New Zealand Earthquake

This prediction has happened.  It looks like the visual of the ‘very large bolder rocks’ might be about the cliff falling into the ocean as it shows in the video and not apart of a scenic view.

Predictions 1-16-16   I had a visual of a beach shoreline with very large bolder rocks. Then the visual switched and I was shown a map of an island mass. There where two parts of the land mass, which implies either New Zealand or Japan. Then on the south side of the map there was the earthquake symbol of several rings extending outward.
I had a visual of a crack quickly form across a sidewalk, with a loud popping noise.

The Facts: A 5.8 Earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on 15th February 2016

9 thoughts on “New Zealand Earthquake

      1. Beautiful news! I hear a chorus of angels rejoicing 😉 Diabetes has to be the next breakthrough besides an artificial pancreas as a solution.

  1. This prediction was very accurate. Poor Christchurch copping it again – im heading there in two weeks so hopefully that is the last one they will have for a while

  2. I doubt this has happened, it was a minor quake. Although i do see there is a window open for the south island or chile to have a 6+ this weekend.

    1. I agree. There is a lot of unrest with earthquakes at the moment. I think we are jumping the gun and hope and pray everyone stays safe.

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