Mob at Stockholm Train Station

This prediction has happened.

Predictions on 12-9-15   I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming  back”

Predictions 1-27-16  I had a visual I was watching a train roll by, one of the cars was completely black, and had shadow like figures looming in the window.

They could be implying an evil act involving a train, or the shadows could be a message of death.

The facts 1-30-16:   “Dozens of masked men, thought to be members of neo-Nazi gangs, attacked migrants in Stockholm on Friday night amid rising tension over immigration, Swedish police said.

Video footage showed a number of men dressed in black rampaging in and around the city’s main train station, followed by officers.

Anti-riot police and helicopters were deployed around the centre after hearing that extremists were planning “aggression on unaccompanied migrant minors”. Quoted by:

UPDATE: In other news they are still counting down to an event we predicted, they only implied it would be an ‘attack’. We are coming to the end of the countdown.

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  1. Susan Avatar

    Funny how the original mass sexual assaults of New Years didn’t get any press, nor the rapes and finally the killing of a 22 year old aid worker, but the men who finally stood up to the mobs that were roaming the streets are vilified.

    1. Julia Avatar

      Who on earth could support gangs of neo-nazis? I would hope that they were vilified! As for the New Year’s Eve events, they were publicized.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I agree Julia. Really…Neo Nazis, while attacking the innocent immigrants, are also…”the men who finally stood up to the mobs”? Hmmm what’s wrong with that picture? And yes I saw the assaults on the NYE attacks all over the news also during that time period. Blessings and Prayers

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Guys lets post the actual news article on the assault during the new years. There seems to be a back and forth on what the facts are.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was in the news

  2. Popi Avatar

    About these mass sexual assaults, please allow me to have some reservations…,
    How on earth this happened in a city with so much police surveillance by police and cameras and nobody saw something when 1000 migrants attempt ed this?
    How on earth this never happened in Athens Greece that there are more than 500.000 migrants and many of these men in the streets and the city is always full of people celebrating every night? Its full of young Greek ladies too!
    Athens is a city that never sleeps!
    Yesterday though downtown Athens 12 German men from the nazi party came to Athens to support Greek fascists and they were beaten and sent to the hospital by the anti fascism movement.
    Danish have make a law to take the jewelry of the refugees…..
    What is next? A new Auswits?
    I am really very worried for the road that humanity is taking.

    Why this happened in Germany?
    And do you know that in 2015 nazis have burned up to 800 migrants camps?

    Swastica Eric unfortunately its a very alive monster around Europe and they use the refugees to increase their audience.

    I urge you to think about these questions…..

    1. Susan Avatar

      If you have any doubts as to the veracity of the mass sexual assaults, simply google/you tube “Cologne new years”, or”Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass”, or”Muslim rape wave in Sweden” to understand the problem of mass muslim immigration.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Fear brings out the worst of us.

  3. Susan Avatar

    Cologne police initially said new years went off very well, until hundreds of women began reporting assaults. The police chief was forced to resign January 8th. If you haven’t seen you tube videos of the absolute chaos, people shooting AT the cathedral, etc, then you cannot imagine the terror. The police had to release cuffed suspects because there was nowhere to put them. Women had their clothes ripped from them, or were gang molested and robbed of their purses and phones. Some gang raped. Men with their wives and daughters were helpless. One woman suffered permanent disfiguration from having a firework put into her clothing. A disgrace. I am simply not surprised at the blowback, my friends. No judgement.

    1. Peter223 Avatar

      Susan, you have my support!
      I am really getting angry that anyone who adresses the real events is put aside as a nazi or racist. That is missing the point! People are extremely worried for their future and that of their children. That is NOT racism!! Open you’e eyes and see that the Christian way of living is in grave danger. Setting aside all those who want to protect that as nazi’s is shamefull..
      That is what I call black and white thinking.

  4. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    The assaults by “neo-Nazis” are in reaction to the predations of the Muslims for which the police don’t react, the government suppresses and the press tries to hide. Europe is turning fascist, but not from pissed off Europeans, but from barbaric Muslims who are taking over sections of the continent. I sometimes wonder about the politics of these spirits.

