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The summary has been updated. The summary is a list of all the predictions at one source. It’s allows you to click on just the predictions so you can compare them to the facts.

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  1. Eric, what do the spirits have to say about the hordes of muslims rampaging into Europe and the impending islamization of Europe?

    1. Whats wrong with Islam? The way I see it, these are people and need and as human beings we have an obligation to treat others as we would want to be treated.

      1. Eric is saying that we all are human beings whatever we believe in, cultures, languages, religious, politics, guns, etc. We should treated others the same no matter what. Simple.

        1. Harvey I have the great privilege to view life from both sides, the spiritual realm and us living here under one large home and one glaring problem with humanity is our need to divide each other in groups; the white person vs the black one, the Chinese vs the American, the poor vs the rich, the Muslim vs the Christian. Our need to focus on the differences set the stage for darkness. We point out our differences with disdain and disgust, which leads to a delusion of superiority and inferiority, which leads to racism and hate, which leads to violence and death. When the only important truth is we are all just human beings, hoping our bellies are full, our families safe, our lives happy. We dream of success and have an overwhelming need to be loved. Should we all be treated the same? I believe as different religions teach; you should treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated, compassion for all life, and under the banner of our creator, charity is a necessity that requires us to take care of the poor and needy. During our brief lives we have an obligation to do for others, help others in their time of need… And your right it is that simple.

  2. Well, there is plenty wrong with Islam and currently the majority of the followers of the religion itself are a world wide threat but that’s not what I asked.

    The mass influx of muslims into Europe is the largest event of its kind in any recent human history and it presents a major clash of cultures, that is un-thethered, unemployed and unsupported islamic citizens of Africa and the Middle East, invading Christian nations that are not physically, economically or financially able to support them; an invasion that will probably be responsible for more destruction and war than we’ve seen in a couple of generations.

    So, because it is what it is, I’m curious to know if your spiritual contacts have anything at all to say about it, without masking their predictions in code or illusion, so that people might have an understanding of how to manage this event.

    1. Some countries started a war and these are the results that all of us as humanity will pay…in a few words actions have consequences!

  3. Hi! Been a long time reader, but never commented before. I am from Sweden, one of the European countries that takes in a lot of refugees. If you know something about the political situation here, you probably know that in the election 2014, the political party Sverige Demokraterna (Sweden Democrats), with roots in right wing extremism, got a lot of votes from the people. Sverige Demokraterna wants to reduce, and if they can, even stop refugees and immigrants from coming here. And the muslims are the biggest threat. Yesterday you could read in Swedish newspapers (Aftonbladet, Expressen) about a SD politician that wrote on her facebook page that she wanted someone to stand on the Öresundsbridge with a machinegun. Refugees are trying to get from Denmark to Sweden over the Öresundsbridge. This scares me more than a “mass influx of muslims”.
    Last year in september, after electionday, a lot of Swedes woke up feeling sad and scared. I have never ever before cried after an election, and I, who had asked myself since history lessons in school how the Germans could elect Hitler to power, suddenly understood. It is possible. And what made it possible? Peoples fear of the unknown. Pointing fingers and making certain ethnic and religious groups enemies.
    Last week something happened. Media showed us a picture of a little boy, dead at a beach. He had drowned trying to pass the sea in a small boat and get to Europe. People in Sweden said no, it is enough, no more dead children washed up on beaches. We are raising money to aid organisations and people are arranging trucks and cars to drive to countries like Hungary and Austria with clothes and food. People are going to Swedish refugee facilities with toys and winter clothes. And it is like we have started breathing again.

    Sorry for the long and probably not at all understandable comment, but I have promised myself that I will not be silent anymore. I am not turning my head away when I see people spreading fear and hate into the world. We have got enough of that as it is.

    1. Thank you! Its awesome to know the love and compassion from all of you. I especially love the story of your country. Our news over here in the US is not informative at all and I did not know those facts until you presented them. I have no doubt you and the people of Sweden will do a lot of good.

    2. Same reaction here in Finland. People have voluntered on various organizations in order to help these people. I am so pleased to see that.

    3. yrla, I do not want to diverge from the topic or the question that I had asked Eric but I interpret your comment to state that you are in support of muslims flooding into Europe and into Sweden and other Nordic countries. You seem to have a very tender heart and are eager to trust. That is a rare quality these days but it doesn’t mean much in the face of reality.

