Predictions on 12-19-15

“Next.. Meteor!”

A message that the Meteor prediction is around the corner. That implies the San Francisco earthquake is also around the corner because they said in the past that the events would happen around the same time. The number 1-30 could be January, which puts in question, what does 5 mean? We still question whether or not we are talking about Spain or Brazil.

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

I also asked about the meteor prediction. Where would the meteor land?
“In the location of the Portuguese” — Spirits Voice
At first I thought, Spain. Then as we tried to narrow down the location to a city they mentioned the scope of land was very large to cover. I realized they must be talking about Brazil.
“Destructive to the town, such a sad loss of life.”
I had a visual of glass being swept up. There was glass and debris everywhere.


“In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”

They confirmed the location by saying LA, they also symbolically referred to the ‘mad one’ as a mad max.

Thanks for all those who shared the information about the Canadian prediction. It was one of the most shared prediction posted on this site. Your reaction to get the information out and bring awareness to everyone was refreshing to see.

We asked about a more clearer location and they showed rivers. Also perhaps ‘for 24’ might also be April 24th, but that’s just a thought. The prediction:

Predictions on 12-15-15    I had a visual of the word “Canada” in Red.

I had a visual of several people scrambling in different directions, a visual of a cross on a roof as if showing a church, a visual of a girl.

Spirit circled central Canada, somewhere between Ontario and Manitoba. Then they wrote “for 24”

Then there was pitch black darkness. I could hear popping noise, bullets flying, and what has to be an explosion.

“We will not show you this horror Eric.. Canada has a threat coming.. Soon.. Soon.”

They briefly mention gas explosives being used?




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  1. Hollywood seems to imply more of an entertainment industry connection than a general L.A. location. I would think that paired with Shindig would point to a possible Hollywood dinner, show, or event. The person could be in the Hollywood industry themselves or a person drawn to someone in Hollywood. Eric, you mention Mad Max. The new Mad Max: Fury Road has actually been nominated for 2 Golden Globes and won best movie from the National Board of Review (a surprise). It is getting talk of an Oscar nomination. Perhaps the upset person will be mad if it doesn’t win an Oscar or Golden Golden Globe. Or mad if it does. Those are HUGE Hollywood Shindigs.

      1. It may not be about the awards, but it may HAPPEN at an awards show ( let’s get ready for this shindig). So, let’s say, the first shindig of the season, the Golden Globes, “the mad one seeks revenge”. Who is the mad one? Actor/Actress? Alcohol flows freely at this particular shindig, so who knows.

  2. 😗
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  3. Popi and everyone a prayer of gratitude for the many lives saved and a special blessing to the man who found the device and recognised what it was…
    So happy this was avoided..
    Love light and blessings ..

  4. Thanks Star 48 for update…THe crew and all involved handled it relieved …

    1. Rhona, I agree…considering the stress…very commendable ..

      If I have not said so before..( still settling into my new house, not finished yet)

      Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year…wishes to everyone in our site family..
      Thinking especially about a special wish to Jon Blue…
      Blessings to all.

  5. star 48 thank you for your well wishes for xmas and New year..
    Eric thank you and prosperity abundance and joy for the New Year to you and yours…
    jon blu i am still wearing my sparkly slippers especially at xmas…x
    Site family across the seas and far away closer in spirit and united here blessings stay safe…

    1. May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace.
      The gladness of Christmas give you hope and health
      and The warmth of Christmas grant u love.
      Happy Christmas to everyone!!
      And please remember the good things you have in your life and be grateful and pray for the people who are suffering around the world

      It’s so nice I met you all in here distant friends!! Thank you Eric for letting us using your space here,

      God bless you all


  6. Eric,
    Explosive device,
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, police say they are investigating possible explosive device, reports of damage to building in city’s west end; no injuries reported – CP

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