    1. Popi Avatar

      You first need to worry how you lost contact with the inner God!
      I am really sorry for you Mr

      1. Susan Avatar

        Thomas Wolke is incredibly intelligent, and you should take a lesson, Popi. My inner God says nothing about allowing large numbers of hostile immigrants to rape and terrorize freely, and make it illegal to tell the truth. Popi
        I suggest you go down to your local church soon and stop relying on your inner God, because he is leading you astray. Thank you Thomas Wolke for your contribution.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Everyone: I understand the very heated debate, and love to read the back and forth. I agree with Thomas that the actions of a few Muslims have invoked a tone of hate, which explains why the Nazis are back. I can’t imagine condoning any violence I don’t care who it is. But I have to remind everyone to respect the beliefs of others. Please reframe from insulting some ones personal belief in God. We all have different beliefs telling someone to “go down to your local church soon and stop relying on your inner God, because he is leading you astray” and “You first need to worry how you lost contact with the inner God!” is crossing a line from heated debate to disrespect. I enjoy all of you as dedicated fans, please respect other peoples beliefs and culture and leave God out of it.

  5. rhona Avatar

    SWC….All evil works toward good.
    Yes even the worst of us are lessoning the rest of us…
    This statement Does Not in Anyway excuse this type of crime-
    but it certainly adds truth and visibility to areas in humanity that are old school thought.
    How are we to progress?
    Kill everyone we
    Disagree with?
    Where is the right in this?
    Neo Nazi- established fact
    Hostile Immigrants – presumption of the mass being hostile
    I see an infection in society that has been suppurating too long..Like a boil needing will pop! – then a clean dressing changed regularly till healed
    I form no judgement in your statements between the lines i read people who do not believe in other
    harming others we are on the same page different paragraph.
    The book is not finished yet lets say we
    Pen an acceptable outcome and make it reference encyclopeidia for the future generations…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well said Rhona. God help us all if we start rationalizing why its okay to single out persons for harm due to their race, religion, looks etc This article (brown shirts) reminded me of this situation and the “brown patch”, (maybe it had a number 4 on it?) Post a while back… I think it was from an old prediction about an assassination. I’ll have to look for it. Bless You

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Here it is Rhona. It was suppose to have happened maybe.

  6. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 Thats an intersting observation you have pointed out…It certainly fits…I wish we could place the 4….i might dig a little on that one …
    I like you and many others fail to see how any of this type of regime can work it didnt win in the past and it sure wont win now or in the future ..It seems a minority group/s such as these use the regime they are members of to vent personel disfuction …Some really believe they are doing good ,so goes the human psyci…Its just so old it feels ancient a time warp…
    I wonder when they will realise they dont have to do this …how much have they suffered to motivate them too such hate ..what is the fear…yes we all have survival instincts but irradication of innocents is not the solution to basic fear …
    Thanks for the articles Jules…enjoy your Sunday always love and light to you and those you pove

  7. Popi Avatar

    I am really sorry if you think that God is somewhere out there waiting in a Church for us to go and find Him! God is inside us ! There is not any Church in the world that will help you find God if you carry hate inside you for a group of people.
    God is in every simple act of kindness,every little child that is going to be drawn in the crossing of the aegean sea and was saved, every bottle of milk that we gave them , in every set dry clothes we give. Its like if Jesus came at your doorstep with dirty clothes and hungry and you did not accept him because it is not as you expectet him.
    I really hope you will understand this one day.May God help you find the truth. Have a nice Sunday

