Predictions on 12-27-15

I had a visual of an airplane completely destroyed on the ground.

I had a visual of a red target sign.

“Eastern Europe.. Russia”

Previous Prediction: Predictions on 12-4-15 “Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

This prediction fall under the ‘next’ category and is expected soon.

Spirit also said “Before the clock strikes 12 the dark ones (terrorist) have plans to do harm.”

In other news: I had a visual of a large pole and at the top was a queens crown.

Note the symbol pole vs poll.


35 thoughts on “Predictions on 12-27-15”

  1. Maybe my English is not correct guys Antony and Lou?

    But I do speak almost 5 languages so if you help me i can improve my English

    Have a nice and peaceful day everyone

    1. Hi Popi …. your English is fine. 🙂 If you were replying to my Cancer post, it was a light hearted reply to Anthony’s Virgo post. I was curious if someone would catch on to that and make a ‘Libra’ post or another sign. Sort of my way to lighten things up a bit. 🙂

  2. Eric,
    What do you think happened with the imminent attack associated with the words “Belgium” from last week? Do you think thats still coming? I thought I remember you saying your site is no place for political and religious views?? Now your personal take is predicting presidents?…hmm. For the record hope your take on that is wrong or God help us all. I pray every day for a good honest leader with a GOD loving and God fearing heart and soul. I dont care about political parties or taking sides.

    1. As for the second part I am a bit confused. We have been predicting elections from the beginning, We predicted Obamas re-election, and elections in Malaysia, Australia, Venezuela. The predictions are apart of world affairs and set the stage of the future. The power of change still holds true here, imagine what we could have done if we could warn the world of Hitler. Even with the Malaysia prediction we warned that electing Razak would lead to extensive corruption and it all has unfolded. However for everyone out there understand that the Spirits have no reason to take a side they do not live in the US, Venezuela, or Malaysia, they have no reason to take a side. I have and always will ask for people who comment on this site to respect the culture and opinions of other people, several times people have disrespected others beliefs and opinions especially religious ones. I want us all here to be united in changing the future, and discord does not help.
      Here are those predictions: Notes on 03-15-13 / President Obama is Re-elected Summary of P 7 / Venezuela Elections

      1. Really??? Does that mean Obama make 3rd term as President of US? I wouldn’t mind if he continues to be President next 4 more years. That’d be nice.


  3. Eric … would you please paint us a mental image of what the ‘red target’ looked like. A red target could be so many different things from the Target store to various target designs. Perhaps the design of the target you saw is a clue?

  4. Hi Eric,
    Dunno if you have heard the news today, but upper Canadian region, or Iceland, or Greenland is expecting a superstorm from the current Winter Storm Goliath that is to cause a 50 degree increase in temperature and flood either the UK or perhaps Canada.

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