      Sweden is a small and typically neutral country and it is almost an “ideal” in the minds of millions of people, i.e., a great and vibrant place to live. I will assume that is the case since I have never heard anything contrary about Sweden.

      But if the influx of these muslims into Sweden progresses like it has when islam has taken over other typically non-muslim areas, I encourage you to report back to us, if you’re still among the living, when the Sweden’s rich economy is reduced to rubble and when the monarchy is overthrown, by force with much bloodshed, ala Isis, and is replaced by sharia.

      I sincerely hope that Sweden survives all of this but my faith on that matter isn’t all that strong. Peace.

  4. Jack it is obvious your mischief making and either scared or are determine to have an opnion on as you believe an illusional group of individals who gather here to communicate within their free will… It actually is a mystery why you insist on wanting answers from this source….yes what is happening now is what it is and it is being managed in the way it is being managed…sure the whole world is not making a horrendous mistake here it will and is laced with problems. These spirits are part of a multiple complexity of spirit and they use the cognitive experiences of the channel concerned …Eric has a natural disposituon for these things and its complicated …how do you feel if i said spirit approves of the overall progress we are as a human race are making and they are not going to choose sides …they are not going to wave a magic wand and fix it because its all to do with perspective…. And we have to fix it generatiins of stuff ups and hatred take effort on our part to rebalance ..one rule of spirit is not to interfere but to help guide give the heads up on the potentials which are multiple depending on which way human thought and action is going to swing…nothing is set in concrete..have you seen a group of kids playing and things get a bit excitable and you think ok which way is this going to go it depends on the reaction of each child in the group…you leave it alone ..see if they sort it out..cry out for help or work it out themselves…hopefully they dont kill each othe in an ensuing rage…

    1. rhona, I am neither mischief making or frightened and I certainly don’t have anything against Illusional groups. I’m not picking on Eric either but if he has, as he claims, the ability to speak to spirits and receive input from them regarding various happenings then surely these entities might have some kind of comment to make on what is probably the most dangerous and ongoing event that has occurred since WWII.

      Sensitivity towards cultures and people is one thing but to refuse to stop an invasion, whether peaceful in pretense or not, is a grievous mistake and in this case this invasion is certainly something that the spirits should have something to speak too.

      Take a look at this video and try to understand the seriousness of my question.

      1. The only thing I will comment here is that coming from the UK I am scared of what’s to come. I don’t mind admitting that I’m frightened for the future and I think civil war is a real possibility. Isis said they would send 1000s of jihadist into Europe hidden as refugees. I do think we have a duty to help people as we would want in return and I don’t want to see anyone suffer.

  5. Sometimes it is best to simply ignore those people who not only refuse to open up their hearts and minds, but go out of their way to try and stop up the hearts and minds of others. In the UK over the last few days there have been so many images circulating claiming to be of an ISIS member on his way to the UK. In fact, the man in the image was a Kurdish soldier, who lost his life fighting against the terrorists. All I can say to those who have become worried by the misinformation being spread by the ignorant is – don’t believe all you read on the internet. Arm yourself with facts from reliable sources and think for yourselves (it’s not illegal yet!). Keep your heart open and your mind will find ease. Jack, in 1972 Idi Amin expelled all Asians from Uganda. Almost 30 thousand came to the UK alone, others scattered around Europe. Their children are now British, they are our doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, teachers, lecturers and business owners. They make a massive contribution to the tax system. I am currently disgusted that our current government is being so mean spirited towards refugees from Syria and, like many, many other Europeans would like to see a big sign right across the continent ‘Refugees welcome’. That is all.

    1. Donna, when you attempt to compare Amin’s expulsions of peaceful Asians from Uganda and an invasion by militant muslims into the entirety of Europe through any number of different entry points along the coasts of sovereign nations, I just don’t think you can do it and keep a straight face. There is no way to compare those events and expect anyone who can think to agree that they are even remotely similar.

      My inquiry started out as a request of Eric to see what the spirits that he speaks with might have to say about this matter. They may refuse to speak to the question and that’s fine because these events are going to swiftly turn nasty regardless of what comment the spirits might offer on the matter.

      And I will add that only one or two people who have replied to my question and my comments about this problem seem to understand the real, clear and present danger of what is actually occurring in and to Europe but I feel certain that those of you who are opening up your arms and are offering up a dove and a laurel to these muslims will understand it with great clarity in the near future.

