Nigeria Attack

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of the people of Nigeria.

Predictions on 10-26-15   “Boko Haram.. Nigeria.. a raid.. a blood bath.. in one day they will attack indiscriminately.. so much death and violence. ”

The facts: Two bomb attacks strike Nigeria


3 thoughts on “Nigeria Attack

  1. So sorry for the poor people…
    But as you can see everybody only prays for Paris! There are the important people and the others,its a disgrace…

    You can even see it comments for this post at all.

    I apologise from the part of humanity
    So sorry😢

    I stand beside the french,the 650.000 refugees in Greece, beside all the suffering of human race because I am Greek! This year 3500 refugees among them many babies died in Aegean see trying to cross the borders, thousands of Greeks comiteed suicide because of the crisis

    1. I can assure you Popi, though I do not post here often, I pray for all humans the world over – a person is just as loved to me from Nigeria, as they are in Paris, Greece or anywhere else. I am moved to tears to feel the love I have for humanity and our beautiful Mother Earth…and I know I am not the only one. P.S. I pray for the flora and fauna of our dear planet too!

      May all of us embody and spread that love with every human we encounter daily – the ripple effect would be tremendous. =)

    2. I agree with you, Popi. Although I’m like Annie. I don’t post very often either. But, I do try to make it a practice to pray for ALL humanity, too, even though I don’t necessarily show it on here or other places. Thank you for posting this. It really does need to be brought up more often. Our love should apply to all humans.

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