Can We Change These Tragic Predictions?

Yes we can alter these tragic events. I cannot accept that all of this work and all of this effort on Spirits part could be in vain. But we need your help to make that change a reality.

In France a French citizen, after reading my post on the terror attacks in France contacted the Louvre to warn them. He was immediately transferred to a man who did not reveal his identity but worked in an anti-terrorism team and told him that the warning could not be more accurate for that time and that they were aware of it coming. He would later add his thoughts “Let’s not be afraid of ridicule. It can take a simple phone call or email to alter tragedies, or at least not regretting not having tried”

In the Philippines there is a great effort to make those aware of our predictions and the fan base is growing in multitude. It is no coincidence that now the Spirits have shifted there attention towards the Philippines and surrounding locations, all of which you will hear about soon.

In Australia I received several emails that discussed their efforts to prepare for the storm that Spirit predicted. The citizens focused on getting their homes ready for the event, while others left the area completely.

This is how we change the future, but we absolutely must expand our range of awareness. Spirit has provided the warning, set the stage, granted we still have some fine tuning on our part but it is possible to alter the future and action is required.

Some of you have asked why the Spirits don’t intercede themselves and I say they are interceding, to the limits of not interfering with free will, even if that free will is not in our favor. But I would also argue this is our world, our planet, our home, and we have a responsibility to make it greater than it is.

We will continue to improve our work here and do our best to provide details that are absent. But consider the possibilities we could incur. Lives could be saved, suffering could be avoided, and future can be altered but not without your actions.

Lets start by making everyone aware.

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  1. alex211211 Avatar

    Eric, could you provide some insight into when the “big” terrorist will occur, and when?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They did predict another event unfolding between the 30th and 2nd.

  2. alex211211 Avatar

    Eric, could you provide some insight into when the NOW terrorist attack will occur, and when?

  3. alex211211 Avatar

    Eric, when will the NOW terrorist attack happen, and which country/state/province/city

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The first event already happened in Germany, an attack, but not terror related.

      1. rader111 Avatar

        Ok, do you think the German theater attack was what Spirit was predicting? Or was he thinking of something bigger?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The predictions say there will be a number of terror attacks back to back.

  4. HereIam Avatar

    i hope it’s not offensive b/c my intention is to understand rather than being mean. How does predicting world event help when the timeline for the prediction is not clear (no specific date/time/location) How does it give the chance to change the future when the set time isn’t stated? For me, I feel more scared than w/o knowing.I have to go on a plane soon& I’m so scared by the prediction that I don’t even know what to do.Do I (and others) stop doing things b/c I fear it? What if nothing happens?I don’t know.It puts fear as my #1 emotion even tho it’s not your intention.I cant stop or avoid future events b/c I have no idea where it starts and ends. I can’t even warn people because there is a chance that I will be a suspect of that heinous act knowing how system is messed up.
    all in all, predicting world event can make someone scared on an individual level. I still have to travel but now I worry about something that may or may not happen. for instance, when you say something is going to happen in ny, how long are we supposed to live in fear for?
    I’m honestly not trying to be mean, just trying wrap my head around everything.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its something we need to focus on but there are predictions with messages about time even the last post about the theater shooting.

      1. Christophilos Avatar

        It is time we all realized that we can access Spirit. We each have a spiritual guide that we can call upon for protection and guidance. Intuition is a great part of that access. Emotions are indicators of one’s alignment with Creative Forces. If you make a decision and then feel negative about it, that is an indication of misalignment with your Higher Being. If you make a decision and feel good about it, that is an indication of alignment. It is time for our evolution into higher consciousness, Hope that helps. Love

  5. Mary Avatar

    Eric, I have question and wondering about the UK voting for EU. Is this a good move if voting yes for EU?. What’s the risk if voting yes for EU. Just wondering. Thanks for your and the Spirits time.

    Respectfully yours,


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They predicted on Predictions 6-5-16 that the UK will stay. I guess we will see. The polls say the opposite of what the Spirits are saying.

      1. anthony Avatar

        The problem with predictions is action as everything traces to having a thought. So hopefully if negative it does not go thru. Lots of people say I’m going to kill you but never follow thru. When the world becomes aware god sees everything the world changes. Or gods 4 angels of earth. Now the more people on the same thought the energy grows. France is going to get bombed. When and we’re we don’t know. There sitting ready to go. They can even change there plans. Right now we know were. It’s a game of chess. Sometimes everything is called off becuase the heat is to much and the police don’t have enough info becuase they did not make there move. Cia. Eventually they will get caught. The 5 eyes plus france and Germany need a wizard. Come here you little bugger. Woops upside the head. Kick in the ass.