      1. Jack – I think Eric has already answered your question – spirit does not look at religion of any person because Islam, Christianity, Hinduism are man given names. The core of each and every religion is the same – love and compassion. Comparing all Muslims to a few are radical is completely senseless. What gives you the right to judge every muslim person a bad – you should stop listening to fear mongerers and open your narrow mind to the fact that all people are equal in Gods eyes

    1. Good grief Donna, you need to put down your knitting, find a news source that will cover the muslim European invasion, read European news sources and then get back to me. My head…lol…has no invaders. Matter of fact it never has had.

  6. May I add comment through my perspective on animals behavior…I often wonder if the animals are not alone in this that the people and animals are similar in alot of ways. I noticed the dogs rejected other kind of breed of dogs, as well as cats, lions, fish, birds, etc. That’s interesting but it has to be from the inner sense that somehow made them feel little unease at first. They can either like or dislike you. Same idea as the elements that have negatives and positive. It’s all part of DNA thing. I guess that curious to our Creature as how can we fix that problem from hate to love. It’s all created in balance to have negatives and positive elements. Maybe I may not making much sense but the animals have similar behaviors as human beings.

    1. Jack, I read your comments. Have you ever visit the Muslim temple? If not, go and experience yourself. I did and people are so friendly!! It hurts their feelings when someone is labeled as Muslim is bad. It’s all negative talk thru rumors and stuff. Just be careful by what you heard or read stuff. Really there are some good Muslims out there. I see Muslim and Christian are alike in many ways.


  7. I wonder Harvey have you ever visited Ground Zero or the 9/11 Museum? I hate commenting on these things but reading these comments is just making me shake my head. The point is both sides are correct. Countries have to help but you can’t ignore the influx of such great numbers is going to overwhelm societies, schools, & hospitals and has to be considered. What’s most important is these countries, all of ours cannot be naïve and ignore the radical terrorist possibility. You can’t seriously believe that the evil radical people are not going to be disguised & mixed in with all the poor suffering refugees. They are smart and they are constantly finding ways and ideas they can use to attack us. Your security and military people are saying we have to be cautious. We have to do our best to check people out before we bring them into our country or we are doing a disservice to our own people. I have compassion and love and sympathy for the suffering these people are going through, the majority of them. However it would be Naïve to not assume there are some very bad people mixed in and first and foremost always should be the security and safety of our own people, country, and families! You just don’t open the gates and let thousands of people flood through. It has to be a well thought out and careful process because I don’t know about you but I don’t want to lose one of my family members to a crazy person. As for Jacks original question, if we’re looking at life changing world changing events in these predictions you would think something this important affecting major nations should be a top concern when asking spirit guides for wisdom and guidance. With today being the anniversary of 9/11 I hope all of you are praying for the souls of innocence lost to families and our country in that devastating attack by evil people. I pray for them and their families. It should never be forgotten.

    1. “our own people” exactly who is that? No offense but your making my point when I talked about divisiveness and a need to divide us all in groups. You can’t possibly be comparing these refugees to the likes of bin laden? That would be like comparing Hitler’s claims of Christian values to the acts of Christians.

      1. You are close on that comment Eric, but not cigar….at least not today. These refugees, if you will take the time to investigate them, are comprised of Syrian muslims and muslims from Libya, Iraq and from several other African muslim nations. Some of these blokes have gone so far as to publicly state that they are looking forward to raping and killing women in Europe after they arrive, settle and become organized. So, if you’re going to look at this problem with understanding you have to understand that they are not coming to find some kind of dream. They’re coming for jihad and terror.

    2. Hi Sharon! I think I’m kind of lost with what have I said. I’m a Christian and should love our enemies. If someone shoot me, I’d forgive them. I’d take a bullet to save a soul. I’ve worked with people who are poor, struggled to make their daily living. I give my love to kids that doesn’t have love from their homes. There are good people out there making wrong choices. They are not pure evils but for the evils can be changed to good. I’ve been on numerous of missions outside of USA. I even give money to the beggars that need food to eat. I even served the meals for the homeless. Please forgive me if I said anything that may offend you. I may have misinterpreted.

      Thanks for being caring to the world. Blessings!

      1. Harvey, you seem like a nice enough fellow and like a lot of the other folks who have posted on this thread, you seem to believe that people can and should get along, live peacefully and live their lives and raise their families on a level playing field. In a perfect world that might happen but the world is not perfect and evil exists through all of its layers.

