Notes on 10-9-15

I had a visual of 10:00

Then I had visual 10 -7, 10-6, 10-33

“Crunch time.. your out of time.”

Then spirit showed the number 10 again in big bold print.

I had a visual of a computer screen, on the screen the computer was crashing, there were numbers scrambling all over the computer. Oddly the numbers where in colors of white, blue and red.

I am open to suggestions on the meaning of the number 10? Tomorrow is the 10th? I did have a thought on the prediction below. If you look at 67 and 77 and assume the second ‘7’ represents a ‘date’ perhaps the other numbers are countdowns and not the date the 6th and 7th.  If it was a countdown from when the prediction was posted it is around the 10th, however that seems a bit of a stretch.

The second visual could be symbolic to a large hacking. It could also be a pun to an economical crash. At first glance my immediate assumption was the United States colors, but then I realized that both the order and colors would also represent Russia.

Previous prediction:  Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing

I had a visual of an explosion within an airplane.
I had a visual of a flight attendant walking around ending her journey in the front of the plane by the cockpit.
Spirit wrote: 67 or 77 (which implies around the 6th or 7th.)
Spirit wrote: 23.. 359 (I know they wrote 35 but unclear of the last number, I believe  it was 0 or 9. I am unclear what these numbers represent)
“International.. terror.. trapped” — Spirits Voice

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  1. The other thought was that its not a 10 at all but a one and zero. That two predictions are about to happen and are incomplete, thus the crunch time.

    1. Eric, in your post you said you had a visual of the flight attendant, can you remember the colour of the uniform, it may help us with identifying the flight operator?

    2. If one zreo means a prediction is going to happen Could it be that prediction 7 (10-7), prediction 6 (10-6) & prediction 33 (10-33), if this is the case is there a numbering system for the predictions.

      1. Its possible that 10 could be a message of a prediction about to happen. (Turkey bombing) while the 7..6.. might be a countdown to another prediction coming, which implies something will happen in the next day or two.

      1. Eric, in the experience and knowledge I learned from a sage.
        9 represents.. Endings..or end of cycle…

  2. I am wondering if the numbers represent flight 7633? There are a couple airlines with that flight number but not sure if any are flying on the 10th which I also assume is a date. That said, I’m thinking about your bomb prediction and the airline stewardess.

  3. My first thoughts on the numbers 10-7. 10-6 10-33 to late and 10:00 were that it could be earthquake magnitude 10:00 the 10 being month or date and 00 being anymoment?

    1. Thanks Donna Taylor, it sounds right to me. It could be all air flights closed due to emergency. Maybe in USA and other countries as well just like 9-11 incident. Pray for peace.

      1. Also it could be related to hacking on computers that shut down the air flights. What a mess if that occurs.

        Pray for no hackers on computers.

  4. 10-33 in police code means, “emergency – all units stand by. Also tomorrow is 10/10.

  5. With regard to the colors of red, white, and blue….and either an enormous hacking incident or a financial crash, the colors are of course, both that of the USA and the Russian Federation (which is also rumored to be in financial difficulties…actually think “financial difficulties” applies to most countries today).
    However, there are over 24 countries (large and small) that have those colors.

    Included in this group is the Cayman Islands where so much offshore banking occurs….and that one….got an odd feeling when I read it, because banking is big business there….and most of their banking is done via the internet.

    But…also…colors of major countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Norway, the Netherlands…even North Korea and Cuba….so…..

  6. Sounds urgent. 10 could be the month of October. Or tomorrow is 10 at 10:30am or pm. Red, white and blue could represents USA . Crush computers: everything financial, stocks and economic. All Air flights closed. Just brainstorming. Pray for not worst.


    1. Harvey,
      note from the posting the colors were in a differant layout.
      White, Blue, Red… Not Red, White and Blue..
      Annie Amato mentioned Russia…White , Blue, Red…
      I think the reference about computers? There were posts on Russia behind attacks.
      As well as having malice of forethought on our vulnerable institutions…
      What do you think?

      1. It’s possible, Star48, It interests as Annie mentioned of Russia. I also wonder if that the colors of the air flight.

        I read the previous post saying “international. .terror…attack”. Not good! Computer hacked. ..Air flights emergency. International..terror..atack. oh my….that’s really bad news as it may means reminder of 9-11 incident.

        Also Eric mentioned airplane exploded. Sigh….I think it’s tomorrow on the 10th. 10:33 am. Watch for morning international flights. The different numbers could represent the numbers of the flight. Or the numbers of death.

        1. Harvey, I wish we had more information…so we could give warning.. This seems so nebulous .
          So many twigs off a branch… Ugh..

    2. I think your “hacking” idea is right on Harvey. Haven’t the Russian been caught hacking into some of our government computers/files. Also are not all those weapons that Putin is so proud of/using/selling right now in the middle east run by/programmed by computers? Just a thought

  7. Eric, this post with the computer and colored numbers and the number 10….is this part of the same prediction about a bombing at a base location?

    1. The computer prediction is separate. But 10 is clearly about an existing prediction, they never said which, only that we are on a time crunch to finish it.