      2. Dawn Avatar

        The polls a week or so ago were starting to point to Brexit quite firmly, then they swung towards Remain again. The key decider may prove to be the murder of MP Jo Cox, who was a Remain campaigner. There are a lot of conspiracy whispers about that event, suspicions that it was a cynical ploy to push people to go Remain. Even if the murder was exactly as reported, it was still used to try and shame anyone pondering ‘Brexit’ who were constantly being linked to the far right. The media turned the poor woman into a Princess Diana type figure with a full week of vigils and tributes ( on one level understandable, but rather out of proportion to someone who most had never heard of and had been in the job one year) and heavy political exploitation of the situation. There’ll probably always be suspicions hanging around the result. It’s been a horrible week for British politics and society. It feels like the name ‘United Kingdom’ could now be seen as breaking the trade description act.

        No predictions here but I thought I would just fill in a bit of detail. This issue won’t go away after the referendum. Polls have closed now and it appears that Remain may have nudged it. At least Trump didn’t hijack the matter, he was supposed to have arrived here yesterday.

      3. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Eric.

      4. Mari Avatar

        Not good news. Brirain leaving

      5. star48 Avatar

        Eric, did you consider to stay, means to keep their own sovereign nation?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I don’t think so, however it might be about another topic, even though one does not exist right now.

    2. Mari Avatar

      hi mary
      Britain leaving EU
      Markets are tumblung and
      British currency has tanked
      Very bad news

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Spirits are wrong, unless they are talking about something else, but there is nothing else out there.

      2. Mary Avatar

        Oh no! I need to read more about the British leaving EU and what would happen after that. Is that the final voting?

        I’m very worried for British and UK. They are good countries that provided people freedom, jobs, food, etc. And good government. I’d love to hear from their experiences if they are OK there.

        Thanks Mari. I’m so sorry to hear that. So disappointed.

      3. Mary Avatar

        Was it a close tie between yes and no?
        Maybe the Spirits are not wrong as it could be a very close tie.

        So sorry. Hope they are OK.

      4. benmadigan Avatar

        Some news and updates about the message “Britain will stay”

        with regards to the brexit vote in the referendum – Britain can only exit the EU if it triggers Article 50 of the EU treaty saying it wants to leave. Immediately after the referendum result was announced, British PM, Mr Cameron announced he would be resigning in the autumn and triggering Art 50 would be up to the next PM. In parliament today one MP said he thought it should be put off until the new year. So who knows ? Will it ever be triggered? And which PM is the one that is going to do it? Given what’s been going on in the markets since the result was announced?

        Furthermore the outcome of the Referendum has to be ratified by parliament which, at present, has an overwhelming majority for Remain. Unless there is a general election, current members of parliament will never ratify Brexit. In more than one way, you could say the UK is staying! At least for the near future, they’re not going anywhere!

        On the other hand Scotland and NI are now insisting even more on independence from Britain as they voted to remain in the EU and do not want to lose their EU citizenship.
        So if Northern Ireland and Scotland get what they want, there will be no more UK – only a Union of England and Wales who will be leaving the EU while Scotland and Ireland will be fully independent of England and will be EU member countries in their own rights (as the Republic of Ireland is at present). Indeed one English MP said she envisaged that within the next 5 years.
        So the UK may stay in the EU until it no longer exists. or it may stay because if it doesn’t, it will no longer exist! Time will tell!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Wow did not know that, thanks for the info.

  6. Dawn Avatar

    It’s very interesting to read feedback about these messages actually getting through to the right people, especially the French anti-terrorism man.

  7. […] Source: Can We Change These Tragic Predictions? […]

  8. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Philippines,
    Abu Sayyaf..kidnapped 6 Indonesians sailors..
    Troops deployed.. After 2 Canadians were killed

  9. Laurence Avatar

    Errrm so the UK voted out you said we would remain in ???