        Most of that evil can be managed but world peace isn’t going to occur without force and it’s pretty foolish to sit around and harp on the idea that we should love everyone without taking a long hard look at where the evil originates. America and its alleys handed the Nazis of Germany and the Facists of Italy their heads on a platter and shortly thereafter it restored peace in the Pacific rim by explaining to the Japanese, who thought that Hirohito was God, in a way that they could understand, that the war had to end. With the exception of Korea and Vietnam the world has essentially been at peace since that time.

        The rise of militant islam is begging the world for intervention and that intervention must occur if peace is to be restored. You can love your enemy and pray for him all you want but if he comes to your country, your county, your city or your home and decides to impose his will upon you, then you had better be prepared to send him to whatever place has been prepared for his soul and do it with no more thought that you would of swatting a fly. If you are not able to do that he will certainly send you to whatever place has been reserved for your own.

      2. Hi Jack! Thanks for sharing your personal life with us. Please know that I’m not here to pick on you, and am inviting you to have a tea with me to chat. First of all, Harvey is my husband’s name. My name is Mary. I’ve read Eric for a year and half or so. I’m kind of curious as how you come across to Eric’s prediction? Glad you found him and please be patience with him next few months to get to know his predictions that revealed with the world. It took me about few months to understand his purpose by shared his predictions with the world. Eric’s Spirits are real and they worked around the globe gathering information and gave their best to share pieces of info with Eric on the other side of this world. Eric and his Spirits are the team helping for the world to be aware of the days or months to come. So, I’m asking just be patience and get to know Eric and his Spirits. Hopefully, your curiosity will satisfied your answers. I too have lots of questions but it takes time and patience. I too wanted to know everything but I just need to be patience. Eric is very generous by sharing what the Spirits wanted us to be aware of the upcoming events. I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea. Would you like to have some more tea? 😉

  8. Pn, Donna and Harvey and others,

    It’s interesting for me to actually talk to people who are so ill informed. I’m an older guy and I went through the 60’s, the hippie movement, the Jesus movement and I was on active military duty during the Vietnam war. I’ve been all over the world and seen much more than most people and while I love to study cultures and particularly the violent ones, I’m highly educated and knowledgable in politics, religion, mathematics and economics. I’m a history buff and a realist, a Christian and a conservative. I’m a retired successful businessman, I’ve raised two daughters, sent them through college and I have a huge family. I listen to all sides and I make decisions based upon realty and hard facts and never, ever upon emotion or transcendental input.

    All of your replies are indicative of the responses one would receive from people whose feet are firmly planted six feet above the ground and who are living in an alternative reality. I would urge you to try to pull yourselves together, give your reliance upon self styled mystics and prophets a bit of a rest and pay attention to what is going on in the world and especially in regard to activities in the Middle East, particularly Syria for the moment and in Europe….oh yeah, and in Russia.

    Whether Eric’s spirits chose to address the problems of Europe (or not) is interesting because, obviously, it would be dreadful if they spoke to the matter and were wrong. Nonetheless, I’d like to hear what they have to say on the matter.

    1. Ok Jack I am not trying to be mean but your talking about us all being idealistic fools and your opinions are based on facts but I am not reading any facts here?

      1. Well then Eric, if you’re not reading any facts, perhaps you should check in with your spiritual guides. I believe that you do converse with them and I am very seriously interested in what they have to tell us on this matter.

      2. I think I hear what Jack was trying to say. Just a simple question if the Spirits can explain as why things are bad happened to this world. It’s a very deep question.

        Maybe one day we will know the answers in truth. Blessings to you!

    2. Dear Jack – you may be brilliantly educated and done whatever you say you have done. That does not give you the right to judge others as ill informed. You have no clue as to who the rest of us are or what we have achieved. I am not an american and i come from Kenya. Seeing as how knowledgable you are you must be aware that we have had our share of terrorist attacks by Al Shabab. That does not stop us whether we are Christians or in my case Jain, to still be friends with the muslim community in Kenya as we all co habit together and we all work equally hard together to bring the economy of our country up. In case of attack we all gather together to help out whoever has been hurt – give blood and work together as one community, one tribe, one culture, one Kenya – we have empathy and which is something that you as a Christian do not seem to know or have.
      Also please dont assume to tell me to pull my self together because my beliefs are mine and nothing to do with you.
      Thank you

      1. Pn, I know a good deal of Kenya from it’s colonial days up to its unfortunate reckoning with Jomo Kenyatta but I don’t know much about it beyond that general time period. I do know that it’s a great country (too bad it banned hunting), whose economic mainstay is tourism, but because it has always maintained close predominantly Islamic and Chinese ties, it’s generally not considered all that attractive to Americans and Europeans. But I digress.