  8. Yrla Avatar

    Last time I commented here, we were talking about the muslim massinvasion into Europe and Sweden. I talked about how I was more afraid of different racistgroups here (in Sweden) and how the hatred has become common in many peoples lifes. Then I was called naive and someone commenting here hoped, for my own sake, that I would be killed early on when the civil disorder started. That comment made me sad, mostly beacuse I am getting used to people having no limits in what they say to others, and sometimes it is not even contained to the internet.
    Since then, the Swedish government has been struggling hard to take in and help all the people that has come here to seek asylum. Old empty schools that were thought to be housings for the refugees got burnt down, the political party Sverigedemokraterna (the Swedish democratsparty) went to Greece with flyers telling the refugees not to come to Sweden, because here they could not wear burka or niqab in public (not true), they could not find meat slaughtered halal (also not true), and that they would have to live in tents, even through cold winter (somewhat true, there was a tentcamp up for a couple of weeks, but if someone hadn’t burned down so many houses intended to house the refugees, then tents wouldn’t been necessary at all) . And if they got asylum it would only be for a short period of time, because when the Sverigedemokraterna gets single ruling in the parliament, they will throw everyone out anyway.
    Since then, the hotel here in my small village has turned into housings for those waiting for asylum. The kids have started school, some of the grownups have found jobs and everybody is learning as best as they can to speak swedish and prepare themselves for their new lives here. Most of the village has greet these people with love and compassion. And we get the same love and compassion back. Of course everything isn’t grand and dandy, but they have a warm bed to sleep in, and the kids don’t cry themselves to sleep every night. And most importantly, they have hope. Hope for a future for them and their kids.
    What happened in Stockholm this weekend is so sad. As it seems today, after I read reports in swedish media, is that these young men handing out flyers outside the Centralstation, and beat up innocent people in the central parts of the city, have connections to neo-nazist groups and football houligan groups.
    After the attacks in Köln and similar attacks a few years back in Stockholm, the racistgroups have taken the events and turned them into a question of racism and culture, more than an issue about how men treat women, making I told you so points out of it. As I am concerned that is what will happen with this weekends events in Stockholm.
    If we let the muslims come, civil disorder will break out, and now they create that. A self fulfilling prohecy, if you may.
    Apologies for my english, and if you wish that I would die or so, you don’t have to say that to my face. Because even over the internet, it is in my face. I do welcome debate, though… 🙂

    1. Popi Avatar

      Well said! Glad to read your thoughts and point of view ❤️
      We can’t allow this to happen by the nazis in Europe because this will be the blackest page of human history as we know exactly what happened in the past and we can’t pretend we did not know…

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Yrla, you have made a good point here. It is obvious that you are full of compassion and love for your fellow human being and I find it disgusting that someone on this site previously has said to you that they wished you would die. I hope Eric has blocked them from spewing their hatred since then. Yes we are all in a different place than another but this type of language is immature and uncalled for. On another note…I can only hope and pray that should my family and I who live in the US ever become refugees due to a natural disaster, war, etc…that we would be welcomed with open arms love and compassion from the countries around us. I don’t believe most people realize how easily it could be themselves as the refugee. Blessings to You Yrla

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Which thread did they threaten you on! No that is not allowed on my site. No one should be threatening people.

      1. Yrla Avatar

        I don’t think it was meant to be a threat. It was a man who wrote that he hoped for my sake that when the civil disorder breaks out, I would die early on so I wouldnt have to live in a world ruled by muslims. The tone in discussions in social media in Sweden have become crude and hard and I have received threats to my person that I took harder than this one. It is a method used to scare people to shut up. And it wasn’t so much the wish that I would die that made me sad. It was the method in it. And that I have got used to being called names and threats of rape and death. Even if it is on the internet and you write stuff behind your screen, it is still in my face when I read them. When we post comments, here and elsewhere, we have to think about how we write, and how the readers will read. Everyone has a right to their thoughts and beliefs, of course, but that also means that when you tell the world your thoughts and beliefs, there will be others with other thoughts. And this is when discussion happens, and that is when you get the chance to hear other views on things, and you might learn something new. I learn so much from this site, views of life from all over the world. Don’t shut up, but talk to me as you would if I was in the room with you. 🙂

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Well I am very sorry it happened on my site. That is totally unacceptable for the person who wrote it and for myself for not noticing. You have my deepest apology, no one here should ever talk to you or any one else like that. This site serves the broader world and I try to insist that everyone show decency and respect as we try to alter the predictions I write, I need everyone united to accomplish my mission of change, I clearly failed in this instance. I totally agree with you. In todays world fear trumps all areas, pushing decency, compassion and respect to the sideline. We need to get back to the practice of treating others as we would want to be treated.

