Pope Orders Audit

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 7-21-15   “The Pope is tracking everything down. Where is the money? Where did it go?”

The Facts: Pope Francis, galvanized by a scandal over Vatican finances, has ordered the most powerful bodies in the city-state to launch an unprecedented audit of its wealth and crack down on runaway spending.

Quoted News: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-01/pope-orders-audit-of-church-s-wealth-as-whistleblowers-pursued

9 thoughts on “Pope Orders Audit

  1. Bless Pope Francis as he wanted to do the right thing as where the money goes. It’s a good thing to have the Pope Francis in our time.

    My prayer, love and light goes to him. May Archangel Micheal protects him at all times. He needs everyone prayers.

    Shalom to you.


  2. Maybe the lady in the Vatican jail has it who had sex with the priest. She said story was falsely made up from church.what did jesus say as he wrote in the sand.I think pope Benedict should come back.

  3. Well the pope knows that the church of rome is not the bride of Christ. Major confession coming which will shock theworld. Happens in the next couple of weeks. There is option number 2.

  4. message for the pope. “When will the world be transformed?” Mary said, “It will not be transformed, but it is sacred to the Mother already. When you are transformed the world will be transformed, for you are the world and the world is you.

  5. Well the emerald light body that jesus created thru Christianity is vanishing. God bless pope fransis.

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