        Americans, you might recall, were blindsided about 14 years ago by muslim terrorists and some 3,000 innocents were murdered without provocation. Since that time there has been ample opportunity for positive dialogue and positive steps with muslims to bring these militants under control and to justice but the only movement from the muslims has been either a hand up shrug or a general religion wide movement toward jihad. That attitude remains the case today.

        ISIS has loudly proclaimed that it intends to flood Europe and America with jihadis for the purpose of terror attacks and that proclamation needs to be taken seriously and with direct and offensive force. It will do you no good at all to work with empathy toward these conflicts and if that is the only response you or your country….which really doesn’t appear to be a target at the moment…has to offer, it is a sad commentary on the love and concern you have for the people of Kenya, or of any other place on earth that is under what has become a direct threat.

        As a Christian I have a great deal of empathy for people all over the world but I don’t have a smidgen for any cult or organization that murders innocents in the name of a savage god…i.e, allah. Small caps intended. But I do have a great deal of empathy for the citizens of the various sovereign European nations that seem to be sitting on hands that are tied, unable to deter or oppose what the EU and the UN has ordered. Rebellion from Europe should come swiftly.

        1. As I wrote in my last post, please reframe from insulting another mans religion directly calling the God of Abraham a savage god is grossly inappropriate and will not be tolerated here.

  9. Of course I am not comparing refugees to Bin Laden. That’s an insult to my intelligence. I’m simply stating a fact that is basic common sense. Mixed in with the poor refugees that we are all praying for is going to be some radical extremists who’s intent is to take advantage of those good caring hearts of people with a generous nature, and get a foothold in a new country. My message is simply proceed with caution,as our military leaders have said, you have to be careful. I am all for helping the refugees and giving them a home. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to proceed with caution.
    Who are “our people?” Seriously? And yes I know we are all people of God, for those who believe in God, that’s not what I mean. As I said, our people are those who live in our country, our citizens, our neighbors, our children, our loved ones. Sure we should take refugees and help them, that’s what my Christian lifestyle and education has taught me and I agree. But my country, fellow citizens, my family, my loved ones, come before a potential terrorist masquerading as a refugee. I hate the people that are dividers, I am not a person that would ever condone that. So please don’t make it sound like I am. Eric your messages from spirit many many times are warnings about bad people who are going to try to do bad things. Remember we had that one premonition about a possible explosion in New York? Luckily it never happened but many of your premonitions warn of school shootings, terrorist attacks, etc. My point is spirit is already warning through your gift, about people that hate and are evil. I am just warning There are many more that would like to do harm and we should be careful. How can you find fault with somebody on promoting cautiousness?

  10. Wow This Whole Thread Went bad.
    I understand where both sides are coming from here…I think the original question could have been worded in such a way of actually asking a question. A question that was more well rounded we will say..it is important not to label and point fingers. Or act like we really know what is going on in this world cause I can guarantee everyone we know a fraction of what is really happening unless u are the few ppl with that kind of clearance in the world to know the real current affairs

    A better way of asking these questions would have been “what will happen” “will they eventually have a place recognizable to go home to” ” is this a temporary thing…will the governments. come up with a better solution for everyone during these times and how long will it take ”
    I am sure the ppl fleeing everything they know everything they have being left behind. ..I’m sure they hate every minute of this as well. I would be terrified not knowing where my next meal would come from for my family not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It is also important to count our blessings that us and our direct families are not in this horrific situation. Isis needs to be handled for sure. And these innocent ppl and families need to be saved as well.

    I was a little disturbed at how Everyone clawed at eachother to get their point acrossed. Not everyone will help…. not everyone will understand…not everyone will share ur point of view..that is a fact of life. But don’t let those ppl dim ur light. If u are passionate in helping making a change you continue your mission without looking to see what the next person is doing…thinking or saying. Stay strong on what u believe in.
    And because another person doesn’t believe in what you believe in doesn’t make them a bad person..that is how we as people get into these altercations..like politics religion and every other argument I’m life.