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can you guys please forward the thread or post made about this threat. No is allowed to threaten people here on this site! I am very very sorry that I allowed that. I try to read through all the comments but now days that is hard to do. I really want to read that thread if anyone can remember where it is. Sorry again, that is un excusable.

    5. Yrla Avatar

      Eric, I found the thread…
      If you still are among the living is the right quote…

  9. rhona Avatar

    Yrla i remember the comment someone made to you ….uncalled for and calous…reading your comment is informative and thought provoking….thank you wishing the sadness created in you by this person and all you are surrounded with will someday pass …in.the meantime hold your head high and know you are heard in a positive way by many reading and inputing on this web site…many blessings to you and your country…

  10. swampy11 Avatar

    Rhona, Popi, Jules104, Yrla: I have to go with you, too, on all that. Fear and self-loathing fuel these acts of hatred. Finding targets for that by rationalizing disrespect blinds you to your God-given self. You all said it so well about love, compassion and knowing God and I thank you!

  11. Susan Avatar

    Dear Popi, please don’t patronize me. My point is that the nazi sentiment would not erupt if the immigrant men did not treat every non muslim woman like a piece of meat that was asking to be raped because they used perfume and were uncovered. It is sad that the authorities allow so many immigrants in without even vetting their backgrounds, without asking if they are willing to support their foster country, without even the most rudimentary documentation! It is a disservice to the women of Europe to allow overwhelming amounts of men from a theocracy that believe that women are only half as intelligent as men (in Somalia the average IQ is 68, in Sweden 99), without warning them that they cannot manhandle, spit upon, and beat half to death the women of Europe during gang rapes. If you think someone who tells you the truth about the origin of the nazi movement, and you dismiss his intelligent discourse because you say his “inner God” is failing, you need to be reminded that the Church is the foundation of religion, and you are playing into the hands of those that want a compliant, dumbed down, anti-religious population(read:communist), which are easier to lead by the nose into sacrificing their heritage to the needs of the elite class. Jesus did not preach peace and love alone. He preached forgiveness, but he drove the moneylenders physically from the church because the Church is meant to be holy. Is Jesus bad because he drove the moneylenders from the Church with violence? No. Inner God? No. Inner righteousness, yes.

  12. Julia Avatar

    Well said, Yrla, Popi, Rhona and Swampy11. We in Canada are still, for the most part, very welcoming. There are a few who think we should help our homeless and veterans first, but these are usually people who don’t help anyone but themselves. I’m a Unitarian and we’ve been sponsoring refugees as far back as the Vietnamese boat people and are currently waiting to sponsor six Syrian families. What the bigots don’t realize is that these people want nothing more than to fit in, get jobs, and support their families. I’m friends with Afghani and Palestinian Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, and Eritrean Christians. What they all have in common is a desire to live in peace and are so very thankful to escape the horrors they’ve left behind. They become Canadian citizens at the first opportunity. That said, because we are in North America, our immigration has been more tightly controlled. Our former prime minister (good riddance!) had a different attitude but Justin Trudeau is a compassionate man and is welcoming 25,000 government sponsored, plus many private sponsored refugees. I hope that the clash between desperate refugees and resentful Europeans doesn’t boil over into something horrible.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the article. Very sad indeed Popi. Blessings

