Hurricane Patricia

This prediction has happened. However the location is off. Tabasco is in the Gulf area on the east side of Mexico, where as Hurricane Patricia is hitting the west coast. Please pray for the safety of all of Mexico and its citizens.

Notes on 6-3-15 Part 2 “In and around Tabasco Mexico.. a massive storm.. flooding, flooding.. damage and destruction.”

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Patricia

  1. Praying for all to be safe and stay dry. It’s crazy raining here in Dallas also. It flooded in my son’s JJLONG MIDDLE school in café. Not that bad….about few inches. Still rains are every where in TX along from Mexico.

    1. proof that people were prepared for it and that nature did as it inteneded, not prayer, sooner humans stop trying to interfere with nature the better. move out of ego and let the planet raise it’s vibration how it needs to.

      1. Chaos, hi.
        Your point if view is appreciated… However in my experience – and knowledge.
        If you understand certain anomalies in this case. My opinion has as much weight as yours.
        Thanks for your thought. Sharing is stimulating….

  2. Hi Star48 thank you for the article …all i can say is yes..yes yes.. Seriously happy…blessings …and may there be heaps more proof in the future…

  3. I’ll have to agree with you, Star48. We are all here on this planet together for a reason and how we influence and raise our vibrations to a higher level is part of it.

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