  10. Andrew35 Avatar

    Dear Eric, I also have a question about UK referendum vote. The spirits said UK would stay , but people have voted to leave . Is this is it ? Or are there more negotiations and a new referendum ahead? Could you please clarify that with spirits. thank you

    1. Popi Avatar

      Voting was indicative, they are goong to deside in the parliament

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They are wrong. Unless the ‘UK will Stay’ has some other meaning? I already asked them and though they did not say why they were wrong they mentioned to car crashes (market??) and a slow decline of the UK. All of this not good. But for me its a blow too as accuracy is my only reputation.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, here is a list of next? Exits from EU..
        I think ( my opinion )rather than a trade and alliance changed into a Government itself,with power ceded to Brussels..
        Many participants in EU feel that the bad is outweighing the good..
        They were even planning on a EU army… With not individual countries choice of participation.

      2. anthony Avatar

        Well Eric. Here is some advice and listen well. Patience. Patience. Patience. We’re in the abyss so there is a choice. The choice has not been made but right now being forced. Death and destruction is brexix or life or new beginnings. I think united is better than divided. This whole outcome can flip but leadership has to go. When the foxes think they are going to find a hole think again. It’s all part of ascension. Some call if confession. Forgive release and let go. We’re in the abyss till July 4th. Going up or down

      3. A Avatar

        I don’t think the Spirit’s were wrong on the UK vote. I think this shows predictions can change. At the time of the prediction UK was probably leaning toward staying. Maybe you can ask Spirit if they have a way to tell you that the prediction changed? As your process improves I think this will keep occurring. That is, looks like a failed prediction but it really isn’t.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They have on many occasions said that the future is ‘unstable’ and can be altered. That is one of the main reasons for this site because they strongly believe they can hinder the tragedies coming.

      4. Laurence Avatar

        I voted out and would vote out again tomorrow if asked
        I don’t think the UK needs to be in the eu and the NHS and imigration needed nipped in the bud
        The UK will get used to the changes but I for one are looking forward to it
        Switzerland is a prime example of what we can become they are not in the eu have good relations with all countries and financially sound

        The doom and gloom from the people who wanted to remain in today has been a joke

        1. star48 Avatar

          I believe a sovereign country, should decide it’s own destiny..
          Unless there is a referendum where all(100%) citizens
          Are required to vote to give up sovereign rights.
          That is the only way..look to other countries to follow..France,Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway,
          Others eventually..
          the EU has and planed to overstepped its I wrong?

      5. Andrew35 Avatar

        It is not a completely done deal. Yes referendum has voted to leave, but government is not obliged to act on it. The current prime minister will not initiate separation he promised to resign in 3 months and leave it to the new one.The newly elected one might call for a new general election all together. All this might give some time to renegotiate some key details with EU and if there is a will a new referendum might happen. It is a slim chance but could happen.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
        2. star48 Avatar

          based on article 50, there is a two year time period to sever relationship.with EU

          What you are suggesting sounds as if this could thwart the will of the people.
          Surely UK could envoke article 50 and negotiate..during that time period, rather than negate an election..or is that the plan…ignore ,dilute the impact of the election?

      6. Laurence Avatar

        From a political sense it’s hard to believe a word that comes out there mouths they say anything to get in power then go back on there words

      7. Coroico Avatar

        Have they actually “confirmed” they were wrong Eric? As outlined elsewhere here it is still conceivable that the UK could stay in the end…

      8. Daisie Avatar

        The referendum is not legally binding. Will the politicians go through with it and actually put leaving the EU in motion?

      9. Alien Avatar

        or those saying it is not a done deal, actually it is. the government has accepted the vote. The PM has resigned so fresh leadership can come in and work through the process, it will be relatively quick, and other countries will leave as well. It will have a minor effects on the markets, already within moments of them crashing they started to recover. The recovery for the UK will actually be steady, no decline. This has been very obvious and those in the spiritual world I work with have seen it coming for a long time. We are not here to try change things, that is the place that some people go wrong they see an event and they think it is tragic and want to change it. We are here to learn from all events because all events even those you think are tragic are events that are planned in spirit and agreed to by all involved. there is nothing that happens by surprise it is well known.

        Enjoy the show that has begun , it’s going to be a fun one that changes the very belief system of this world and the vibration.

      10. twiceblessed Avatar

        Perhaps they meant “UK will stay” together, was in Great Britain will stay together and not break apart. It appears likely that Scotland and perhaps Northern Ireland will ask to have a vote to leave the UK because they want to be in the EU. Maybe it was more about the future of the UK staying whole and not about staying in the EU.

      11. Maria Avatar

        Maybe spirits are not wrong.
        Lets wait and see what happens by october…

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          We will see.