  13. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    It doesn’t surprise me that the radical fringe of a society takes advantage of chaos to act out their agenda. It’s how the Nazis assumed power. But even if those who attacked the “refugees” in Stockholm are “neo-Nazis”, it still doesn’t address the main issue. Kindness is a great virtue, but anyone who has, for example, helped out to feed the poor knows that not everyone is grateful. Some are genuinely hostile because they’ve lost their dignity and are now dependent on charity. Consider, then, those who have arrived in Europe because good-hearted Europeans genuinely want to help. These are people of a vastly different culture who cannot be assimilated without giving up the very foundations of their belief system. Moreover, they look upon their benefactors, not only with resentment in many cases, but as infidels whom Allah would want dead. So while it’s fine to help those in need, it’s a mistake to absent rational thought about the consequences. From what I’ve read, Swedes regard themselves as morally superior and so want to demonstrate it by assuming the values of multi-culturalism. And to them, anyone who does consider the consequences of importing thousands if not millions of people whose values and behavior are so primitive and barbaric must be a racist. Sweden and the rest of Europe are suffering the depredations of these young, male Muslims (over 80% are military age males, most have low IQ’s, and many have various physical defects because in Islam, most people marry first cousins) because they wanted to feel self-righteous even when they knew that these are the kinds of people who threw the Christians overboard at sea, who regard any woman not in a burqa as a whore to be assaulted, who defecate on the street, who attack Jewish cemeteries, and so forth. As for the inner God, that merely means that you do your duty to protect yourself and your countrymen with love and not hatred. If mankind is ever to progress spiritually and morally, then resisting evil is of paramount importance. Europe is on a suicide path to the destruction of Western Civilization. The truly sad part is that the population has been so indoctrinated with cultural Marxism that they loathe their own culture and history. And those few who want to preserve their nations, their culture and their very lives are labled “neo-Nazis” whether they are or not because it’s a convenient label to demonize you deem morally inferior. Those who can’t discern the difference between Nazis and defenders of Western Civilization need to carefully consider where their blindness will lead. Oh, and thank you, Susan.

  14. jules104 Avatar

    Thomas I think you have made very good points here but, in my opinion the initial conversation was speaking directly on the article Eric attached of Neo Nazi gangs attacking “migrants”. There has to be a better way of dealing with the problem at hand then that, or else you just become part of the problem. I myself was not inferring that just because someone questions the consequences of “importing” mass amounts of refugees into their country means they are a racist or bigot. And from what I’ve read neither was anyone else. No any sane person would question the consequences. Its specifically in reference to the “Neo-Nazi Gangs” which some of us here on this site found offensive when they were described as “the men who finally stood up to the mobs who were roaming the streets”. In reference to the article, these were not men standing up to any mob roaming the streets. These were masked Neo-Nazi Gangs specifically planning and targeting, attacking refugees at the train station. Again, you have made very good thought provoking points Thomas..but there needs to be a better way of dealing with this issue or else we all become barbaric and part of the problem. Blessings

    1. Thomas Wolke Avatar

      I certainly don’t condone vigilante attacks, Jules, but if you read the pamphlet the perpetrator’s (variously described as “neo-Nazis” or “soccer hooligans”) passed out, you can understand their motivation. By all accounts, the train station was taken over by Moroccan street kids (mostly teens but as young as nine) who stole from, harassed, groped, and assaulted travelers. The police arrested three of the “masked” vigilantes and released them later uncharged. Nobody was seriously hurt, so I suspect this whole episode was overblown. Bear in mind that these men would not have randomly selected the train station hoping to find the occasional immigrant hanging around. They knew there was a problem there that the police were not addressing. (One cop said he wouldn’t allow any of his family near the train station because of the street gangs.) My worry is that if the government does not do its duty to protect its citizens from the barbarians they’ve imported, then the rougher fringes of society will. Maybe this will motivate the authorities to do their job. You might have seen the story of the Muslim gang raping the 10 year old boy in Sweden. When the cops came, the mob attacked them and the cops ran for it. As mentioned, there are whole sections of Sweden that are effectively off-limits to Swedes, including the police. That same condition prevails in parts of France, Belgium and Germany.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        So sad. It grieved God when He saw his innocence children being raped like Muslim gang raped a 10 years old boy. I hear his screaming and crying from his pains they did this to him. It has to stop this madness. They are just kids and so innocence. I can’t take this. But if I have a sword, I will kill the monsters instantly. I will let God judges me if I’m wrong. My duty is to protect the innocence and destroy the evils. There is no honor to harm innocence people, especially young children.

  15. swampy11 Avatar

    Well said, Jules104.