    1. Sorry…I posted separate….should have replied. It was the ‘ Booth’ prediction.
      “The ‘Booth’ prediction is coming now.. 10..” — Spirits Voice”

    2. Did you have one with the assasination prediction earlier? I just saw one but now I can’t remember which one it was. LOL There was one for an earthquake once I think. I was just researching older predictions and I think it’s either this assasination attempt of a president with a bomb as a decoy, possibly on a military compound, airplane attack with a bomb or an earthquake. I know that sounds really confusing. Sorry. Will try and find it again. Here it is 12-10-14 “Earthquake 10 Japan”

        1. Eric is that the 2-17-14 post for Turkey? Also did you see where China had another warehouse explosion in Tianjin today (or their yesterday)? I saw it briefly on the news this am. They are saying that they have started nationwide safety inspections on all of their nuclear plants since these deadly explosions. I hope nothing like a nuclear power plant would be a target. With so many happening they hardly seem coincidental.

    1. Correct Annie. It’s the only one of 10 with Booth as I could find.

      Does this mean that John Wilkes Booth is on the run after bombing the airplane? Just a thought.

        1. I don’t think so because he was on the run historically, and they are implying the same happens here. It really sounds like a prediction implying an assassination.

      1. But I am wrong…about the literal of “booth” because the rest of the spirit voice mentioned it was just like John Wilkes Booth….so…a person.

      2. Harvey….I do however, think that of all the people in history from which to choose, selecting Booth was odd….unless this prediction involves a person of some reknown, or a theatre….or…some other similarity.

  8. Has anyone seen where North Korea is having the massive celebration for the 70th Anniversary of the Korean Workers Party? That is suppose to be happening on Saturday, which is our friday pm here in the USA I think. Just wondering if it could be Kim Jong Un.

  9. This is the prediction of 9-16-15 that really continues to worry me and has not happened yet, correct?
    “The military base will be bombed.
    way in the back
    56 people, fire, fire
    Thursday.. 18
    The sadist will gloat about his evil work. (I had a visual of a computer)
    Get out! Get as many people out as you can.
    Please help us! Alert all. Alter this horrific event. Put it on your wall” — Spirits Voice. ”
    And Eric said “I had a visual of a map. It showed a land mass surrounded by the ocean, the area also had a bay within it.”
    “In a previous prediction they implied the Philippines. If this land mass is the Philippines it would most likely be the Subic area which is in the northern region of the Philippines.”
    “I had a visual I was walking down stairs that led to a lower level or basement. The walls had military style pictures.”
    “I had a visual I was standing in the background of a city or town. Then in a flash I heard a large boom followed by an explosion in the center of the town. There was a large plume of smoke and fire.”
    “I had a visual I saw several people going through the rubble, desperate to find survivors.”

    1. Could this be the explosion in Turkey this morning at Lots of injuries and death the government has said its a terrorist attack 🙁

  10. Eric, do you think the two explosions seconds apart in Ankara (in the center of Turkey) would be the prediction about the military base explosion?
    In looking at the map, Turkey does fit the general description of a land mass surrounded by water and it almost resembles a “bay” in one part. But the only base is Incirlik which is on the south coast of Turkey (north and across from Cyprus), and it was not a military base bombing and other parts of the prediction do not fit the Ankara attacks today.
    And I cannot find a prediction that really fits this unless the second part of the military base prediction was actually a separate incident….
    Where it starts…”I had a visual I was standing in the back of a city…..”

  11. I read that the explosion happened at 10.04 and more than 86 people were killed and many others in critical condition! So bad😢

  12. Eric I was looking up the old prediction of where you said, “there was a fountain in the background”, because on the news there was a large fountain in the background for the Turkish Capital, Ankara explosions. They were saying how this was unusual due to how far inside Turkey it was. Well the prediction on 11-30-14, “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself”. You say they implied Turkey and said the word Capital (which is Ankara), and that this would be the first target, but they had a second plan for Qatar over the sea, then Russia, Amsterdam or Netherlands, then Boston or the Northeast US. Do you think this could actually be the start of this timeline then? Now I am wondering about the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey for the bombing.

  13. Just something I noticed this Sunday am when I was watching the news. (And I don’t normally watch this news) When the ABC News came on it had all this red, white and blue swirly stuff and it said, “Crunch Time” (so the main theme), but it was in terms of Politics, the Democratic Debate coming up, Joe Biden’s decision to run, the GOP vote for Speaker of the House, and Russia bombing in Syria. There was some mention of… did the Russians take out ISIS’s leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi’s convoy? I’m wondering if the numbers could be a countdown for his death, killed by the Russians? Nobody has confirmed if he was killed yet though.

    1. Why do you think the Russians will take him out? He is believed to be in Iraq, I guess the media could be wrong. But Russia isn’t bombing Iraq. Lets just hope his reign ends soon.

  14. Eric there was a, “computer glitch”, and, “technology problems”, with Southwest Airlines on Sunday the 11th Oct. Have not heard them actually say what happened yet, except that there was no indication the problems were from hacking…though I doubt they would admit it. Southwest Airlines colors are red, blue, yellow? and some white. (found this odd… one of the pics has a Southwest Airlines from New Mexico as mostly yellow with some red,wings white?. Rhona’s (from this site) son had a dream with that color airplane going down recently.)

  15. Eric, I’m getting the feeling that “10” and “crunch time…your out of time” could be related to earthquakes. Something ain’t right.

      1. Congrats on the prediction both the usa and russia. Russia hacked the dow and the news came out exactly 7 days after. Yesterday.

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