      12. Mari Avatar

        CNN headline;

        2 dead, several injured in Texas dance studio shooting

        Ps. Eric. Maybe spirits are not wrong about UK staying. Lets see what happens by october,,,

      13. benmadigan Avatar

        eric – see my reply above – I appear to have posted it in the wrong place – please move as you see fit
        All the best

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I can’t move it, only remove the comment. Thanks for pointing it out. I would just let it be, but if you want me to erase it let me know.

  11. Christophilos Avatar

    My thought on the situation……………How about if we visualize peace and love for the world? How about if we visualize ALL in the Muslim community realizing that God (Allah) is LOVE and that all are brothers (sisters) made by the one Creator? How about if we visualize ISIS and those types of organizations realizing an epiphany that to kill anyone is to destroy what the Creator has created for His/Her purpose and not to be killed in the name of a religion?
    Wouldn’t all these other things then become unimportant, like the EU vote, etc.?

  12. anthony Avatar

    We need the pope. Otherwise what they cherish will become there worst nightmare. This is the first sign. We need truth honesty love compassion and integrity. Good chance things can be reversed and the eu government throw out and replaced. The uk is in for a very rough ride and they have no ammunition. Trickle down economics. The ones that come clean will be saved.

    1. anthony Avatar

      I’m betting that spirit is not wrong even thou we have had an election.

      1. Laurence Avatar

        I can’t think of anything else the spirits would of been talking about
        Apart from all of the UK countries have remained in euro 2016 so far they’ve all made it to the knockout stage of the competition
        But I’m guessing they don’t really do sports predictions eric ?

  13. star48 Avatar

    an article laying out a view of Why Brexit..

    .Proponents of the choice to leave the EU used nativist and nationalist sentiment to gather votes; EU membership means following more orders from the Brussels assembly and fewer from London, such as those regarding placement of refugees. The policies include a free exchange of labor between EU countries, meaning workers from less-prosperous EU nations are seeking work in Britain.

    The issue of sovereignty, of whether the EU or Britain rules Britain, helped prompt 52 percent of voters Thursday to reject EU membership.

    The vote will also reorder EU priorities and procedures; it will lose a major military and diplomatic power, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German foreign minister, commented, “This looks to be a sad day for Europe and for Britain. ”

    1. benmadigan Avatar

      all that’s true but scotland and northern ireland voted to remain in the EU while England and Wales voted to leave.
      It’s not inconceivable – but let’s see how things develop over the next 2 years of negotiations – that Scotland and Northern ireland remain as the UK in EU while England and Wales exit – Stranger things have happened!!!!
      I do know that EU citizens will not be happy to lose their citizenship especially since they voted to remain and I presume the EU is not happy to lose its citizens.
      PS Scotland is starting negotiations to exit the Uk but remain in the EU

      1. star48 Avatar

        I thought it was only Northern Ireland that overwhelmingly wanted to stay in EU( their window to independence)
        Ireland Is upset because the Friday agreement is in jepeordy..
        Perhaps Scotlands desire of negotiation with EU will spur greater autonomy from Westminster .
        As was originally promised after ’14 referendum .( their window to independence- EU)
        So you can see both Scotland and N. Ireland wanting to stay in EU..was for them having more autonomy / economically, politically. Yet still be under the umbrella of UK..
        (The promises that were given to them during and after the ’14 campaign.)
        Now they feel like n. Ireland…
        I understand the EU from knee jerk considering to make UK an associate member
        Of EU..
        I still see lots of problems as some founding country members of EU are demanding referendums
        All spurred by immigration, economic and other factors., also overreach, loss of sovereignty.

        So for the EU demanding immediately to have UK leave is FEAR, they know that members are disatisfied.
        Wait until the “members get full disclosure on the “new budget” and the new 1 Army, new 1 bank,
        And all the trappings of one country from many..-(- I thought there was a UN already..)

        The rulers of the EU have in my opinion…gone off the rails…

        Watch, as the threaten, cajole ,bully, to keep their power.
        .oh wait they did that in UK referendum campaign-
        Watch it get uglier as more countries want to exit..
        we will all witness the ” truth” of what they will do to keep the agenda, and power..

        I think they realize that they are in trouble and will compound it and close borders…than it will set the stage for “war or we have never seen, they have and are losing control”

        I hope I am wrong..

