerning for Floridians and up the East Coast- however most of the populous escaped a catastrophic event. We soften the blow with some scary predictions and even have the power to change them! Amen!! Blessings and Peace to the planet.

  2. Eric & Spirit thank you for this. I am confused by the latter part of the prediction though:

    “….If we are accurate tomorrow it will help set the stage in warning you of leaders a decade or two from now who pose a threat to peace and harmony….”

    Does this mean that because of the Democratic wins, it will pave the way for dangerous leaders of other nations, or does it only apply to the US?

    Thank you 🙂

    • I interpreted the latter part as meaning that the site will have an impressive record for accuracy that has remained clear, focused and simple in its statements. It will gain recognition and have more people get involved. There are so many alternative sites/psychics if these predictions have remained correct it sorts the wheat from shaft.
      It’s an enormous responsibility for the American people regarding this vote as the whole world is watching and weighing up the possible outcomes.

      One of my observations regarding western voting systems is that the biggest percentage of votes are the NO vote voters. It’s a very significant vote in terms of numbers but for now has no political power. It is the power of the no vote they don’t want us to realise.

      • Thank you, I read it again and I agree with your interpretation that accuracy about today’s outcome will help to reach more people when warning them about dangerous leaders.

    • We make a ray of political predictions; Malaysia, Brazil, Venezuela, AU, US, UK, Scotland, just to name a few off the top of my head, the focus is to create a global record of accuracy, to warn about a global figure, the US is just one small part in that. Hope that makes sense.

      • You said there would be no Brexit.
        You said it would be a overwhelming double whammy win for Clinton,

        Seems they either got their wires crossed in a major way..or well, what can I say, they predicted WRONG and in a major way…

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  4. @Nessie I don’t have a good feeling if this prediction happens. I have been worring more and more the direction of this country. I also worry about our men and woman service right now including my son a US Marine and what lies ahead for them. Going to cast my vote and pray today relying on my Christian faith and values and love of this country. That’s all I can do.

    • Kelly I feel you. I’ve been holding my breath, really ,when I think about this election I can’t breathe. I live abroad and even though I feel that neither choice will bring more enlightenment for America, it seems that what is most important is how the other half of the nation are going to take it when someone they didn’t vote for gets elected. I hope everybody will remain calm and poised.

      My prayers are with you and your brave son who is serving his country, stay safe and take care 🙂


    And it is more than a comfort to know that SPIRIT IS ALWAYS RIGHT and ALWAYS A GOLDEN BLESSING!
    A mere Thanks is never enough for everything you do every day !!

  7. Eric – interesting predictions, especially about the surge of minority voters. That does make sense. We will see later tonight & tomorrow. Pray for peace in this country. Angry voters after the fact is my concern. Eric, does spirit see turmoil after the winner is announced?

  8. Historically, any time a party lands across the board majority, it doesn’t last and that President loses it with the next election.

  9. Interestingly, i just read an article about registered latino voters and something like 130% increase in registered latino voters since 2012. The silent giant is the Latino vote. In fact, after 30 years of living in this country, my American Citizen immigrant parents voted for the first time. The “likely voter” polls aren’t calculating first time voters, like my latino parents. Should be a huge win, considering the number of latinos in this country! I believe whole heartedly what you are saying! Thank you ELP and Spirit for really, making people feel like we are “safe”.

  10. I think hillary clinton is going to be assassinated… the glass shattering predictions from 10/30/16.. her building tonight has a glass ceiling

    • Will someone please tell me what’s the glass ceiling? I heard Obama mentioned of the glass ceiling last night. I’m not following. Where is the glass ceiling in what building and town please? I do not have much time to watch news. Glass ceiling?

  11. I am on the spirit’s side. By the way, which church is behind Trump? Not mine. I am a full active saved Christian.

  12. There was a shooting near a polling station in California, with one person dead and several injured. Could this be Eric’s “ugly incident”?

  13. Eric, things don’t look too good for Hillary right now – it’s not nearly done at 9:29 EST. just sayin… hope you interpreted spirit well.