      1. Eric u keep doing what u do best…I have seen u stay so calm and polite during some of the most heated confrontations. You Cant Win Them All over. IM Sure When U Do Readings For Ppl They Ask A Question …But They Arent Really Asking It They Just want You To Confirm What They Want Or Think Is To happen. I’m sure it’s frustrating. U are an amazing person tho…so don’t let any bit of this bother you! I always say u are brave doing all of this for the world to see. The right step in showing the world psychics are real …spirits we talk to are real. Open people’s minds to the unknown.
        And u have a great team who help…I wish i had more time to research things and help out. Let’s say I know what spirits ment about the ball rolling in august for me…it wasn’t the job I was thinking either. But indeed an addition to my current job. Lol.
        I did see something today about a crane falling in Saudi Arabia. ..didn’t u have a prediction about faulty equipment a whole ago ..I haven’t had the time to look for the exact prediction. I think 60 some ppl were killed.

        1. Thank you for the kind words! Yes I thought so too about the mosque tragedy, but in the prediction they did not mention a mosque. I will research it.

      2. Please do accept my apologies if I said anything offensive. Did not mean to.
        Blessings, love and light

    1. Thanks Michelle for bringing peace on Eric’s posts. We need to move forward to focus on what the Spirits said. Thanks Eric for doing wonderful helping people to be aware of our world in the coming days events.

      Eric, if I had said anything wrong in the previous comments please forgive me. Cuz I don’t remember what I said that may offend others. I think I may have interpretation wrong in English. I’m trying to harder to say things wisely without offend anyone.

      Please keep in prayers for Syria refugees. They are in desperate to flee from wars. Too many have died there. They are crying for our help. We go help them to be fed and safe. It breaks my heart when I saw the pic of the young boy died from sea trying to find a safe place to live. We as the world need to reach out to them and help them please. Thanks and God bless you!

  11. To address the negative energy about this, I’ve said for a long time that hate is from unchecked anger. Even fears are also a part of that. When my dad was alive, I remember him saying that the white supremacist groups like to infiltrate small communities because their chances of knowing minority folks are much smaller, where the haters can influence them easier and feed on their fears. He’d know, because he grew up in a very small farming community in Iowa. And I think most of us realize it now, since we’re a more mobile society. Picking out the negative actions and use as a negative example of certain groups for fear mongering is happening now, in my experience even more.

  12. How interesting. Isn’t there something about “None so blind as those who won’t see?” Jesus, who loved even those who persecuted him was, never-the-less, crucified. that was his mission. But He only put Himself at risk. To blindly open your arms in love without considering the consequences on others is not loving.
    Let us also follow the logic of “open arms in love.” “Dear Adolph, we mean you no harm. Let us get along together. Peace in our time!”
    And let us also do away with all police. Let us open the doors of banks and do away with all locks. In that way we will show our love and trust in our fellow man and I’m sure s/he will respond in kind.
    Why do you close your doors at night? Have you no confidence in love protecting you? Or are you so heartless that you continue to lock your doors and windows.
    Wasn’t there also something from the Master about building your house on sand?

    1. One of my points exactly. Despite a lot of varying, contrived and idealist narrative Jesus was not a weenie and when He spoke He meant exactly what He said. He gave no quarter to evil, He was quick to call it as He saw it and ultimately He got into a lot of trouble for it. Evil needs to be dealt with at its root and to put the idea into a frame for understanding, I’ll just say that Eve should have hunted up a big stick instead of talking to that serpent.

  13. @swampy11 –I really liked your response. It is really about peole unwittingly being infiltrated by hate and holding on to justified righteous anger. If one chooses to be a hate mongering fundamental christian conservative screaming “free speech” that seems to me vibrationally aligned with the same righteous anger that has fuelled terrorist acts around the world.

    @Jack — I read your question for Eric. It seems like “bait” & Spirit seems damned either way no matter what response. You come across as being within an “old energy” vibe. The lives of caucasian christian peoples in America or Europe aren’t more valuable than black africans in Africa or America or asians around the world. If there is a crisis to evolve in the future I know that the people in that timeline will have the light, wisdom and consciousness to find resolution. As our quantum world is a fractal lets not send hate or worry into our immediate future. We determine our future outcome from our moment NOW.

    @Eric — Can you ask the Spirits what they understand about ascension–does the night always have to be darkest before dawn- holy moly!


    1. I know I am someone who should know the tone and verbiage of all the different Spiritual messages out there. But Spirit likes it better if I just stick to their word and not the tone of the web, so unfortunately I am unfamiliar with ‘ascension’ could you please provide some background on what is expected? What is the prediction about ‘ascension’ and who made it?

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