  14. Dawn Avatar

    As others mention above, the actual process of ‘brexiting’ is somewhat protracted and not necessarily a done deal yet. Full exit could take two years. In that time I believe a huge financial crash and all manner of other major disturbances can happen, and the process could be stymied or aborted, or the people could revolt and effectively beg to change their collective mind (it was quite a narrow victory) as the harsh realities start to bite. This is such a political earthquake that aftershocks are inevitable, legal challenges and protests are already occurring. All of it is unprecedented, so anything cam happen. I believe this isn’t the final say by any means. Just the first poke of the hornet’s nest. Who knows how it will play out Perhaps spirit will prove correct after all. It’s also worth mentioning that the official leaving depends on the invoking of Article 50. Cameron has left that one hanging in the air until after he’s finally left the job several months from now. ‘Months’ are a long time in politics…

  15. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Dawn,
    maybe the announcement of EU army,EU bank, etc.
    Will be an eye opener.
    .as delayed announcements of what was planned…held back so the electorate did not have a full picture will alleviate the angst .- Of the people– upset with the results..

    1. Dawn Avatar

      Very interesting! The Leave campaigners in their turn have already been backtracking on some of their pledges. We really are on the precipice of monumental turmoil and uncertainty in all directions. In the long term that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everything new brings an overturning of the old order which is always painful. When we look back at history, all the forging of principles and winning of liberation, all the good stuff we admire now, were at the time enormously stressful, harrowing, impoverishing, dangerous, frightening. Many people lost out in the swirl of events far greater than themselves. It’s easy to forget how hard those huge historical shift periods must have been in people’s everyday life, even if we like the eventual outcome.

      My view of the Referendum was that neither side could be seen as ‘right/wrong good/bad, but a choice of differing serious challenges either way, in a world that was going to be turbulent no matter what. Either result could be perceived in time to be a mistake. And with the vote so evenly split, half the country would hate the result and point fingers at the other, whatever transpired. It’s a seismic moment in history. I hold to the hope that it’s the first step towards a refreshed, more awakened world even if I won’t like what I find in my daily life. I’m trying to focus on feeling exhilaration rather than fear and not being drawn into the rancour and ugliness that’s flying about. What’s that Chinese proverb again?…

      Very interesting indeed!

      1. star48 Avatar

        that is not a Chinese proverb it is a curse.
        ” May you live in interesting times “

      2. Dawn Avatar

        Star48: yes I know what it is. I assumed that readers would be sophisticated enough to get the reference, which I alluded to in my opening and closing lines.

  16. star48 Avatar

    SWC, a synopsis of status of Fortune mag..

  17. Mary Avatar

    Star, SWC,

    what is the real main reason for Prime Minister to resign the day after the voting “to leave” EU? Why so suddenly for him to resign?

    1. star48 Avatar

      he has lost credibility,support…his power has been compromised.
      You will see a wave of resignations…on all fronts..

      1. Mary Avatar

        That’d be very confusing as I cannot imagining if it’s like that in USA. Sounds crazy and scary. :/ (I’m closing my eyes.)

        Praying for Britain to stay strong during these tough time.

      2. Mari Avatar

        hi mary
        How are you? We are havimg lot
        of rain here. I had a small headache today but not bad
        Overall pretty good.
        How are you feeling this
        week? Pretty good?
        Would u be ok with adding
        to your pain journal to make
        a note each time
        of the pressure system(an L or an H)
        each time you get pain ,,,
        like noting whether a high
        or low barometric system
        affects your pain and
        if either high or low pressure
        makes pain worse? I will do it too. Let me know,
        have a great nite!

      3. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari, I was just thinking about you and wondering if you had any major headache. No migraines. I think one time but just for a short time in one day. Maybe it was Sunday. Either afternoon or late evening. But I’m good. Is that weird that you and I had similar patterns? Lol…not sure why.

        The energies are “calm” or neutral. No tension. I’ve monitored the earthquake lives regular. It seems a little quiet now.

        We have rains here in Dallas. My daughter was in flooding up to tires in downtown. She managed to escape driving into neighborhood. But I don’t think it’s bad as compare to West Virginia. Stay safe in NYC! ♡


      4. Mary Avatar

        Sorry Mari. I forgot to add. I definitely will be glad to write down on daily headache Journal. Great idea to compare the notes! 🙂

  18. star48 Avatar

    SWC, interesting side note..
    European Union officials say Britain doesn’t need to send formal letter to trigger 2-year countdown to its exit from EU; can be statement from PM David Cameron – Reuters

    Alert note came out EU says Tuesday is enough time..
    Meanwhile Kerry is rushing over..

