Trump Rally Violence

Has the first part of this prediction started, the second part still coming?

Predictions 1-7-16   Sounds like Donald Trump;   I had a visual of the US flag flying high, then it became entangled, crumped up.
“The rich one, the loud one, creates a tone that in turn invokes violence. Violence against others. The top leaders reign ends.. its over.. his place.. no more.”
“Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”



6 thoughts on “Trump Rally Violence

  1. I know everyone is different and has his or hers own preference. However, I believe the GOP Establishment is trying to create havoc during Trumps, rally’s doesn’t anyone think it is strange that all of a sudden trouble is taken place everywhere he goes?? And Mitt Romney voicing his opinion. Where has he been? Today the American people are tired of politicians lying about everything he or she will accomplish. Just my opinion,

  2. It’s true but it’s sad if Trump becomes the president and his model as being rude and distasteful easily influence on all ages in America. People will be more rude in our daily life as my concern.

    Pray it won’t happen. Blessings


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