Meteor over Poland

This prediction has happened.

Predictions on 10-25-14    I had a visual of a newspaper that looked like the ‘yahoo’ site. The headline showed a picture of a meteor racing through the sky
That area around Warsaw (Are they saying Poland?)


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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26 Responses to Meteor over Poland

  1. star48 says:

    Eric, I found this other article that had more pictures as well as smoke after,

  2. Anne Amato says:

    Wish I understood Polish……

  3. jaya says:

    there was a bomb blast in delhi today india no one was injured though suspecting may happen festive season diwali nearing …?

  4. Donna Taylor says:

    Early in the summer you wrote about a shooting and someone called ‘nick’ in ‘the big city’. I’m not sure it’s connected, but in mid-October a police officer was shot in London, thankfully not fatally and this led to an armed police response with the area locked down for a while. The headline stood out to me and reminded me of your prediction – it says ‘Nick’s been shot’. Here is the headline I saw, there are other stories of the shooting around the internet too.

  5. jaya says:

    lot of earthquake activity in arizona …

  6. star48 says:

    Jaya there is also an uptick in Alaska EQ’s in the 5.0 plus and higher in the region
    See.. 5.9

  7. jaya says:

    yeah noticed that ..

  8. star48 says:

    Eric, Collegues,
    another Fireball in Bangkok- see video..

  9. Mary says:

    E R I C….I monitored the earthquakes activities for last couple of days. Made me sick in stomach. It’s going strong globally, especially lots of movements in west of US, Canada, Alaska. Japan and Australia are actives. So is middle east and Asia. It’s all over the planet. Wondering what effects the earth at this time that pulled the gravity and planetary alignment. Also noticed the recent fireballs and meteor. Something is affecting the core of the earth all at the same time that caused lots of movements. I’m closing my eyes.


    • I will keep an ear out.

    • Mary says:

      Eric, I monitored today earthquakes under 3.5 in central USA. One in Ark, Missouri, Kansas, Okla, West Texas within the last 19 hours. Lots of moments in Calif, Alaska and south America.

      Also, few dogs reported missing these last 2 days in Dallas especially late at nights. Also reported more than 12 dogs missing since Nov 6th in nationwide. I know the numbers are not making sense but it escalating these last few days when dogs or cats goes missing especially the uneasy with movements under grounds.

      I keep monitor and hopefully it will settled down.


      • Mary says:

        I’m sorry. My bad. I meant the last 12 hours for the central America: Ark, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and west Texas. It’s under 3, not 3.5

        To clarify few missing dogs are in my neighborhood in DALLAS area. That’s very small portion of our neighborhood in Dallas. I do not know how many dogs or cats went missing in overall in DALLAS.

      • Mary says:

        Update: frequent quakes up to 7 magnitude in Chile. Report saying” it was very loud and rumbling that woke up their sleep last night” in Chile. Lots of movements in Okla and Kansas that traced from south America, especially Chile. Now it affects Japan that traced from Chile. It sent the movements to central America and spread west to Japan.

  10. swampy11 says:

    Mary, could it be partially because of the moon? Some believe it also affects the gravity of the earth, whether it’s a new moon or full moon. (After all, if it affects the water on earth that much, why wouldn’t it affect the land?). Earthquakes and volcanoes some people believe are triggered from that.

    • Mary says:

      It affects everything. It just does even during the full moon. Hopefully someone can give better answers than myself that affect the lands.

      Keep praying. There is something going on in central America with earthquakes movement. My worries is Calif when Eric’s Spirits pointed out to Calif. I’ve been watching my dogs’ behaviors as they are very sensitive to earth movements.


  11. Łukasz says:

    Hi Eric,
    So in the film I speak Polish.
    I have added English subtitles 😉

    Best regards

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