  19. star48 Avatar

    SWC, EU,
    EU envoys who met Sunday have agreed there will be no ‘pre-negotiations’ with UK before Article 50 is triggered, French source says – Reuters

  20. star48 Avatar

    Mary, here is list of resignations just from labor..
    Chart: UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet is down to just 8 remaining pre-Brexit lawmakers – Sky News

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info

  21. star48 Avatar

    SWC, interesting tidbit..
    Head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party blames European Council President Donald Tusk for Britain’s Leave result, says, ‘A particularly dark role was played by Donald Tusk, who conducted negotiations with the British and in fact contributed to them getting nothing’ – Reuters

  22. rhona Avatar

    Star48 and Dawn …please may i respectfully and with kindness correct the Chinese curse / is actually not frim China a man calked Chamberlain got it confused with ine ti do with a dogs life…I remember my mum abd brother discussing it many years ago ..thought i would add for interest

    1. star48 Avatar

      thank you , gently done. I stand corrected…

  23. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 your welcome

  24. Mari Avatar

    Totally wrong place to post but i am on iphonr
    in new york city
    There was a reference to bill or william
    assassination attempt.,,
    Mayor bill deblasio in big corruption
    scandal involving
    52 million dollars. People are angry
    because word
    is there wont be an indictment.,,

  25. star48 Avatar

    Mari, Mary,
    I had pulled this article for you.,from
    I cannot find your original thread where you began to talk about headaches etc.
    Thought you would appreciate..
    CAN HUMANS SENSE MAGNETIC FIELDS? People who claim to experience headaches and other sensations during geomagnetic storms are routinely dismissed as “kooks.” Yet new research by geophysicist Joe Kirschvink of Caltech shows that rotating magnetic fields can alter human brain waves. If this research holds up to scrutiny and verification, humans may be added to the list of other creatures such as bees, dogs, and birds that can sense the magnetism all around us. Read all about it here:…

    1. Mari Avatar

      Thank u star48. Another thing
      to keep track of and note for is.
      Isnt there supposed to be a pole
      shift coming. We are in one now that
      is gradual so
      this makes sense but i have read that
      at some point the shift will quicken
      and be devastating

  26. Luna tic Avatar

    Explosions at the main airport in Istanbul, Turkey (reports of gunfire as well), Praying for peace!!!

  27. star48 Avatar

    SWC, 5 Islamic State members arrested over planned attack on densely populated tourist areas in Beirut, Lebanon, following army intervention, officials say – Reuters

  28. Shannon Avatar

    I just got an update from another psychic who feels an attack is going to happen here in the US around the 4th of July celebrations.

    Does Spirit warn you of anything similar in nature to happen soon?

  29. star48 Avatar

    Eric, regarding Lou ( Louvre?)
    Another burning car…I believe it is the second incident since attack..and warning from spirit.
    Photo: Car on fire outside Paris’ Louvre Museum – @olivergee23

  30. star48 Avatar

    update on Brexit.,
    Cameron resigning on Wednesday.

    David Cameron to step down as UK prime minister on Wednesday; Theresa May to succeed him – BBC News

  31. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Just released information from end of July!

    Muslims Firebomb bus in PARIS

  32. Luna tic Avatar

    Eric, Star, SWC, Hurricane Earl was previously Invest 97L which I found means investigative area on or around July 29th. I wonder if the Spirits Voice is saying when these events are forming instead of the date when they actually happen. It has been 6 days and tomorrow should hit Mexico making it a month and a day from the date of the prediction (on July 4th) if we can use that date as part of the clue. 41-0-0. could it mean 4th, in 1 month, now, now, using one month as the time line for the event to actually happen for the new predictions process in posting only the “now” event? At least that is what I have found for the Mexico Hurricane event. I will try and continue to see if I can figure out a pattern so we can narrow the time frame to help in getting the word out.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Luna tic, sounds great..! Keep at it..Patterns are the key!

  33. star48 Avatar

    important Message from “Keeper of sacred white Buffalo- calf – pipe..

    ” Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, ask you to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened in America, what we call “Turtle Island.” My words seek to unite the global community through a message from our sacred ceremonies to unite spiritually, each in our own ways of beliefs in the Creator.”

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