  16. Yrla Avatar

    When did a gang rape a ten year old boy? I read swedish media eveyday and have never heard anything about this. There was a photograph of a hurt young child with blonde hair circulating social media some months ago. That photo was said was of a young boy been gangraped by muslim men. It later turned out that the child in the photo was from England and had been badly hurt in a dog attack. Last fall when people started giving clothes and donating money, reports spread that european immigrants had raided a place handing out clothes to the refugees. Many got angry and spread hate on social media. But when reporters started asking around, talking to people that worked there, they said that all was calm, no raid. People assosciated with the Sverigedemokraterna are running some, I believe there is more than one, internetbased newspaper called Fria Tider. Fria Tider reported last week of a muslim man harassing women in the streets and in bath houses. But no witnesses or victims can be found, ordinary newspapers have written nothing about it. I have friends and close family members that read Fria Tider and other hatespreading sites, and don’t bother to doublecheck the source, have more media written about the events and so on. They believe that all muslims are evil and bad and only breathe to do others harm. I say, well, we are all people. And some people do bad things. I have had a rough life. I have been abused, raped and hurt. Harassed in the street and in my workplace. None of them were muslim. All were Swedes. With the logic of this weekends attacks in Stockholm, we only hurt the refugees beacuse they hurt our women, there would be a few Swedish men awaiting my revenge. I have hated them for what they did to me. But, the hatred didn’t heal me. It only got me more angry and scared and destructive. I am healed now, because I met someone who loves me for what and who I am. Love healed me, and that is why I give out nothing but love to those that happen to be around me. We have become friends with a family from Syria, awaiting asylum. They are in the same age as me, their kids are in the same age as mine. They have read the same books, watched the same movies and the life they had in Syria before the war was very similar to ours. When I talk to people, it sometimes seems that they believe that the refugees can’t read, don’t speak english and everyone has lived in a hut with a goat in the desert. I have met a woman who worked as a dj in Syria before the war. We must stop sharing the hate, and get to know the people around us. Last fall there was a schoolkilling in Trollhättan. A young man got tired of all the brown people and went into a school with knifes and swords and started attacking. Three people are dead now. That was a silent week in social media. Noone shared anything from Fria Tider, then Paris happened and it was ok to hate muslims and all refugees are bad and the I told you so started overflowing my facebookwall again. In my little village we say hi to eachother when we meet in the street. We help eachother with everyday things, and in many ways live the way many Swedes want. The old ways, when everybody knew eachother and no strangers were allowed. Many say that is the reason they voted for the Sverigedemokraterna. When I tell them that we have a refugeehousing here, they sigh and say, so it is not as calm anymore? More violence and crime? No, it is not as calm anymore. We have more parties, there are more kids out playing, more people in our shops, the churches are full… It is easy to have a view on things, to be an expert. I tend to do that mistake too. But I have learned that things are not always what it seems to be, and to really know, you have to talk to people with different views and experiences than yours. And to be open for differencies.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      What a blessing to the world you are Yrla. Peace, Love and Light Your Way 😇

  17. rhona Avatar

    While some of us are intellectualizing Popi and Yrla are experiencing..
    I value their feedback and admire their outlook….
    I can only speak for myself being an observer, I have not the intellectual learned experience of you Thomas Wolke or the practicle experience of Popi and Yrla…but the man in the middle often has the best view….
    not view point…
    My view is the experiences of Popi and Yrla and the attitude they have towards it will do so much more good in a hands on way than any of our intellectualizing…They are on the front line and in my opinion well placed…
    There is not only room for both intelligent analyses and practicle experience its essential at this crucial turn in social development of humanity ..
    These are my thoughts

    1. jules104 Avatar

      And what good and wonderful thoughts they are Rhona. Well said. Blessings All SWC

  18. Popi Avatar

    Thought of the day girls❤️

    Nikos Kazantzakis Greek Writer of the 20th century :
    “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”

    Have a nice day everyone 🌹

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the links Popi. I voted. These all are definite heroes in my opinion and deserve the Noble Peace Prize!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks Popi, Aimilia Kamvisi is a truly great person. Wow its a reminder that the world can still be great. She represents everything humanity should be.

  19. Popi Avatar

    I am sorry Eric if I crossed the line, it’s because there is a huge pressure on Greece from other countries to push back the refugees and let them drown 😒 We the people, no matter what finally the government desides,refuse to participate in such a crime against humanity.