    • She gained 5 points in the last 30 minutes Trump 49% Hillary 48% with 89% of the districts reporting plus power outages in 5 states. Sit back and relax because this will go on for a while.

      • This is for Florida by the way, not the county. Hillary is 4 points behind “the Donald” right now.

      • Luna tic, there are power outages in 5 states???? I didn’t hear that. Where? What states?

      • Power outages in 5 states can harm the voting system. Is this doing on purpose? I don’t believe it’s coincidence. It’s on purpose with 5 states. Omgosh..such nightmares. ..

  14. I trust Eric not Florida. Florida do not represent the entire Country to this time. It will be States such as Texas and California that will get Hillary over!

  15. Woo hoo. Looks like Trump will beat the crooked corrupt woman. Republucans have the House and Senate!! God and prayers hopefully prevail 17 electorial votes to go.!! Yes Eric a landside, but for Trump. Its called the silent majority and Americans are sick of terrorists, no jobs and Hillarys corruption! Not over til its officially over but this prediction thankfully appears to be way off. Sorry but SO excited. Thank you Jesus for prayers answered!!

    • No Jesus didn’t answer anyone’s prayers. It’s just like the football..please let the “Cowboy” win. The other team pray to win too. So only one has to lose. Think Jesus pick the favorite out of 2 teams? He didn’t because He did not vote to pick one out of 2. Jesus did not pick Trump nor Hillary. He is sitting and watching our reactions as we are all being “fools “. USA is going wasted.

      It’s a very nerve wrecking moment. I’m not watching anymore of the voting results. Too unsettling.

      • mary there is something really wrong here I feel it in my gut ….
        spirit cant be that far out and I feel its just not making sense its so out ..
        blessi gs Mary

    • AMEN!!!! 🙂 🙂
      I learned in Church that God is always in control…. the divine plan…. to go by faith…. trust God…

  16. How can spirit be so off? You’re not the only one who predicted Hillary, there were other mediums who said the same. One said she would even win a second election. I, at least, respected the Obama family. I don’t have an ounce of respect for Trump. Sniff, sniff, sniff. and his gross comments about women. How did he put it…something like he can do anything he wants to a woman because he’s famous. Good Lord, what will he do as president??

  17. I think if the Senate changes hands, it will be because of death, scandal or illness. I don’t see it happening because of this election, unless the prediction is for further down the road.

  18. I’m sensing something is off. Spirit is not wrong about this. I have no confidence in this voting systems. Definitely something is off. Hopefully we’d know what’s going on. It’s weird.

    • Come on mary let’s not beat around the bush here spirit has got this massively wrong just like they did with Brexit boy predictions are a 50/50 outcome and got both wrong obviously when flipping the coin the picked tails instead of heads

  19. It’s almost certain that Trump will be our next president. Just praying that violence doesn’t follow in the following days.

  20. Maybe we are misinterpreting, and Donkey is really Trump. Perhaps Spirit is just calling Trump an ass. LOL!

    • Francine, I thought the same! LOL! Anyway, we all have free will. This country is in for a very challenging time, sad to say. The international response will be worrisome, too. There may be some conflict in the next few days. Pray for peace.

  21. Well this prediction couldn’t be anymore wrong Clinton to win by a distance ? After I read that yesterday I puts a £20 bet on that’s gone straight down the drain

    • It’s sickening and have no respect for Trump. Very very sad….and disappointed big time. USA is facing the worst nightmare ever in history. Trump is pure evil and will turn America into graveyards. Especially sad for our young children to be like Trump. It’s terribly wrong. George Washington, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and all the former presidents turned their backs onto Trump. He is the antichrist. Now I have said it. I’m through being polite.

      • So 9/11 wasn’t the worst nightmare ever in history, and neither were the Holocaust, the Inquisition, slavery, the Great Plague, or dropping the atomic bomb on Japan??

        The worst nightnare in history is a President-elect who hasn’t had a chance to prove himself one way or another?

        Adjust your perspective, Mary.

  22. Looks like there will be some houses for sale when or if the stars that said they will leave if Trump wins actually leave.
    But they will more than likely stay and be just like there role model Hillary and have truth problem.


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