    1. Harvey Avatar

      What!??? That’s slaughtered!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I agree fear seems to have taken over so many of our actions in the here and now. Thanks

      1. Harvey Avatar

        So sad for the helpless refugees. There Shouldn’t Be Fear. I’m shocked for they don’t care if they drowned. I’m speechless. Is this how we treat our people like that? I’m dismayed as if they only think of themselves and not other lives at stake just to be safe from slaughter towns in Syria. It’s not human being to send the refugees back. I’m still in shocked and aches for fearful people. I’m not comfortable being around with people that put themselves at first and others last. Just sad. Send a prayer for all, especially show merciful to the helpless and unfortunate ones. They are the ones that God paid closely attention to. The monster evil ones are the very least for God shares His concerns. The attitude and selfish ones that God will take care of that. He ain’t too happy but the lesson will be tough when their times come.

  20. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    It’s certainly commendable to have sympathy for refugees. However, in most conflict zones, refugees are housed in camps on the margins of the danger zone until it’s safe to return. What we have in Europe is not so much a flow of refugees as it is a mass migration. Many of these Muslims aren’t even from Syria or Iraq. Moreover, the vast majority are military age men. Their objective is to take advantage of Europe’s welfare state benefits and most do. To reiterate what I indicated before, the cultural gap between their cultural and religious values and that of the Europeans is vast. Such disparities typically result in conflict. These European (and under Obama, America) countries have relinquished control over their borders and are importing vast numbers of unvetted Muslims, some of whom have proven to be terrorists. Given the demographics, i.e.,the far higher fertility rate of the Muslims and their mass migration, by 2050 or so, many of these countries will cease to be European and will be given over to Islam. The sane solution would have been for the Europeans to turn back the wave of migrants and to finance additional refugee camps along the borders of Syria, or to insist that the rich Arab Gulf states do their share in housing the refugees. So far, they haven’t taken in any. Compassion is fine. But when it is unaccompanied by common sense, the results can be disastrous.

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Wow…I read one of the psychic I forget his name that he predicted Europe will no longer exist. Islam takes over and soon the globally. I need to find that info. Some of his predictions were true. He predicted as far as 3500 almost like Nastromdus II. He’s dead now.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        His name was Baba Vanga, the Belgium prophetess. She was blind at age 2 from deadly tornado. The mud got into her eyes. She was found several days later.

    2. Yrla Avatar

      There could be many reasons why young men are highly represented among those that flee. It is easier for one person to make it safely, people are walking to get to Europe, sleeping outdoors, going over the sea in small boats and no life wests, it is a dangerous journey. They are young and do not have a family of their own yet, it is easier to leave when you only have yourself to take care of. And with that said, many families with small children also makes the same journey as the young men. Only looking to myself, I would think things over many times and be really desperate to take my family to the road and the overcrossing to Greece. The young men flee cause they don’t want to fight for Daesh, or in the state army. I have met young men that speak of this, and they say that one of the reasons that they wanted to come to Europe is that they don’t want to live in a strict muslim society. They want to listen to music, do young people stuff. They don’t want muslim laws or a muslim society. That’s what they fled from! That and the terror of walking down the street watching people being beheaded for breaking Daesh laws, and knowing that next time it could be me. When people choose to come, for whatever reason, we must help. Maybe there are hidden terrorists among the refugees, but does that mean that we should shut everybody out? Push them back into the sea? This is not easy, and it doesn’t have an easy fix. It will take a lot of the European people and our leaders, and it will be hard, but we have to do it. Not hoping that Turkey or the rich arabstates will take more responsiblity. People will still come, even if we build fences, or try to find ways that justify not giving them asylum and sending them back, they will still come, that’s how desperate things are. We are all people, religion and nationality are changeable, if you want to, the one thing we all have in common is that we are human.

    3. Popi Avatar

      If we need to speak with numbers in order to see lets do that, arab countries like Jordan approaches to 1 million in the camp! You need to read The truth from officials

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Compassion and sympathy is not commendable, its the right thing to do, treat others as we would want to be treated.

      1. Popi Avatar

        Well said Eric ❤️

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I agree Popi. Blessings

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, regarding this line from your post..? ( I hope not…)
    UPDATE: In other news they are still counting down to an event we predicted, they only implied it would be an ‘attack’. We are coming to the end of the countdown

    Alert sent for US personnel in Stockholm to avoid crowded places..


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